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    Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Klingon Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet 

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    Personnel - Ship -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    ST2E 3 C 118Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 119Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 42Reflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 120Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 121Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 24UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 S 122Call to Arms (first print)StarterPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 123Call to Arms (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 66What You Leave BehindRarePersonnel
    ST2E 0 P 7Decipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 0 AP 03Second Edition Anthology (first print)Archive Portrait FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 3 S 124Call to ArmsStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 125Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 126Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 38 V 20Hard TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 127Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 67What You Leave Behind (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 111Necessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 25UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 26Lower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 128Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 112Necessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 113Necessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 57
    •Fifth, Neonatal Droneimage (first print)
    Captain's Log (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 65
    •First, Unstableimage (first print)
    To Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 26UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 114Necessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 45These Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 12 U 46These Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 66To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 129Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 27The Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 10A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 130Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 131Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 27Lower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 27UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 7TapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 132Call to Arms (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 39Return to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 U 133Call to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 7 U 56Strange New WorldsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 41 V 17The Nth DegreeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 134Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 135Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 43 V 14SymbiosisVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 28Lower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 U 136Call to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 115Necessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 7 U 57Strange New WorldsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 43Reflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 137Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 54Raise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 56Captain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 28UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 138Call to ArmsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 21This Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 S 139Call to Arms (first print)StarterPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 51In A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 29UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 28The Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 46 V 21Shattered MirrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 67To Boldly GoRarePersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 47These Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 29The Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 C 140Call to ArmsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 30UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 48These Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 16 V 32Favor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 82Raise the StakesVirtualShip
    ST2E 3 C 198Call to ArmsCommonShip
    ST2E 14 R 111What You Leave Behind (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 3 S 199Call to ArmsStarterShip
    ST2E 3 R 200Call to ArmsRareShip
    ST2E 0 P 16
    •Queen's Borg Cubeimage (first print)
    Decipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 11 PF 26Genesis (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 25 V 51UnityVirtualShip
    ST2E 5 P 39Fractured TimePromotionShip
    ST2E 35 V 42Face of the EnemyVirtualShip