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Overview - ST2E Rare (R) cards

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionTypeAffiliation
    1 R 2Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 5Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 7
    Assassination Attemptimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Dilemma
    1 R 10Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 23Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 24Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 26Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 27Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 28Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 30Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 32
    Kelvan Show of Forceimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Dilemma
    1 R 35
    Maglockimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Dilemma
    1 R 39
    Nanite Attackimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Dilemma
    1 R 42
    Personal Dutyimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Dilemma
    1 R 46Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 51Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 55Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 58Second EditionDilemma
    1 R 61
    Alien Gambling Deviceimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Equipment
    1 R 73Second EditionEvent
    1 R 74Second EditionEvent
    1 R 76Second EditionEvent
    1 R 80Second EditionEvent
    1 R 87
    Engage Cloakimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Event
    1 R 89Second EditionEvent
    1 R 90Second Edition (first print)Event
    1 R 91Second EditionEvent
    1 R 96Second EditionEvent
    1 R 98
    •No Peace in Our Timeimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Event
    1 R 109Second EditionEvent
    1 R 114Second EditionEvent
    1 R 115Second EditionEvent
    1 R 120Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 121
    Amanda Rogersimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Interrupt
    1 R 122Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 124Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 125Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 126Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 127
    Escapeimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Interrupt
    1 R 129
    Kevin Uxbridgeimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)Interrupt
    1 R 134Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 137
    Secret Conspiracyimage (errata / first print)
    Second Edition (errata / first print)Interrupt
    1 R 139Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 147Second EditionInterrupt
    1 R 208Second Edition (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 209Second Edition (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 216Second Edition (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 220
    •Odo, Constableimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 221Second EditionPersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 223Second EditionPersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 224Second EditionPersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 226Second EditionPersonnelBajoran icon
    1 R 230Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 235Second Edition (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 236Second Edition (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 238Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 239Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 242Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 245Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 246Second EditionPersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 248
    •Ocett, Dogged Rivalimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    1 R 252Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 257Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 259
    •Data, Aspirerimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 261Second Edition (errata)PersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 263Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 266Second Edition (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 267Second Edition (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 269Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 271Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 272Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 275Second Edition (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 277Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 279Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 286Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 288Second EditionPersonnelFederation icon
    1 R 293Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 294Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 296Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 302Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 304Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 305Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 308Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 309Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 310Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 311Second Edition (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 313Second EditionPersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 314Second Edition (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    1 R 318Second Edition (errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 324Second EditionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 331Second EditionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 332Second Edition (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 337Second EditionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 342Second EditionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 344Second Edition (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 348Second Edition (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 350Second EditionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 352
