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Dilemma Equipemt Event Interrupt Mission Personnel Ship 

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarity
ST2E 25 V 61962 Roger MarisUnityVirtual
ST2E 3 R 34AbductionCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 4 R 35Accepting the PastNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 36 V 6Accumulated KnowledgeA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 1 R 73A Chance for GlorySecond EditionRare
ST2E 6 P 14Adapted to Service UsReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 3 U 35Adding to Our PerfectionCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 14 C 22A Few Minor DifficultiesWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 8 C 24Aggressive SolutionsTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 2 R 30Ak'vohEnergizeRare
ST2E 22 V 11AllegiancePeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 4 R 36All-Out WarNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 22 V 12Alvera Tree RitualPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 17 V 21Always WelcomeRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 4 R 37Anything or AnyoneNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 4 U 38ApprehendedNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 14 C 23Are You Offering Me ...a Bribe?What You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 3 C 33A Second Chance at LifeCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 10 R 23A Sight for Sore EyesCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 2 R 31Assassination PlotEnergizeRare
ST2E 8 C 25Assimilation TechniquesTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 1 C 75Astrometrics LabSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 4 U 39At An ImpasseNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 1 R 74A Treasure Beyond ComparisonSecond EditionRare
ST2E 4 R 40At What Cost?Necessary EvilRare
ST2E 26 V 10Audacious AssaultLineageVirtual
ST2E 29 V 17AugmentationUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 1 R 76Awaiting TrialSecond EditionRare
ST2E 1 U 77Back-flush Bussard CollectorsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 78BaH!Second EditionUncommon
ST2E 17 V 22B'aht Qul ChallengeRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 1 C 79Bajoran Gratitude FestivalSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 23 V 14Bajoran Resistance CellExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 25 V 7Base CommerceUnityVirtual
ST2E 1 R 80Battle DrillsSecond EditionRare
ST2E 4 U 41Battle LustNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 13 R 23Bigger TattooIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 6 P 15Biogenic WeaponReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 4 U 42Biological DistinctivenessNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 1 C 81Blind SpotSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 11 PF 8Blow You Out of the StarsGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 34 V 9Blue MatchLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 28 V 7Boon of the Celestial TempleMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 3 S 36Borg Cutting BeamCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 2 U 32Born for ConquestEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 8 C 26Bound by AddictionTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 3 R 37Bred for BattleCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 2 U 33Brief ReunionEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 7 R 18BrinkmanshipStrange New WorldsRare
ST2E 1 U 82Brutal StruggleSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 3 R 38Building a BridgeCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 6 P 16Bustling with ActivityReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 13 C 24Call of the NagusIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 13 U 25Call to ArmsIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 4 C 43Captain on the BridgeNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 13 R 26Captain's LogIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 5 P 4Cardassian ProtectorateFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 2 C 34Cargo RunEnergizeCommon
ST2E 40 V 10Catastrophic QuipZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 10Catastrophic QuipVirtual
ST2E 4 R 44Caught in the ActNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 3 R 39Cavalry RaidCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 11 PF 9Cellular Peptide CakeGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 6 P 17Changed HistoryReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 3 U 40Changeling SabotageCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 36 V 7Chimeric DiversionA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 24 V 13ChristeningTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 30 V 14Clandestine KidnappingReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 14 R 24ClarityWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 4 C 45Collateral DamageNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 31 V 14Combined AttackBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 33 V 9Common CauseStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 2 R 35Common GroundEnergizeRare
ST2E 33 V 10Common PurposeStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 2 R 36ComplicationsEnergizeRare
ST2E 12 U 22Condition RedThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 2 R 37Confessions in the Pale MoonlightEnergizeRare
ST2E 10 U 24Confessions of a CaptainCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 2 R 38ConscriptionEnergizeRare
ST2E 8 C 27Continuing Committee HearingTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 17 V 23Coordinated CounterattackRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 29 V 18Coordinated LarcenyUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 2 C 39Crowd ControlEnergizeCommon
