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Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Klingon Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet 

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
ST2E 2 U 103Akorem Laan, Revered PoetEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 33Alenis Grem, Occupation HistorianReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 C 207AnaraSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 4 C 99AnneliNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
ST2E 26 V 27Azeni Meressa, Resistance SpyLineageVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 8Bareil Antos, EscortDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
ST2E 1 R 208Bareil Antos, Esteemed VedekSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 4 R 100Bareil Antos, Opaka's ProtectorNecessary EvilRarePersonnel
ST2E 13 R 47Bareil Antos, Petty ThiefIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
ST2E 10 R 53Basso Tromac, Smug SubordinateCaptain's LogRarePersonnel
ST2E 22 V 30Benjamin Sisko, Man of Two WorldsPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 0 P 6Benjamin Sisko, ShipwrightDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 209Benjamin Sisko, The Emissary of the ProphetsSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 2 R 104Borum, Selfless HeroEnergize (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 1 C 210BrilgarSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 38 V 18BrinHard TimeVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 18 V 19Chalan Aroya, Accessible RestaurateurThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 4 U 101Day Kannu, Field ColonelNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 34Deela, Weary CaretakerReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 C 211DohlemSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 4 R 102Dukat, Anjohl TennanNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 1 U 212Furel, Resistance FighterSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 23 V 31Furel, Resistance ScoutExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 23 V 32GanttExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 23 V 33Halb Daier, Resistance ContactExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 U 213HazarSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 40 V 25HelerZero HourVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 35Heyath YarReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 C 214JabaraSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 10Jadzia Dax, ElderDangerous Missions (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 2 R 105Jaro Essa, Leader of the CircleEnergizeRarePersonnel
ST2E 3 C 111JoremCall to ArmsCommonPersonnel
ST2E 28 V 24Kaas Dromand, Devoted FanaticMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 24 V 23Kasidy Yates, Freighter CaptainTacking Into the Wind (first print)VirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 C 215Keeve FalorSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 33 V 32Keiko O'Brien, Pah-Wraith HostageStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 4 R 103Kira Meru, Comfort WomanNecessary EvilRarePersonnel
ST2E 24 V 24Kira Nerys, Ambitious AllyTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 12 U 43Kira Nerys, Bit of a FighterThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 10 U 54Kira Nerys, Blockade CommanderCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 216Kira Nerys, Colonel KiraSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 16 V 30Kira Nerys, Defiant LeaderFavor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 14 U 63Kira Nerys, First OfficerWhat You Leave BehindUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 31 V 29Kira Nerys, Grudging AllyBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 9Kira Nerys, Hero of BajorDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
ST2E 23 V 34Kira Nerys, Ih'vallaExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 2 R 106Kira Nerys, Impassioned MajorEnergizeRarePersonnel
ST2E 17 V 52Kira Nerys, LelaRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 31Kira Nerys, LiberatorPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 11 PF 15Kira Nerys, Outspoken MajorGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
ST2E 7 U 54Kira Nerys, Pious MajorStrange New WorldsUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 3 R 112Kira Nerys, Reformed CollaboratorCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
ST2E 15 V 25Kira Nerys, RescuerThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 R 48Kira Nerys, Resourceful PrisonerIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
ST2E 5 P 22Kira Nerys, The IntendantFractured TimePromotionPersonnel
ST2E 5 P 23Kira Taban, Husband and FatherFractured TimePromotionPersonnel
ST2E 4 R 104Krim, Thoughtful TacticianNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 4 C 105Kulan, Militia SoldierNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
ST2E 2 R 107Kurn, Bajoran Security OfficerEnergizeRarePersonnel
ST2E 2 R 108Leeta, Dabo GirlEnergizeRarePersonnel
ST2E 13 U 49Leeta, Enticing RebelIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 4 R 106Leeta, Rebel SupporterNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 14 R 64Leeta, Union MemberWhat You Leave BehindRarePersonnel