    •Vash, Treasure Hunterimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    1 R 357Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 361Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 364Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 367Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 369Second Edition (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 371Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 372Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 375Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 376Second Edition (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 378Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 379Second EditionPersonnelRomulan icon
    1 R 383
    •Bralekimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)ShipCardassian icon
    1 R 388Second EditionShipCardassian icon
    1 R 389Second EditionShipCardassian icon
    1 R 391Second Edition (first print)ShipFederation icon
    1 R 392Second Edition (first print)ShipFederation icon
    1 R 397Second EditionShipKlingon icon
    1 R 401
    •I.K.S. Maht-H'aimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)ShipKlingon icon
    1 R 402Second Edition (first print)ShipKlingon icon
    1 R 411
    •Haakonaimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)ShipRomulan icon
    1 R 413
    •Scimitar, Predatorimage (first print)
    Second Edition (first print)ShipRomulan icon
    1 R 414Second EditionShipRomulan icon
    1 R 415Second EditionShipRomulan icon
    2 R 2EnergizeDilemma
    2 R 9
    Face to Faceimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)Dilemma
    2 R 11
    Head to Headimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)Dilemma
    2 R 26EnergizeDilemma
    2 R 30EnergizeEvent
    2 R 31EnergizeEvent
    2 R 35EnergizeEvent
    2 R 36
    •Complicationsimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)Event
    2 R 37Energize (first print)Event
    2 R 38EnergizeEvent
    2 R 40EnergizeEvent
    2 R 41EnergizeEvent
    2 R 49
    Machinationsimage (errata / first print)
    Energize (errata / first print)Event
    2 R 59EnergizeEvent
    2 R 61EnergizeEvent
    2 R 65EnergizeEvent
    2 R 67Energize (errata)Event
    2 R 68EnergizeEvent
    2 R 72EnergizeEvent
    2 R 81EnergizeInterrupt
    2 R 82
    Ja'chuqimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)Interrupt
    2 R 83EnergizeInterrupt
    2 R 85EnergizeInterrupt
    2 R 91EnergizeInterrupt
    2 R 104
    •Borum, Selfless Heroimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 105EnergizePersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 106EnergizePersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 107EnergizePersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 108EnergizePersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 112EnergizePersonnelBajoran icon
    2 R 114EnergizePersonnelCardassian icon
    2 R 115EnergizePersonnelCardassian icon
    2 R 120EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 121EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 122
    •Jake Sisko, Temporal Anchorimage (errata / first print)
    Energize (errata / first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 125EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 127EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 128EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 130EnergizePersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 131Energize (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    2 R 135EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 138EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 139EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 136EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 142EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 144EnergizePersonnelKlingon icon
    2 R 157Energize (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    2 R 158EnergizePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    2 R 161EnergizePersonnelRomulan icon
    2 R 163EnergizePersonnelRomulan icon
    2 R 165EnergizePersonnelRomulan icon
    2 R 168EnergizePersonnelRomulan icon
    2 R 169EnergizeShipBajoran icon
    2 R 170EnergizeShipCardassian icon
    2 R 173EnergizeShipFederation icon
    2 R 174EnergizeShipKlingon icon
    2 R 175
    •Fortuneimage (first print)
    Energize (first print)ShipNon-Aligned icon
    2 R 178EnergizeShipRomulan icon
    2 R 179EnergizeShipRomulan icon
    2 R 180EnergizeShipRomulan icon
    3 R 5Call to ArmsDilemma
    3 R 11Call to ArmsDilemma
    3 R 12
    Gomtuu Shock Waveimage (first print)
    Call to Arms (first print)Dilemma
    3 R 19
    Overwhelmedimage (first print)
    Call to Arms (first print)Dilemma
    3 R 22Call to ArmsDilemma
    3 R 31Call to ArmsDilemma
    3 R 34
    Abductionimage (first print)
    Call to Arms (first print)Event
    3 R 37Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 38Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 39Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 44
    •I Don't Like to Loseimage (first print)
    Call to Arms (first print)Event
    3 R 46Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 49Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 54Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 56Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 57Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 59Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 60Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 61Call to ArmsEvent
    3 R 62
    The Manheim Effectimage (first print)
    Call to Arms (first print)Event
    3 R 72
    Founder Trapimage (errata)
    Call to Arms (errata)Interrupt
    3 R 74Call to ArmsInterrupt
    3 R 75Call to ArmsInterrupt
    3 R 76Call to ArmsInterrupt
    3 R 112Call to ArmsPersonnelBajoran icon