ST2E 1 S 83Cry "Havoc!"Second EditionStarter
ST2E 30 V 15Cutting the StringsReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 8 R 28Dabo!To Boldly GoRare
ST2E 10 R 25Dark PursuitCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 1 S 84D'Arsay ArchiveSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 85Days of AtonementSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 18 V 12Deal With the Count ManThis Side of ParadiseVirtual
ST2E 15 V 11Debate Over DinnerThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 32 V 4Dedication Plaque20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
ST2E 4 C 46Deep HatredNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 2 R 40Deep RootsEnergizeRare
ST2E 8 C 29Defend Our PeopleTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 17 V 24Defensive UpgradesRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 36 V 8Defiant ReprisalA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 14 C 25Deja QWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 7 C 19Delicate NegotiationsStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 17 V 25DeliriumRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 16 V 21Delivery BoyFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 38 V 14Denevan CrystalsHard TimeVirtual
ST2E 4 U 47Deploy the FleetNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 40 V 11Desperate CounterZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 11Desperate CounterVirtual
ST2E 4 U 48Desperate SacrificeNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 8 C 30Destined To BeTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 10 U 26Destiny ResetCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 41 V 10Devastating MeleeThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 8 U 31Diplomatic OfferTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 1 C 86Diplomatic OvertureSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 2 R 41Disable SensorsEnergizeRare
ST2E 6 P 18Disadvantage Into AdvantageReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 12 U 23DiscoveredThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 3 C 41Dispensing the WhiteCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 29 V 19Display of WealthUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 14 U 27Disruptive PresenceWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 3 U 42Dissolving the SenateCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 14 R 26Distant ControlWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 6 P 19Distant ExplorationReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 8 R 32Distracting ExhibitionTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 17 V 26DuranjaRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 40 V 12Effective DeterrentZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 12Effective DeterrentVirtual
ST2E 28 V 8EmanationsMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 35 V 5Emergency EvacuationFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 4 R 49EndangeredNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 3 C 43Enemy in Your MidstCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 13 U 27EnergizeIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 1 R 87Engage CloakSecond EditionRare
ST2E 17 V 27EnsnaredRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 8 R 33Escape PodTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 4 U 50Escaping DetectionNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 7 R 20Exceed Engine OutputStrange New WorldsRare
ST2E 24 V 14Executive CommissionTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 5 P 5Expand the CollectiveFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 33 V 11Expedient OpportunityStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 24 V 15Extreme MeasuresTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 4 R 51Far-Seeing EyesNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 17 V 28Favor the BoldRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 1 C 88Feast on the DyingSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 25 V 8FeliciumUnityVirtual
ST2E 23 V 15Ferengi TraditionExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 2 U 42FerocityEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 33 V 12Field ReportStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 4 R 52Field StudiesNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 12 U 24Final CryThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 10 C 27Finding Our WayCaptain's LogCommon
ST2E 20 V 2FirestormAllegianceVirtual
ST2E 8 C 34First-hand ExperienceTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 14 C 28Five Year MissionWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 1 R 89For All Our SonsSecond EditionRare
ST2E 17 V 29For Better or For WorseRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 4 U 53Forcing Their HandNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 6 P 21ForesightReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 4 U 54Forever LinkedNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 2 C 43For the CauseEnergizeCommon
ST2E 2 U 44For the SiskoEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 6 P 20FrictionReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 14 C 29Gatherers' RaidWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 4 U 55Getting Under Your SkinNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 14 R 30Ghost StoriesWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 14 C 31Good ShepherdWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 17 V 30GreedRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 13 R 28Guardian's AdviceIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 6 P 22Guidance of the CouncilReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 4 C 56Gunboat DiplomacyNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 25 V 9HabakUnityVirtual
