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    Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Klingon Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet 

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    Personnel - Ship -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    ST2E 1 C 251AltmanSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 24Alynna Nechayev, Adamant AdmiralThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 252Alyssa Ogawa, Enterprise Medical AssistantSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 U 253Andrea Brand, Academy SuperintendentSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 60Andreas ColterCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 54Angela MartineThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 16Angelo TassoniAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 35AnhaicaUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 26Anthony Braxton, Forward-thinking RecruiterMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 36Anthwara, Leader of the Tribal CouncilUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 30Anthwara, Steadfast ElderA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 55Areel ShawThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 32 V 10Ayala, Patriot20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 254BandeeSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 255BarronSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 62Baxter, Wandering Security OfficerCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 U 57Bejal Otner, Wormhole TheoristThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 56B'Elanna Torres, Chief EngineerThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 174B'Elanna Torres, Creative EngineerCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 61B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward EngineerCaptain's Log (first print)UncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 74Benjamin Finney, Bitter Records OfficerWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 30Benjamin Maxwell, Misguided MaverickTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 35Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet SecurityBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 U 75Benjamin Sisko, Bold CaptainWhat You Leave BehindUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 58Benjamin Sisko, Command StafferThese Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 256Benjamin Sisko, Defiant CaptainSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 33 V 39Benjamin Sisko, Enlightened SupervisorStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 71Benjamin Sisko, First OfficerTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 U 118Benjamin Sisko, Man of ResolveEnergize (first print)UncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 44 V 7Benjamin Sisko, Resourceful CaptainFar Beyond the StarsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 17Benjamin Sisko, Vastly OutnumberedAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 63BennetCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 59Beverly Crusher, Battleship DoctorIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 76Beverly Crusher, Captain PicardWhat You Leave Behind (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 257Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical OfficerSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 133Beverly Crusher, Chief PhysicianNecessary EvilRarePersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 8Beverly Crusher, Encouraging CommanderTapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 72Boothby, GroundskeeperTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 37Boq'taUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 20BransonFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 46Brian SofinReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 7 C 63Bruce Maddox, Chair of RoboticsStrange New WorldsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 U 119Cal Hudson, Attaché to the Demilitarized ZoneEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 59Cal Hudson, Convincing RecruiterRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 44 V 8Cal Hudson, Nostalgic RebelFar Beyond the StarsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 59Carolyn PalamasThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 64Cavit, Apprehensive First OfficerCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 65Chakotay, Bridge Between Two CrewsCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 60Chakotay, First OfficerThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 120Chakotay, Freedom FighterEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 29Chakotay, Steadfast CommanderLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 23 V 41Charles Whatley, Professional AdmiralExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 45 V 8Chell, Incessant ChatterboxWarp Pack: Access DeniedVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 61Christine Chapel, Medical AssistantThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 39 V 10Christopher Pike, Bold CommanderStar Trek 50VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 41 V 19Chu'lak, Calculating KillerThe Nth DegreeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 77Clark Terrell, Reliant CaptainWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 7 U 64Daneeka, Reassuring PhysicianStrange New WorldsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 258Daniel KwanSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 259Data, AspirerSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 60Data, Battleship OfficerIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 0 P 10Data, Commanding OfficerDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 78Data, Lucasian ChairWhat You Leave Behind (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 42 V 6Data, Masquerading MonarchDead StopVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 134Data, PinocchioNecessary EvilRarePersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 9Data, Proud FatherTapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 31DavidsonA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 260DaviesSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 261Deanna Troi, Guide and ConscienceSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 135Deanna Troi, Ship's CounselorNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 32 V 11Declan Keogh, Veteran Captain20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 36Dexter Remmick, Alien ThrallBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 136Dorian Collins, Acting Chief Petty OfficerNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 7 C 65Dr. Leah Brahms, Holographic RepresentationStrange New WorldsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 0 VP 73Elim Garak, Federation AgentVirtual Promo Cards (first print)Virtual PromoPersonnel