    3 R 113Call to ArmsPersonnelBajoran icon
    3 R 114Call to ArmsPersonnelBajoran icon
    3 R 116Call to ArmsPersonnelBajoran icon
    3 R 123Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    3 R 132
    •Locutus, Voice of the Borgimage (errata / first print)
    Call to Arms (errata / first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    3 R 138Call to ArmsPersonnelBorg icon
    3 R 141
    •Damar, Useful Adjutantimage (errata / first print)
    Call to Arms (errata / first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    3 R 143Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    3 R 149Call to ArmsPersonnelCardassian icon
    3 R 150Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 151Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 155Call to Arms (errata)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 159Call to ArmsPersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 166Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 171Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 173Call to Arms (errata)PersonnelDominion icon
    3 R 174Call to ArmsPersonnelFederation icon
    3 R 175Call to ArmsPersonnelFederation icon
    3 R 176Call to ArmsPersonnelFederation icon
    3 R 177Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    3 R 180Call to ArmsPersonnelFederation icon
    3 R 182Call to Arms (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    3 R 183Call to ArmsPersonnelFerengi icon
    3 R 184Call to ArmsPersonnelKlingon icon
    3 R 185Call to ArmsPersonnelKlingon icon
    3 R 186Call to ArmsPersonnelKlingon icon
    3 R 191Call to ArmsPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    3 R 196Call to ArmsPersonnelRomulan icon
    3 R 197Call to ArmsPersonnelRomulan icon
    3 R 200Call to ArmsShipBorg icon
    3 R 204Call to ArmsShipDominion icon
    3 R 205
    •U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen Warshipimage (errata / first print)
    Call to Arms (errata / first print)ShipFederation icon
    3 R 206Call to ArmsShipKlingon icon
    3 R 207Call to ArmsShipNon-Aligned icon
    3 R 208Call to ArmsShipRomulan icon
    4 R 7Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 9
    Broken Captiveimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 11Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 18
    In Trainingimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 25
    Talosian Trialimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 27Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 28
    Tsiolkovsky Infectionimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 30
    Whisper in the Darkimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Dilemma
    4 R 34
    •The Sword of Kahlessimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Equipment
    4 R 35Necessary EvilEvent
    4 R 36
    All-Out Warimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 37
    •Anything or Anyoneimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 40
    At What Cost?image (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 44Necessary EvilEvent
    4 R 49
    Endangeredimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 51
    Far-Seeing Eyesimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 52
    Field Studiesimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 59Necessary EvilEvent
    4 R 65
    Organized Terrorist Activitiesimage (errata / first print)
    Necessary Evil (errata / first print)Event
    4 R 68
    Prison Compoundimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 70
    •Ressikan Fluteimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 71
    •Running a Tight Shipimage (errata / first print)
    Necessary Evil (errata / first print)Event
    4 R 74
    •Storage Compartmentimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 78
    •The Perfect Toolimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 79
    Thought Makerimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 83Necessary Evil (first print)Event
    4 R 85
    Allies on the Insideimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Interrupt
    4 R 86
    Brainwashingimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Interrupt
    4 R 89
    Knowledge and Experienceimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Interrupt
    4 R 94
    Outlining the Stakesimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Interrupt
    4 R 98
    The Rite of Emergenceimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)Interrupt
    4 R 100Necessary EvilPersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 102
    •Dukat, Anjohl Tennanimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 103Necessary EvilPersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 104Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 106Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 108Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    4 R 119Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    4 R 121Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    4 R 124Necessary EvilPersonnelCardassian icon
    4 R 126
    Founder Architectimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    4 R 130Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    4 R 133Necessary EvilPersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 134Necessary EvilPersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 138
    •Guinan, Listenerimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 139Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 140Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 149Necessary EvilPersonnelFederation icon
    4 R 151Necessary EvilPersonnelKlingon icon
    4 R 152Necessary EvilPersonnelKlingon icon
    4 R 154Necessary EvilPersonnelKlingon icon
    4 R 155Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    4 R 157Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    4 R 158
    •Data, Loyal Brotherimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    4 R 161