ST2E 14 C 32Hall of WarriorsWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 2 C 45Heart of GloryEnergizeCommon
ST2E 5 P 6Heightened PerceptionFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 20 V 3Helping HandAllegianceVirtual
ST2E 40 V 13Hidden StringsZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 13Hidden StringsVirtual
ST2E 6 P 23High Command "Motivation"Reflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 16 V 22HindranceFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 22 V 13Holding CellPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 31 V 15Hollow HospitalityBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 4 C 57Hollow PleasantriesNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 25 V 10Holodeck ArchUnityVirtual
ST2E 7 U 21Holodeck GridStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 4 C 58Holographic HoaxNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 40 V 14Hostilities UnleashedZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 14Hostilities UnleashedVirtual
ST2E 1 R 90How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?Second EditionRare
ST2E 25 V 11Hunters' Training ProgramUnityVirtual
ST2E 12 U 25Hurried DepartureThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 3 R 44I Don't Like to LoseCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 36 V 9Ignored JurisdictionA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 29 V 20Ill-gotten GainsUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 17 V 31Imperfect ReplacementRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 14 C 33Improvised ModificationsWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 14 R 34In a Mirror, DarklyWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 0 VP 30IndebtednessVirtual Promo CardsVirtual Promotion Foil
ST2E 29 V 21Indelicate RepairsUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 15 V 12Inexorable TortureThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 1 R 91Inspiring LeaderSecond EditionRare
ST2E 6 P 24Interstellar TreatyReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 7 C 22In the Pah-wraith's WakeStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 6 P 25Invocation of Kosst AmojanReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 23 V 17IsabellaExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 23 V 16I Stand With My ShipmatesExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 3 C 45Jem'Hadar AmbushCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 3 R 46Jem'Hadar Birthing ChamberCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 17 V 32Jem'Hadar EntrenchmentRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 3 U 47Jem'Hadar Strike ForceCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 92Just Like Old TimesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 33 V 13Karemman FleeceStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 26 V 11Katric ArkLineageVirtual
ST2E 16 V 23Keeping Track of YouFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 22 V 14Klingon Tea CeremonyPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 2 U 46KotraEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 1 U 93Labor CampSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 8 R 35Latinum StorageTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 31 V 16Launch OrdersBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 11 PF 10Learning CurveGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 2 C 47Legal ProceedingsEnergizeCommon
ST2E 1 U 94Let Honor Guide YouSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 17 V 33LeverageRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 2 C 48Life SupportEnergizeCommon
ST2E 28 V 9LineageMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 1 C 95Line of DefenseSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 39 V 4Lingering GriefStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 2 R 49MachinationsEnergizeRare
ST2E 10 C 28Make a Run for itCaptain's LogCommon
ST2E 10 C 29Making It WorkCaptain's LogCommon
ST2E 6 P 26Maquis RaidReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 31 V 17Martial LawBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 5 P 7Medical TeamsFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 2 U 50Mental DisciplineEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 14 R 35Military Assault Command OperationsWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 4 R 59Militia PatrolNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 35 V 6Miracle WorkingFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 4 U 60MisdirectionNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 4 U 61Mission AccomplishedNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 33 V 14Mobilization PointsStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 4 U 62More Than Meets The EyeNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 28 V 10MouthpieceMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 18 V 13Mudd's WomenThis Side of ParadiseVirtual
ST2E 4 C 63Mutual AdvantageNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 13 R 29Necessary EvilIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 1 R 96Nelvana TrapSecond EditionRare
ST2E 10 U 30New DiscoveryCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 35 V 7New LifeFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 41 V 11New Power RisingThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 5 P 8Noble CauseFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 17 V 34Noble IntentionsRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 4 C 64No EscapeNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 1 U 97No Love for the Spoon HeadsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 R 98No Peace in Our TimeSecond EditionRare
ST2E 12 U 26Not Easily AvoidedThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 8 C 36Not Easily DestroyedTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 25 V 12Not Easily TakenUnityVirtual