    ST2E 33 V 40Elizabeth Lense, ValedictorianStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 262Elizabeth Shelby, Formidable PresenceSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 7 C 66E.M.H. ProgramStrange New WorldsCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 26 V 33Enrique Muñiz, Dependable TroubleshooterLineageVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 18Equinox Doctor, Unethical Medical HologramAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 61Erika Benteen, Leyton's AdjunctIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 21Erik Pressman, Stern AuthoritarianFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 62EvansThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 79Ezri Dax, Resourceful CounselorWhat You Leave BehindRarePersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 121Ezri Dax, Station CounselorEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 62FarrellIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 27FredericksMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 23 V 42Garth of Izar, Criminally InsaneExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 22GarveyFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 63Gary Mitchell, Godlike MutantThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 60Geordi La Forge, Battleship EngineerRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 263Geordi La Forge, Chief EngineerSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 137Geordi La Forge, Conn OfficerNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 80Geordi La Forge, Retired EngineerWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 16 V 35George Primmin, Starfleet SecurityFavor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 64George Stocker, Starbase CommodoreThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 U 264Gideon Seyetik, Great TerraformerSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 36Giotto, Security ChiefPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 37Gregory Quinn, Alien CourierBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 38Guinan, Battleship BartenderUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 138Guinan, ListenerNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 26 V 34HaadokLineageVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 38Harry Kim, Diligent EnsignBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 66Harry Kim, Eager to PleaseCaptain's LogRarePersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 30Harry Kim, Remorseful SurvivorLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 16 V 36Helen Noel, Enterprise PsychiatristFavor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 19Hikaru Sulu, Experienced HelmsmanAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 31Hikaru Sulu, Loyal CaptainThe Undiscovered Country (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 63Hikaru Sulu, Savage Security ChiefIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 65Hikaru Sulu, Senior HelmsmanThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 23Homn, Lurching ValetFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 265HoyaSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 28Icheb, Second OfficerMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 20Ilia, Finest Navigator in StarfleetAllegiance (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 175Jack, Maladjusted MisfitCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 66Jadzia Dax, Communications StafferThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 42 V 7Jadzia Dax, Conversant VeteranDead StopVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 67Jadzia Dax, Defiant CaptainCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 139Jadzia Dax, Problem SolverNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 266Jadzia Dax, Science OfficerSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 32Jake Sisko, Engineer's ApprenticeThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 140Jake Sisko, Reporter Behind the LinesNecessary Evil (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 122Jake Sisko, Temporal AnchorEnergize (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 31James Morrow, SurvivorZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 65James T. Kirk, Brutal BarbarianIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 21James T. Kirk, Experienced CommanderAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 67James T. Kirk, Highly-Decorated CaptainThese Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 11James T. Kirk, Irrational Human BeingDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 5 P 28James T. Kirk, Living LegendFractured Time (first print)PromotionPersonnel
    ST2E 42 V 8James T. Kirk, Organizing CrimeDead StopVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 11 PF 17James T. Kirk, Original ThinkerGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 0 AP 05James T. Kirk, Youngest Captain in StarfleetTo Boldly Go (first print)Archive Portrait FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 69Janice Rand, Captain's YeomanThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 23 V 43Jaresh-Inyo, Federation PresidentExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 73Jean Hejar, Nova Squadron NavigatorTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 267Jean-Luc Picard, Argo PilotSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 64Jean-Luc Picard, Battleship CaptainIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 12Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the EnterpriseDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 44 V 9Jean-Luc Picard, Compassionate AdvocateFar Beyond the StarsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 268Jean-Luc Picard, ExplorerSecond Edition (first print)StarterPersonnel
    ST2E 0 VP 31Jean-Luc Picard, Genial CaptainVirtual Promo CardsVirtual PromoPersonnel