    •Lore, The Oneimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    4 R 165Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    4 R 168Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    4 R 169Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    4 R 173
    •Sela, Devious Schemerimage (first print)
    Necessary Evil (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    4 R 180Necessary EvilShipKlingon icon
    7 R 2
    Code of Honorimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Dilemma
    7 R 4
    Entanglementimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Dilemma
    7 R 8Strange New WorldsDilemma
    7 R 10
    Proximity-Actuated Fieldimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Dilemma
    7 R 15Strange New Worlds (first print)Dilemma
    7 R 18Strange New WorldsEvent
    7 R 20
    Exceed Engine Outputimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Event
    7 R 23Strange New WorldsEvent
    7 R 28Strange New WorldsEvent
    7 R 29
    Rule of Acquisition #144image (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Event
    7 R 25
    Rule of Acquisition #6image (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Event
    7 R 32
    Temporal Incursionimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Event
    7 R 36
    Ascertainimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)Interrupt
    7 R 40Strange New Worlds (errata)Interrupt
    7 R 59Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    7 R 61Strange New WorldsPersonnelDominion icon
    7 R 62Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    7 R 67Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    7 R 69
    •Montgomery Scott, Relicimage (errata / first print)
    Strange New Worlds (errata / first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    7 R 70
    •Arridor, "Great Sage"image (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 74
    •Brunt, FCA Liquidatorimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 77
    •Ishka, Moogieimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 78Strange New WorldsPersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 81Strange New WorldsPersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 83Strange New WorldsPersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 89
    •Quark, True Ferengiimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 92Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 93Strange New WorldsPersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 94Strange New WorldsPersonnelFerengi icon
    7 R 95Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    7 R 98Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 101Strange New WorldsPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 102
    •Kivas Fajo, Collectorimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 104Strange New WorldsPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 109Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 111Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    7 R 113Strange New Worlds (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    7 R 116
    •Aurulentimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)ShipFerengi icon
    7 R 118
    •Kurdonimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)ShipFerengi icon
    7 R 120
    •Devorasimage (first print)
    Strange New Worlds (first print)ShipRomulan icon
    8 R 1
    Agonizing Encounterimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Dilemma
    8 R 4To Boldly GoDilemma
    8 R 5
    Cardassian Processingimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Dilemma
    8 R 11To Boldly GoDilemma
    8 R 13
    Outclassedimage (errata / first print)
    To Boldly Go (errata / first print)Dilemma
    8 R 14To Boldly GoDilemma
    8 R 16To Boldly GoDilemma
    8 R 18
    Up The Anteimage (errata)
    To Boldly Go (errata)Dilemma
    8 R 20
    Zero Hourimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Dilemma
    8 R 21To Boldly GoEquipment
    8 R 28To Boldly GoEvent
    8 R 32
    Distracting Exhibitionimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Event
    8 R 33To Boldly GoEvent
    8 R 35
    Latinum Storageimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Event
    8 R 38
    •Reman Subterfugeimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Event
    8 R 39
    Remarkable Regenerationimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Event
    8 R 43
    Strafing Fireimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Event
    8 R 46To Boldly GoEvent
    8 R 49To Boldly GoInterrupt
    8 R 51
    Temporal Delineationimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)Interrupt
    8 R 65
    •First, Unstableimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    8 R 67To Boldly GoPersonnelBorg icon
    8 R 68To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    8 R 76To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    8 R 83To Boldly GoPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    8 R 86To Boldly GoPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    8 R 87To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    8 R 88
    •Silik, Chameleonimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    8 R 90To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    8 R 91To Boldly Go (errata)PersonnelRomulan icon
    8 R 106To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    8 R 108To Boldly GoPersonnelStarfleet icon
    8 R 109To Boldly GoPersonnelStarfleet icon
    8 R 111To Boldly Go (first print)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    8 R 113To Boldly GoPersonnelStarfleet icon
    8 R 115To Boldly Go (first print)ShipFederation icon
    8 R 116To Boldly Go (first print)ShipFederation icon
    8 R 117To Boldly Go (first print)ShipStarfleet icon
    8 R 119To Boldly GoShipStarfleet icon
    8 R 120To Boldly GoShipStarfleet icon
    9 R 1Dangerous Missions (errata)Dilemma
    9 R 3Dangerous MissionsDilemma
    9 R 4Dangerous MissionsDilemma
    9 R 2Dangerous MissionsDilemma