ST2E 1 U 99Nothing That Happens is Truly RandomSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 11 PF 11No-Win SituationGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 1 U 100"Observer" from the Obsidian OrderSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 12 U 27Obstacle to OpportunityThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 6 P 27Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!Reflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 13 C 30One Man Cannot Summon the FutureIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 14 C 36One Man Can Summon the FutureWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 3 U 48One With the BorgCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 25 V 13Oo-moxUnityVirtual
ST2E 15 V 13Operation RetrieveThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 12 U 28OptimismThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 40 V 15Orchestrated AttackZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 15Orchestrated AttackVirtual
ST2E 1 U 101Order of the Bat'lethSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 29 V 22Organized CrimeUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 4 R 65Organized Terrorist ActivitiesNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 25 V 14OutmaneuveredUnityVirtual
ST2E 5 P 9Out of OptionsFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 34 V 10OverrunLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 10 R 31Parallel CourseCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 40 V 16Particle 010Zero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 16Particle 010Virtual
ST2E 17 V 35Parting ThoughtRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 4 C 66Party AtmosphereNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 31 V 18Peaceful CoexistenceBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 1 C 102Peacemaker or Predator?Second EditionCommon
ST2E 23 V 18Peak PerformanceExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 2 U 51Peldor JoiEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 21 V 11Persistent StrikeInfinite DiversityVirtual
ST2E 2 C 52Personal ForcefieldEnergizeCommon
ST2E 25 V 15Photons Be FreeUnityVirtual
ST2E 2 U 53Picking Up the BasicsEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 2 C 54PickpocketEnergizeCommon
ST2E 1 U 103Pierce Their DefensesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 30 V 16Planned ProvocationReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 12 U 29Plasma Energy WeaponThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 1 U 104Point Blank StrikeSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 2 U 55Political LeverageEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 10 R 32Political PutschCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 29 V 23PortentUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 31 V 19Power LossBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 4 U 67Power ShiftNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 2 C 56Power to the WeaponsEnergizeCommon
ST2E 39 V 5Practical EvidenceStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 1 U 105Precise AttackSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 13 U 31PredicamentIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 8 U 37Preeminent PrecisionTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 1 U 106Prejudice and PoliticsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 40 V 17Pressing OnZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 17Pressing OnVirtual
ST2E 4 R 68Prison CompoundNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 1 U 107Process IdentificationSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 21 V 12Product PlacementInfinite DiversityVirtual
ST2E 33 V 15Profound DiscoveryStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 23 V 19Promenade SchoolExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 27 V 4Provocative PloyTapestryVirtual
ST2E 7 R 23Provoked AttackStrange New WorldsRare
ST2E 3 R 49Psychological PressureCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 35 V 8Pulling RankFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 4 C 69Pulling the StringsNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 5 P 10Quantum IncursionsFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 5 P 11QuarantineFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 14 U 37Quark's AdviceWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 6 P 28QuintessenceReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 3 C 50Quite a CoincidenceCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 18 V 14Raise the StakesThis Side of ParadiseVirtual
ST2E 2 C 57Rash AggressionEnergizeCommon
ST2E 14 C 38Reclaim Terok NorWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 2 C 58ReconfigurationEnergizeCommon
ST2E 7 C 24Recover ComponentsStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 23 V 20Recruitment TacticsExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 34 V 11Red MatchLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 3 C 51Regeneration AlcovesCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 17 V 36Relentless ChargeRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 35 V 9Relief EffortFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 28 V 11Reliving the PastMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 20 V 4Reman Assault TeamAllegianceVirtual
ST2E 8 R 38Reman SubterfugeTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 8 R 39Remarkable RegenerationTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 41 V 12Repurposed TransmissionThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 1 U 108Rescue CaptivesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 35 V 10ResilienceFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 1 R 109Resistance TacticsSecond EditionRare