ST2E 7 U 55Lenaris Holem, Bold VeteranStrange New WorldsUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 S 217Li Nalas, Legend of BajorSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 14Li Nalas, Vastly OutnumberedAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 U 218Lupaza, Resistance FighterSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 63Mardah, Quite a WriterTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 41 V 16Miles O'Brien, Ill-Equipped StorytellerThe Nth DegreeVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 36MondReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 U 219Mora Pol, Pioneering ScientistSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 12 U 44Mullibok, Gnarled and Battered Old TreeThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 31 V 30Nasin, Following OrdersBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 18 V 20Neela, Misguided ActivistThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 40 V 27Nine of Seventeen, Multiplexor DroneZero HourVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 32Odo, Bajoran RepresentativePeak Performance (first print)VirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 220Odo, ConstableSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 6 P 40Odo, Curzon OdoReflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
ST2E 13 R 50Odo, Efficient OverseerIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
ST2E 32 V 9Odo, Surreptitious Ally20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 15Odo, Vastly OutnumberedAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 3 R 113Odo, Wayward LinkCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
ST2E 40 V 26Okala Ahnlo, Unsung HeroZero HourVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 23 V 35Opaka, CollaboratorExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 37Opaka, HealerReturn to Grace (first print)VirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 221Opaka, Kai of BajorSecond EditionRarePersonnel
ST2E 23 V 36Orta, Resistance LeaderExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 25 V 23Paenol, Resistance SoldierUnityVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 3 R 114Porta, Advisor to the EmissaryCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
ST2E 23 V 37Quen PaltraExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 U 222Ranjen Koral, Student of B'halaSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 33 V 33Rase NorvanStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 4 C 107Razka Karn, ScavengerNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
ST2E 2 C 109Ro Laren, Maquis SympathizerEnergize (first print)CommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 223Rom, Diagnostic and Repair TechnicianSecond EditionRarePersonnel
ST2E 33 V 34Sarish Rez, Ministerial AdjutantStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 17 V 53Shakaar Edon, First Minister of BajorRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 224Shakaar Edon, Resistance LeaderSecond EditionRarePersonnel
ST2E 1 C 225ShandorSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 4 R 108Solbor, Faithful AttendantNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 38 V 19SoradHard TimeVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 4 U 109Surmak Ren, Medical AdministratorNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 23 V 38Surmak Ren, Resistance DoctorExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 16 V 31Tabor, Apoplectic BajoranFavor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 3 U 115Tahna Los, Voice of the Kohn-MaCall to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 29Teero Anaydis, Misguided VedekA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 2 U 110The Sirah, The StorytellerEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 R 226Trazko, Hired MuscleSecond EditionRarePersonnel
ST2E 4 C 110Treyam, Militia SoldierNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
ST2E 15 V 26Vaatrik Pallra, Seductive ManipulatorThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 2 U 111Varis Sul, Tetrarch of the PaquEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 C 227Weld RamSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
ST2E 2 R 112Winn Adami, Devious ManipulatorEnergizeRarePersonnel
ST2E 1 U 228Winn Adami, Kai of BajorSecond Edition (first print)UncommonPersonnel
ST2E 14 U 65Winn Adami, Religious OpportunistWhat You Leave BehindUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 30 V 38Winn Adami, Renegade PriestReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 6 P 41Yarka, Harbinger of the ProphetsReflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
ST2E 3 R 116Yassim, Zealous ProtesterCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
ST2E 3 C 117YelsarCall to ArmsCommonPersonnel
ST2E 10 C 55Zayra, Bigoted WitnessCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
ST2E 1 U 380Assault VesselSecond EditionUncommonShip
ST2E 1 C 381Bajoran InterceptorSecond EditionCommonShip
ST2E 1 C 382Bajoran Scout VesselSecond EditionCommonShip
ST2E 0 P 15BarakaDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilShip
ST2E 5 P 38B'tanayFractured TimePromotionShip
ST2E 2 R 169KitaraEnergizeRareShip
ST2E 30 V 53Orb Transport VesselReturn to GraceVirtualShip
ST2E 4 U 178TalnotNecessary EvilUncommonShip
ST2E 28 V 50Taluno, GuardianMatter of TimeVirtualShip
ST2E 23 V 52Te'nari, Resistance FlagshipExtreme MeasuresVirtualShip
ST2E 9 R 17Vedek Assembly TransportDangerous MissionsRareShip
ST2E 24 V 41Xhosa, Sponsored TransportTacking Into the WindVirtualShip