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 5Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 6Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 7Dangerous Missions (errata)Mission
    9 R 8Dangerous MissionsPersonnelBajoran icon
    9 R 10
    •Jadzia Dax, Elderimage (first print)
    Dangerous Missions (first print)PersonnelBajoran icon
    9 R 9Dangerous MissionsPersonnelBajoran icon
    9 R 11Dangerous MissionsPersonnelFederation icon
    9 R 12Dangerous MissionsPersonnelFederation icon
    9 R 13Dangerous MissionsPersonnelFederation icon
    9 R 14Dangerous Missions (errata)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    9 R 15Dangerous MissionsPersonnelStarfleet icon
    9 R 16Dangerous Missions (errata)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    9 R 17Dangerous MissionsShipBajoran icon
    9 R 18Dangerous MissionsShipFederation icon
    9 R 19Dangerous MissionsShipStarfleet icon
    10 R 2
    An Issue of Trustimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Dilemma
    10 R 3
    Armed Search Partyimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Dilemma
    10 R 6Captain's LogDilemma
    10 R 14Captain's LogDilemma
    10 R 19
    Thermokinetic Explosionimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Dilemma
    10 R 23
    •A Sight for Sore Eyesimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Event
    10 R 25
    •Dark Pursuitimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Event
    10 R 31Captain's LogEvent
    10 R 32Captain's LogEvent
    10 R 33Captain's LogEvent
    10 R 35Captain's LogEvent
    10 R 36
    The Long Journey Homeimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Event
    10 R 37Captain's LogEvent
    10 R 42Captain's LogInterrupt
    10 R 45
    Warp Speed Transferimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)Interrupt
    10 R 53Captain's LogPersonnelBajoran icon
    10 R 56Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    10 R 58Captain's LogPersonnelCardassian icon
    10 R 66Captain's LogPersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 70Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 75Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 83Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 84Captain's LogPersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 85Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    10 R 86Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelFerengi icon
    10 R 94Captain's LogPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    10 R 96Captain's LogPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    10 R 98Captain's LogPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    10 R 99
    Thonimage (errata)
    Captain's Log (errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    10 R 102Captain's Log (errata / first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    10 R 103Captain's Log (first print)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    10 R 106Captain's LogShipCardassian icon
    10 R 109Captain's Log (first print)ShipFederation icon
    10 R 110Captain's Log (first print)ShipFederation icon
    10 R 111Captain's Log (errata / first print)ShipFederation icon
    10 R 113Captain's Log (first print)ShipFederation icon
    10 R 114Captain's LogShipFerengi icon
    10 R 115Captain's Log (first print)ShipFerengi icon
    10 R 119Captain's LogShipNon-Aligned icon
    10 R 120Captain's Log (first print)ShipStarfleet icon
    12 R 3These Are The VoyagesDilemma
    12 R 4These Are The VoyagesDilemma
    12 R 13These Are The VoyagesDilemma
    12 R 14
    No Kill Iimage (first print)
    These Are The Voyages (first print)Dilemma
    12 R 15
    Psychokinetic Controlimage (first print)
    These Are The Voyages (first print)Dilemma
    12 R 17
    Swashbuckler at Heartimage (first print)
    These Are The Voyages (first print)Dilemma
    12 R 20
    Vian Testimage (first print)
    These Are The Voyages (first print)Dilemma
    12 R 21These Are The VoyagesEquipment
    12 R 31These Are The VoyagesEvent
    12 R 33
    Cascade Virusimage (errata)
    These Are The Voyages (errata)Interrupt
    12 R 37
    Grav-Plating Trapimage (first print)
    These Are The Voyages (first print)Interrupt
    12 R 45These Are The VoyagesPersonnelBorg icon
    12 R 47These Are The VoyagesPersonnelBorg icon
    12 R 48These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    12 R 51These Are The VoyagesPersonnelDominion icon
    12 R 52These Are The Voyages (errata)PersonnelDominion icon
    12 R 56These Are The VoyagesPersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 58These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 60These Are The VoyagesPersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 66These Are The VoyagesPersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 67These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 71These Are The VoyagesPersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 72These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 78These Are The VoyagesPersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 84These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 85These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    12 R 89These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    12 R 91These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    12 R 92These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelKlingon icon
    12 R 98These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    12 R 102These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    12 R 103These Are The VoyagesPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    12 R 106These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    12 R 107These Are The Voyages (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    12 R 108These Are The VoyagesPersonnelRomulan icon
    12 R 112These Are The VoyagesPersonnelStarfleet icon
    12 R 116These Are The Voyages (first print)ShipFederation icon