    ST2E 0 P 4Jean-Luc Picard, Starship CaptainDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)PromotionPersonnel
    ST2E 38 V 27Jean-Luc Picard, UnraveledHard TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 49Jean-Luc Picard, VintnerReflections 2.0 (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 25Jenna D'Sora, Veteran Security OfficerThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 0 VP 234Jim Shimoda, Under the InfluenceVirtual Promo CardsVirtual PromoPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 29Jocelyn LoPresti, Coming to GripsMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 68Joe Carey, Next in LineCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 31John Harriman, Captain of the EnterpriseTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 39JonesUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 70JosephsThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 U 123Joseph Sisko, Creole ChefEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 30Juel Ducane, Above ReproachMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 269Julian Bashir, "Frontier" PhysicianSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 71Julian Bashir, Medical StafferThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 47Julian Bashir, Nostalgic DoctorReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 2 U 124Julian Bashir, "Unnatural Freak"EnergizeUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 22Julian Bashir, Vastly OutnumberedAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 U 270Kalandra, Battlefield SurgeonSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 141Kalita, Maquis PilotNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 142Karen Farris, Rigorous LeaderNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 39Karen Loews, Patient ChaperoneBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 61Karl JaegerRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 U 81Katherine Pulaski, Chief Medical OfficerWhat You Leave BehindUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 69Kathryn Janeway, Clever CaptainCaptain's Log (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 70Kathryn Janeway, Forceful CaptainCaptain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 31Kathryn Janeway, Mindful KeeperLower Decks (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 62Kathryn Janeway, Regretful LeaderRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 271Kathryn Janeway, Wry AdmiralSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 66Keiko O'Brien, BotanistIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 125Keiko O'Brien, School TeacherEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 2 C 126Kelly, Relief Tactical OfficerEnergizeCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 71Kenneth Dalby, Insubordinate CrewmanCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 50Kira Nerys, Starfleet EmissaryReflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 40Kituhwa, Tribal HistorianUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 38 V 28Kodos the Executioner, "Anton Karidian"Hard TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 32Kolopak, Bound to TraditionA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 72Kosinski, Arrogant EngineerCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 24Kurn, Exchange OfficerFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 33Lance Cartwright, Co-ConspiratorThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 73Larson, Security Team MemberCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 34Laurence T. Stone, PortmasterThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 176Lauren, SeductressCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 143Lenara Kahn, Wormhole TheoristNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 72Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical OfficerThese Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 23Leonard H. McCoy, Experienced AdvisorAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 67Leonard H. McCoy, Fiendish PhysicianIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
    ST2E 7 R 67Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable ManStrange New Worlds (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 272Leyton, Chief of Starfleet OperationsSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 40Leyton, Suspicious ExecutiveBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 273Lian T'suSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 32L.M.H. Mark I, Scintillating PersonalityZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 33 V 41Lojal, Investigative AmbassadorStrange BedfellowsVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 32 V 12Lon Suder, Casual Killer20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 274LopezSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 23 V 44Luther Sloan, Man of ActionExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 275Luther Sloan, Man of SecretsSecond Edition (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 33 V 42Lwaxana Troi, Extraordinary AmbassadorStrange Bedfellows (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 68Lwaxana Troi, Extravagant AmbassadorIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 25Lwaxana Troi, Psychic TutorFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 74Lyndsay Ballard, Back From the DeadCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 76Marie Kaplan, Observant OfficerCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 73Mark PiperThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 24Marla Gilmore, Conflicted EngineerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 74Marlena MoreauThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 69Marlena MoreauIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 77MarquayCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 31MarrisMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 276MartinSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 26MartinezFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 75MathewsThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 U 76Matt Decker, Vengeful CommodoreThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 75Matthew Dougherty, Misguided AdmiralCaptain's LogRarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 25Maxwell Burke, Arrogant First OfficerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 26Melora