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ST2E Locations & Groups



In this area we provide two different kinds of ST2E User-Lists. First, a "ST2E Player-List" where you find all on openCards registrated ST2E players. Second a "ST2E Collector-List" where you find all on openCards registrated ST2E collectors. You can add yourself to one of these lists while editing the "Game-Settings" of  you profile.

Understanding of Locations

Locations are used in different areas on openCards for tournaments, groups and shops. In addition to the location section inside the "myOpenCards" area, where you can create new locations, you will find here special views to "ST2E locations" - locations, that are "connected" with ST2E because Groups, Shops and Tournaments are located there.

All these locations are based on certain adresses - on openCards we use that adress as basic information of a location. Behind that certian adress there could be a shop, a player group or a tournament location - or any combination of those. Therefore on openCards we understand the location as basic information that could be extended with additional information about shops, tournament locations and / or groups.

Furthermore a location is not necessarily associated with only one game like Star Trek Second Edition. Because of that a location could be added by any openCard member in the myOpenCards section. After that anyone can use this location for any game on openCards. According to this shops could be combined with different games that you can buy or play there. But here in the Second Edition section we reduce all locations to those that are Second Edition Locations - because you can buy ST2E cards there, play ST2E tournaments there or find ST2E player groups there.