    12 R 119These Are The Voyages (first print)ShipFederation icon
    12 R 122These Are The Voyages (errata / first print)ShipRomulan icon
    13 R 4
    Chula: The Diceimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)Dilemma
    13 R 14In A Mirror, DarklyDilemma
    13 R 15
    Paranoid Escapeimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)Dilemma
    13 R 20
    The Dal'Rokimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)Dilemma
    13 R 23In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 26In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 28In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 29In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 32In A Mirror, Darkly (errata)Event
    13 R 34In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 35In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)Event
    13 R 36In A Mirror, DarklyEvent
    13 R 39
    Unimatrix Zeroimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)Event
    13 R 42In A Mirror, DarklyInterrupt
    13 R 47In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelBajoran icon
    13 R 48In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelBajoran icon
    13 R 50In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelBajoran icon
    13 R 53In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelCardassian icon
    13 R 56
    •Gor, Thotimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    13 R 58
    •Pran, Thotimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    13 R 61In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelFederation icon
    13 R 65In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    13 R 67In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelFederation icon
    13 R 80In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    13 R 84In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    13 R 88In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelFerengi icon
    13 R 90In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelKlingon icon
    13 R 95In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    13 R 96In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    13 R 97In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    13 R 99In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelRomulan icon
    13 R 107In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    13 R 110In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelStarfleet icon
    13 R 111In A Mirror, DarklyPersonnelStarfleet icon
    13 R 114
    •T'Pol, Not a Slaveimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)PersonnelStarfleet icon
    13 R 116
    •Tykkimage (errata / first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (errata / first print)ShipDominion icon
    13 R 118In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)ShipFederation icon
    13 R 119In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)ShipNon-Aligned icon
    13 R 120In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)ShipNon-Aligned icon
    13 R 122In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)ShipStarfleet icon
    14 R 1
    Back to Basicsimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Dilemma
    14 R 12What You Leave BehindDilemma
    14 R 14What You Leave BehindDilemma
    14 R 15
    Stripped Downimage (reprint)
    What You Leave Behind (reprint)Dilemma
    14 R 16
    Sylviaimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Dilemma
    14 R 17
    The Clown: Guillotineimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Dilemma
    14 R 18What You Leave BehindDilemma
    14 R 24
    •Clarityimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Event
    14 R 26What You Leave BehindEvent
    14 R 30
    •Ghost Storiesimage (errata / first print)
    What You Leave Behind (errata / first print)Event
    14 R 34
    In a Mirror, Darklyimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Event
    14 R 35What You Leave BehindEvent
    14 R 43
    •U.S.S. Enterprise-Jimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)Event
    14 R 47
    Covenantimage (errata / first print)
    What You Leave Behind (errata / first print)Interrupt
    14 R 64What You Leave BehindPersonnelBajoran icon
    14 R 66What You Leave BehindPersonnelBorg icon
    14 R 67What You Leave Behind (first print)PersonnelBorg icon
    14 R 68What You Leave BehindPersonnelCardassian icon
    14 R 71What You Leave BehindPersonnelDominion icon
    14 R 72What You Leave Behind (first print)PersonnelDominion icon
    14 R 78
    •Data, Lucasian Chairimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)PersonnelFederation icon
    14 R 79What You Leave BehindPersonnelFederation icon
    14 R 83What You Leave BehindPersonnelFederation icon
    14 R 86What You Leave BehindPersonnelFederation icon
    14 R 91What You Leave BehindPersonnelKlingon icon
    14 R 92What You Leave BehindPersonnelKlingon icon
    14 R 97What You Leave BehindPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    14 R 103What You Leave BehindPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    14 R 107What You Leave BehindPersonnelRomulan icon
    14 R 111What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipBorg icon
    14 R 112What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipFederation icon
    14 R 113What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipFederation icon
    14 R 114What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipFederation icon
    14 R 115What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipFederation icon
    14 R 116What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipKlingon icon
    14 R 117What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipKlingon icon
    14 R 118
    •Kronos Oneimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipKlingon icon
    14 R 119What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipNon-Aligned icon
    14 R 121What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipRomulan icon
    14 R 122What You Leave Behind (first print)ShipRomulan icon