Pazlar, Independent PersonalityThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 33Michael Eddington, Changed ManA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 7 C 68Michael Eddington, Loyal LeaderStrange New Worlds (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 127Michael Eddington, Noble HeroEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 177Michael Eddington, Traitor to StarfleetCall to Arms (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 33Michael Jonas, Crafty MechanicZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 277Miles O'Brien, Chief of OperationsSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 10Miles O'Brien, Conn OfficerTapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 U 77Miles O'Brien, Engineering StafferThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 144Miles O'Brien, Repair ChiefNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 128Miles O'Brien, Transporter ChiefEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 26Miles O'Brien, Vastly OutnumberedAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 278MillsSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 32MitchellLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 78Montgomery Scott, Chief EngineerThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 27Montgomery Scott, Experienced EngineerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 7 R 69Montgomery Scott, RelicStrange New Worlds (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 70Montgomery Scott, Uncivilized EngineerIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 37Morgan Bateson, Confident CommanderPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 33Mortimer Harren, Reclusive GeniusLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 82Mot, The BarberWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 63NagataRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 27Naomi Wildman, Astrometrics OfficerThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 28Nella Daren, Head of Stellar CartographyThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 74Nicholas Locarno, Nova Squadron LeaderTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 2 C 129NilesEnergizeCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 48Nilz Baris, Agricultural UndersecretaryReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 28Noah Lessing, Driven OfficerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 27Nog, Communications RelayFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 32Nog, Defiant CaptainMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 279Nog, Eager CadetSecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 35Nog, Eager EnsignThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 U 178Norah Satie, Starfleet InvestigatorCall to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 29Number One, Reputable OfficerThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 41Oq'nab, Academy CommandantBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 U 79Orfil QuinterosThese Are The VoyagesUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 80PalmerThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 U 179Patrick, Idiot SavantCall to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 280PaulsonSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 34Pavel A. Chekov, Experienced AdeptZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 71Pavel A. Chekov, Treacherous UnderlingIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 81Pavel A. Chekov, Young NavigatorThese Are The Voyages (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 49Paxton Reese, Stellar CartographerReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 78Rachel Garrett, Displaced CaptainCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 33Rachel Garrett, Restoring the PastMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 35RalamiZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 130Rebecca Sullivan, Resistance FighterEnergizeRarePersonnel
    ST2E 41 V 20Reginald Barclay, Exceeding LimitsThe Nth Degree (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 3 R 180Reginald Barclay, Reclusive EngineerCall to ArmsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 72Revised Chakotay, Imposturous First OfficerIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 73Revised Doctor, Mass MurdererIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 74Revised Janeway, Cold-Blooded KillerIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 75Revised Kim, InterrogatorIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 76Revised Neelix, Hedgehog Ops OfficerIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 77Revised Paris, Female Ensign ChaserIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 78Revised Seven of Nine, Shock-TrooperIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 79Revised Tuvok, Evil Instrument of DestructionIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 34Rhys Parker, Fulfilling DestinyMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 35Richard Castillo, Assuming CommandMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 82Richard Daystrom, Influential ScientistThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 23 V 45Richard Galen, Legendary ArchaeologistExtreme MeasuresVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 28RichardsonFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 145Riley Shepard, Confident CadetNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 281RixxSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 83Robert TomlinsonThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 U 282Robin Lefler, Mission SpecialistSecond EditionUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 26 V 35Robin Lefler, Pragmatic SpecialistLineageVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 34RogersA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 32Ro Laren, Apologetic DefectorTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 16 V 37Ro Laren, Headstrong EnsignFavor the Bold (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 41 V 21Ro Laren, Proven ExpertThe Nth DegreeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 33Ronald Tracey, Delusional CaptainTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 29Rudolph Ransom, Devious CaptainAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 30 V 50Russell Toddman, Security ConsciousReturn to GraceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 