ST2E 36 V 10Respect in DiversityA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 4 R 70Ressikan FluteNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 8 C 40Restorative ResponsibilityTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 2 R 59RetaliationEnergizeRare
ST2E 36 V 11Ripple EffectA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 1 U 110Romulan Intelligence NetworkSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 8 U 41Rule of Acquisition #102To Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 7 R 28Rule of Acquisition #141Strange New WorldsRare
ST2E 7 R 29Rule of Acquisition #144Strange New WorldsRare
ST2E 10 R 33Rule of Acquisition #16Captain's LogRare
ST2E 12 U 30Rule of Acquisition #18These Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 26 V 12Rule of Acquisition #194LineageVirtual
ST2E 7 C 26Rule of Acquisition #22Strange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 24 V 16Rule of Acquisition #34Tacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 7 R 25Rule of Acquisition #6Strange New WorldsRare
ST2E 33 V 16Rule of Acquisition # 75Strange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 7 C 27Rule of Acquisition #76Strange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 4 R 71Running a Tight ShipNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 13 R 32Sabotaged TransporterIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 3 U 52Sabotage ProgramCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 2 C 60Salvaging the WreckageEnergizeCommon
ST2E 8 C 42Seal the Temple's DoorTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 13 C 33Seasoned LeaderIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 32 V 5Second Edition20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
ST2E 5 P 12Security DrillsFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 29 V 24Security PrecautionsUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 7 C 30Seeing DoubleStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 30 V 17Self-Replicating RoadblockReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 3 U 53Sensing a TrapCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 22 V 15Sent BackPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 3 R 54Set UpCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 3 C 55Severed LinkCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 2 R 61Shadow OperationEnergizeRare
ST2E 4 C 72Shared ProblemsNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 2 U 62SickbayEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 21 V 13Slightly AwkwardInfinite DiversityVirtual
ST2E 3 R 56SluggoCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 2 U 63Smuggling RunEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 7 C 31SonchiStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 22 V 16Spatial ReconfigurationPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 24 V 17Special ModificationsTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 30 V 18Spiritual ExplorationReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 33 V 17Spiteful StrategyStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 32 V 6Split Second20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
ST2E 5 P 13Spreading FearFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 6 P 29Stalling for TimeReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 1 U 111Standard Cardassian ProcedureSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 14 U 39Standard OrbitWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 4 C 73Standing Your GroundNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 10 U 34Starting OverCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 2 U 64Staunch DeterminationEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 6 P 30Stealth MissionReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 3 R 57Steeled By LossCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 3 C 58Stir CrazyCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 4 R 74Storage CompartmentNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 8 R 43Strafing FireTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 14 C 40Straight and SteadyWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 13 R 34Strange New WorldsIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 2 R 65Straying from the PathEnergizeRare
ST2E 31 V 20Strength in NumbersBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 15 V 14Strength of SpiritThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 16 V 24Subliminal SignalFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 36 V 12Subspace RiftA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 19 V 6Subtle InfluenceLegacyVirtual
ST2E 35 V 11Suppressed EvidenceFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 0 VP 87Surprise PartyVirtual Promo CardsVirtual
ST2E 30 V 19Swift JusticeReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 25 V 16Tacking Into the WindUnityVirtual
ST2E 29 V 25Tactical AdvantageUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 1 U 112Tactical PlanningSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 113Taken PrisonerSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 5 P 14Tampering With TimeFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 1 R 114TapestrySecond EditionRare
ST2E 4 U 75Targeted for AssimilationNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 8 C 44Target PracticeTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 2 U 66Temba, His Arms WideEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 13 R 35Temporal Flux Energy RibbonIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 7 R 32Temporal IncursionStrange New WorldsRare
ST2E 5 P 15Temporal Test SubjectFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 28 V 12Temporal TransportersMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 4 U 76Tempted By FleshNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 17 V 37Tenuous AllianceRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 8 C 45That's the Last TimeTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 3 R 59The BlightCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 12 R 31The CircleThese Are The VoyagesRare
