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Personnel - Ship -

UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
ST2E 17 V 80A. G. Robinson, Prototype CaptainRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 12 C 110Amanda ColeThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
ST2E 13 C 103Brennan ScottIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 93Burrows, Diagnostic TechTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 U 94CallaghanTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 10 R 103Charles Tucker III, Chief EngineerCaptain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 13 C 104Charles Tucker III, Competent EngineerIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 46Charles Tucker III, Damaged EngineerPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 42 V 9Charles Tucker III, Horse TraderDead StopVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 14Charles Tucker III, Standing InDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
ST2E 8 C 95Charles Tucker III, "Trip"To Boldly Go (first print)CommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 96Cunningham, Assigned to the GalleyTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 97DallasTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 38Danica Erickson, Well ReadA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 10 C 105Daniel Leonard, Cautious AdmiralCaptain's LogCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 U 98Daniels, Temporal AgentTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 28 V 49Daniels, Timeline ProtectorMatter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 14 C 108D'VelaWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 38Elder T'Pol, Displaced SurvivorAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 99Elizabeth Cutler, Eager EntomologistTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 U 100Emory Erickson, Father of the TransporterTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 10 U 104Erika Hernandez, Comparable CaptainCaptain's LogUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 40 V 43Ethan NovakovichZero HourVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 18 V 43Fiona McKenzie, Experienced CorporalThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 101GaetaTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 18 V 44Gannet Brooks, Undercover OperativeThis Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 102GarridTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 39GreerAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 32 V 17Henry Archer, Trailblazing Engineer20th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 12 C 111Hideaki Chang, Conscientious CorporalThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
ST2E 13 U 105Hoshi Sato, Captain's WomanIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 39Hoshi Sato, Damaged LinguistA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 C 106Hoshi Sato, EmpressIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)CommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 U 103Hoshi Sato, Uneasy EducatorTo Boldly Go (first print)UncommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 104Jeffrey Pierce, On The EdgeTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 12 R 112Jeremiah Hayes, Diligent MajorThese Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
ST2E 8 U 105Jeremy Lucas, Phlox's ColleagueTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 15Jonathan Archer, Bearer of Surak's KatraDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
ST2E 13 R 107Jonathan Archer, Covetous CommanderIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 22 V 47Jonathan Archer, Damaged CaptainPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 24 V 40Jonathan Archer, Defiant CommanderTacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 R 106Jonathan Archer, Headstrong CaptainTo Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 15 V 43Jonathan Archer, Heroic DiplomatThe Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 40Jonathan Archer, Novice MediatorA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 41Josiah ClarkeA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 40Karyn Archer, Displaced DescendantAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 U 107Kelby, Arrogant EngineerTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 14 C 109Kelby, Industrious EngineerWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
ST2E 13 C 108Logan BlackIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
ST2E 20 V 41Lorian, Displaced DescendantAllegianceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 48Malcolm Reed, Damaged Security OfficerPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 C 109Malcolm Reed, Enthusiastic MajorIn A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
ST2E 40 V 44Malcolm Reed, Protocol PioneerZero HourVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 8 R 108Malcolm Reed, Weapons ExpertTo Boldly GoRarePersonnel
ST2E 25 V 49Markus Forbes, Extraction SpecialistUnityVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 16 V 44Masaro, Idealistic SaboteurFavor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 R 110Maximilian Forrest, Confident CaptainIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
ST2E 8 R 109Maxwell Forrest, Starfleet ExecutiveTo Boldly GoRarePersonnel
ST2E 8 C 110McDermottTo Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
ST2E 36 V 42Nadia MyersA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 17 V 81Nathan Samuels, Earth MinisterRaise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 12 C 113Nelson KemperThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 R 111Phlox, Alien PhysiologistTo Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 22 V 49Phlox, Damaged DoctorPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 R 111Phlox, Sadistic PhysiologistIn A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
ST2E 36 V 43RossiA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 25 V 50Sara FisherUnityVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 12 C 114Sascha MoneyThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
ST2E 12 C 115Sean HawkinsThese Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
ST2E 39 V 17Shran, Exchange OfficerStar Trek 50VirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 U 112Soval, IdealistIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 14 C 110Stewart Rivers, Patriotic EngineerWhat You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 C 112T'Pol, Austere CommanderTo Boldly Go (first print)CommonPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 50T'Pol, Damaged Science OfficerPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 U 113T'Pol, Dutiful CommanderIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)UncommonPersonnel
ST2E 9 R 16T'Pol, Non-believerDangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
ST2E 13 R 114T'Pol, Not a SlaveIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
ST2E 36 V 44T'Pol, Overbearing ObserverA Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 22 V 51Travis Mayweather, Damaged NavigatorPeak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
ST2E 13 U 115Travis Mayweather, Opportunistic SergeantIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 8 R 113Travis Mayweather, Space BoomerTo Boldly GoRarePersonnel
ST2E 8 U 114Williams, Starfleet CommanderTo Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
ST2E 10 R 120Columbia, The Second Warp Five ShipCaptain's Log (first print)RareShip
ST2E 9 R 19Enterprise, Battle HardenedDangerous MissionsRareShip
ST2E 22 V 54Enterprise, Damaged StarshipPeak Performance (first print)VirtualShip
ST2E 8 R 117Enterprise, Finally Ready to SwimTo Boldly Go (first print)RareShip
ST2E 20 V 45Future Enterprise, Displaced StarshipAllegianceVirtualShip
ST2E 13 U 121I.S.S. Avenger, Admiral's ShipIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommonShip
ST2E 13 R 122I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran FlagshipIn A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RareShip
ST2E 17 V 90NX-PrototypeRaise the StakesVirtualShip
ST2E 8 C 118Sarajevo, Starfleet VesselTo Boldly GoCommonShip
ST2E 8 R 119Shuttlepod One, Reliable TransportTo Boldly GoRareShip
ST2E 8 R 120Shuttlepod Two, Landing CraftTo Boldly GoRareShip
ST2E 24 V 54Starship Defiant, Ripe for the TakingTacking Into the WindVirtualShip