11 PF 21Saavik, ProtégéeGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 79Samantha Wildman, First Mother on VoyagerCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 51Santos, Squad LeaderReflections 2.0 (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 83Sarek, Logical BeingWhat You Leave BehindRarePersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 84Sarek, Vulcan DelegateWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 3 U 181Sarina Douglas, Cataleptic ConundrumCall to ArmsUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 80Seska, Cardassian AgentCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 146Seth Matthews, Red Squad CadetNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 283Seth MendozaSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 84Seven of Nine, Efficient AnalystThese Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 0 AP 01Seven Of Nine, Reclaimed DroneStrange New Worlds (first print)Archive Portrait FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 36Seven of Nine, Undercover OperativeMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 52Shankar, Maquis SoldierReflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 37SimmonsMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 85Sirna Kolrami, Famed StrategistWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 75Sito Jaxa, Nova Squadron PilotTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 32 V 13Sito Jaxa, Undercover "Terrorist"20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 26 V 36Solok, Calculating RivalLineageVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 31 V 42SparberBalance of TerrorVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 30Spock, Experienced OfficerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 80Spock, Man of IntegrityIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 29Spock, Maverick DiplomatFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 85Spock, Science OfficerThese Are The Voyages (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 11 PF 18Spock, Trainee InstructorGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 36S'rrelZero Hour (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 82Stadi, FocusedCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 35 V 30St. John Talbot, Embittered ConsulFace of the EnemyVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 34Tal Celes, Imprecise AnalystLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 C 147Tamal, TechnicianNecessary EvilCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 286Tasha Yar, Chief of SecuritySecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 38Tasha Yar, Requesting a TransferMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 5 P 29Tasha Yar, Tactical OfficerFractured Time (first print)PromotionPersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 11Tasha Yar, Weapons SpecialistTapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 R 86The Doctor, Emergency Command HologramWhat You Leave BehindRarePersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 83The Doctor, Emergency Medical HologramCaptain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 2 R 131Thomas Riker, Defiant LeaderEnergize (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 31ThompsonAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 148Tim Watters, Valiant CaptainNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 284T'LaraSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 285T'LorSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 84Tom Paris, Best Pilot You Could HaveCaptain's LogRarePersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 34Tom Paris, Competitive PilotTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 11 PF 19Tom Paris, "Starfleet Observer"Genesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 64Tristan Adams, Deranged PsychiatristRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 85Tuvok, Chief of SecurityCaptain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 38 V 29Tuvok, Stolid EnsignHard TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 11 PF 20Tuvok, UndercoverGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 41Uhura, Experienced TechnicianUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 86Uhura, Skilled TechnicianThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 81Uhura, Unprincipled TechnicianIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 30Valeris, Co-ConspiratorThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 37Valeris, Faithless ProtégéeZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 35Vance, Sympathetic PilotA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 C 287Van OrtonSecond EditionCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 42Wakasa, Tribal CouncilorUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 31Watley, Recent TransferThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 82Wesley Crusher, Battleship HelmsmanIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 76Wesley Crusher, Nova Squadron PilotTo Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 R 288Wesley Crusher, ProdigySecond EditionRarePersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 32Willard Decker, Recommended ReplacementAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 2 U 132William Patrick Samuels, Maquis SaboteurEnergizeUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 26 V 37William Patrick Samuels, Well-Placed AgentLineageVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 65William Ross, "Temporary" AllyRaise the Stakes (first print)VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 34 V 35William Telfer, Misguided HypochondriacLower DecksVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 83William T. Riker, Battleship First OfficerIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 38William T. Riker, Facing ApotheosisZero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 R 149William T. Riker, First OfficerNecessary EvilRarePersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 289William T. Riker, Number OneSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 13William T. Riker, Skilled CommanderDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 27 V 12William T. Riker, William OdanTapestryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 6 P 53William T. Riker, Wistful AdmiralReflections 2.0Promotion FoilPersonnel