ST2E 15 V 15The Cost of FreedomThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 3 R 60The Crystalline EntityCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 33 V 18The Die Is CastStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 10 R 35The Dominion Will PrevailCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 5 P 16The Edge of ForeverFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 3 R 61The Enterprise IncidentCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 11 PF 12The Genesis EffectGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 26 V 13The Great Material ContinuumLineageVirtual
ST2E 24 V 18The Hand of ApolloTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 13 R 36The Inner LightIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 4 C 77The Key to VictoryNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 10 R 36The Long Journey HomeCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 3 R 62The Manheim EffectCall to ArmsRare
ST2E 8 R 46The MuseTo Boldly GoRare
ST2E 14 C 41The New OccupationWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 6 P 31The New ResistanceReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 1 R 115The Orion UnderworldSecond EditionRare
ST2E 4 R 78The Perfect ToolNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 1 U 116The Pillage of BajorSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 5 P 17The Play's the ThingFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 14 U 42The ReckoningWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 1 U 117The Reman MinesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 13 C 37These Are The VoyagesIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 10 R 37The Spirit of KahlessCaptain's LogRare
ST2E 2 R 67The Text of the Kosst AmojanEnergizeRare
ST2E 3 U 63The Trial Never EndedCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 16 V 25The Undiscovered CountryFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 15 V 16The Void AllianceThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 3 U 64The Will of the CollectiveCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 34 V 12Thirst for KnowledgeLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 22 V 17This Side of ParadisePeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 4 R 79Thought MakerNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 13 C 38To Be a WarriorIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 1 U 118To Boldly GoSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 7 U 33Tongo: ConfrontStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 29 V 26To Rule in HellUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 8 C 47Transporter BufferTo Boldly GoCommon
ST2E 30 V 20Trap Is SprungReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 15 V 17Treasured CollectiblesThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 3 U 65Trial of FaithCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 6 P 32Tribunal SentencingReflections 2.0Promotion Foil
ST2E 25 V 17Tulaberry WineUnityVirtual
ST2E 4 U 80Undercover ResourceNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 31 V 21Undermined DefensesBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 2 R 68Under ScrutinyEnergizeRare
ST2E 20 V 5Under SiegeAllegianceVirtual
ST2E 3 U 66Under SuspicionCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 2 C 69Unexpected DifficultiesEnergizeCommon
ST2E 13 R 39Unimatrix ZeroIn A Mirror, DarklyRare
ST2E 26 V 14UnityLineageVirtual
ST2E 33 V 19Unproven SuspicionsStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 2 U 70Unseen ManipulationsEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 5 P 18UnyieldingFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 14 R 43U.S.S. Enterprise-JWhat You Leave BehindRare
ST2E 14 U 44Vacation from the ContinuumWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 31 V 22Vacuum-Desiccated RemainsBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 2 U 71Vast ResourcesEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 7 U 34Vedek AssemblyStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 40 V 18VendettaZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 18VendettaVirtual
ST2E 4 C 81VIP WelcomeNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 2 R 72VisionaryEnergizeRare
ST2E 27 V 5Voluntary WithdrawalTapestryVirtual
ST2E 3 C 67Vorta CloningCall to ArmsCommon
ST2E 13 U 40Vorta Experiment TablesIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 29 V 27Waken Superior SleeperUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 14 C 45Walk the LineWhat You Leave BehindCommon
ST2E 17 V 38WarinessRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 31 V 23War of AttritionBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 1 C 119Warrior's BirthrightSecond EditionCommon
ST2E 35 V 12War Without EndFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 13 C 41Watch DogIn A Mirror, DarklyCommon
ST2E 4 C 82We Are BackNecessary EvilCommon
ST2E 40 V 19Well WishesZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 19Well WishesVirtual
ST2E 8 U 48We're All On StrikeTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 3 U 68We're MutantsCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 2 U 73We Will Not SurrenderEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 15 V 18What You Leave BehindThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 7 C 35Worth the PriceStrange New WorldsCommon
ST2E 12 U 32You Have a DiseaseThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 4 U 84Your Fear Will Destroy YouNecessary EvilUncommon
ST2E 4 R 83You've Always Been My FavoriteNecessary EvilRare
ST2E 35 V 13Zalkonian Storage CapsuleFace of the EnemyVirtual