    ST2E 0 VP 12Worf, Chief of SecurityVirtual Promo CardsVirtual PromoPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 43Worf, Clandestine StafferUnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 4 U 150Worf, Conn OfficerNecessary EvilUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 84Worf, Defiant CommanderIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 5 P 30Worf, First OfficerFractured Time (first print)PromotionPersonnel
    ST2E 39 V 11Worf, Noble WarriorStar Trek 50VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 290Worf, Security Detail LeaderSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 1 S 291Worf, Strategic Operations OfficerSecond EditionStarterPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 107Cochrane, Voyager ShuttleCaptain's LogCommonShip
    ST2E 24 V 45Cosette, Reliable RaiderTacking Into the WindVirtualShip
    ST2E 12 R 116Delta Flyer, Innovative VesselThese Are The Voyages (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 24 V 46Delta Flyer, Rebuilt "Hot Rod"Tacking Into the WindVirtualShip
    ST2E 10 C 108Drake, Voyager ShuttleCaptain's LogCommonShip
    ST2E 36 V 45Fantine, Raid VanguardA Time to StandVirtualShip
    ST2E 2 U 171GuingouinEnergizeUncommonShip
    ST2E 14 R 112I.K.S. Qel'Poh, H.M.S. BountyWhat You Leave Behind (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 17 V 84Javert, Maquis FlagshipRaise the StakesVirtualShip
    ST2E 2 C 172Maquis RaiderEnergizeCommonShip
    ST2E 44 V 16Salvaged Attack Ship, Sheep in Wolf's ClothingFar Beyond the StarsVirtualShip
    ST2E 28 V 51Starship Enterprise, Imperial FlagshipMatter of TimeVirtualShip
    ST2E 1 S 390U.S.S. AkiraSecond EditionStarterShip
    ST2E 17 V 85U.S.S. Bellerophon, Conference HostRaise the StakesVirtualShip
    ST2E 22 V 52U.S.S. Bozeman, Well-Preserved AntiquePeak PerformanceVirtualShip
    ST2E 19 V 15U.S.S. Centaur, Patrolling ShipLegacyVirtualShip
    ST2E 12 U 117U.S.S. Constellation, Dead HulkThese Are The VoyagesUncommonShip
    ST2E 12 C 118U.S.S. ConstitutionThese Are The VoyagesCommonShip
    ST2E 35 V 43U.S.S. Defiant, Enduring DefenderFace of the EnemyVirtualShip
    ST2E 10 R 109U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling WarshipCaptain's Log (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 1 R 391U.S.S. Defiant, Prototype WarshipSecond Edition (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 6 P 61U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed WarshipReflections 2.0 (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 3 R 205U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen WarshipCall to Arms (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 39 V 18U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Olive BranchStar Trek 50VirtualShip
    ST2E 12 R 119U.S.S. Enterprise, Beautiful LadyThese Are The Voyages (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 24 V 47U.S.S. Enterprise-B, Ill-Prepared SuccessorTacking Into the WindVirtualShip
    ST2E 28 V 52U.S.S. Enterprise-C, Temporal LinchpinMatter of TimeVirtualShip
    ST2E 10 R 110U.S.S. Enterprise-C, Yesterday's EnterpriseCaptain's Log (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 13 C 117U.S.S. Enterprise-D, BattleshipIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonShip
    ST2E 23 V 53U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Diplomatic EnvoyExtreme MeasuresVirtualShip
    ST2E 0 P 19U.S.S. Enterprise-D, ExplorerDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 9 R 18U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Federation FlagshipDangerous MissionsRareShip
    ST2E 44 V 17U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Humanitarian EnvoyFar Beyond the StarsVirtualShip
    ST2E 27 V 18U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Loaded for BearTapestryVirtualShip
    ST2E 5 P 40U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Personal FlagshipFractured Time (first print)PromotionShip
    ST2E 11 PF 27U.S.S. Enterprise, Earth's SaviorGenesis (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 1 R 392U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Federation EnvoySecond Edition (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 10 R 111U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Flagship of the FederationCaptain's Log (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 20 V 42U.S.S. Enterprise, Where She BelongsAllegiance (first print)VirtualShip
    ST2E 20 V 43U.S.S. Equinox, Determined To Get HomeAllegianceVirtualShip
    ST2E 1 C 393U.S.S. ExcelsiorSecond EditionCommonShip
    ST2E 24 V 48U.S.S. Exeter, Fleet's FinestTacking Into the WindVirtualShip
    ST2E 1 C 394U.S.S. GalaxySecond EditionCommonShip
    ST2E 8 R 115U.S.S. Ganges, One of the FirstTo Boldly Go (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 13 R 118U.S.S. Lakota, Modified StarshipIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 1 S 395U.S.S. NebulaSecond EditionStarterShip
    ST2E 43 V 27U.S.S. OberthSymbiosisVirtualShip
    ST2E 32 V 18U.S.S. Odyssey, Gamma Quadrant Vanguard20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualShip
    ST2E 14 R 113U.S.S. Pasteur, Medical ShipWhat You Leave Behind (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 24 V 49U.S.S. Phoenix, Wayward StarshipTacking Into the WindVirtualShip
    ST2E 14 R 114U.S.S. Prometheus, Experimental PrototypeWhat You Leave Behind (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 28 V 53U.S.S. Relativity, Federation TimeshipMatter of Time (first print)VirtualShip
    ST2E 14 R 115U.S.S. Reliant, Searching for Lifeless PlanetsWhat You Leave Behind (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 8 R 116U.S.S. Rio Grande, Built to LastTo Boldly Go (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 18 V 45U.S.S. São Paulo, NCC-75633This Side of ParadiseVirtualShip
    ST2E 1 U 396U.S.S. SovereignSecond EditionUncommonShip
    ST2E 0 P 20U.S.S. SutherlandDecipher's Promotion Cards (first print)Promotion FoilShip
    ST2E 26 V 53U.S.S. T'Kumbra, Behind the LinesLineageVirtualShip
    ST2E 4 U 179U.S.S. Valiant, Red Squad Training ShipNecessary EvilUncommonShip
    ST2E 10 C 112U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From HomeCaptain's Log (first print)CommonShip
    ST2E 28 V 54U.S.S. WellsMatter of TimeVirtualShip
    ST2E 10 R 113U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang, Modified TransportCaptain's Log (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 2 R 173ValjeanEnergizeRareShip