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Mission Mission card list

Dilemma Equipemt Event Interrupt Mission Personnel Ship 

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarity
ST2E 1 S 148Abduction PlotSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 149Access Relay StationSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 28 V 17Access Temporal ConduitMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 26 V 18Acquire CaptivesLineageVirtual
ST2E 1 U 150Acquire Illicit ExplosivesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 7 U 45Advanced Battle SimulationStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 7 U 46Advanced Combat TrainingStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 28 V 18Agricultural AssessmentMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 2 U 95Aid Clone ColonyEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 15 V 23Aid Legendary CivilizationThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 14 U 51Aid Lost ColonyWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 16 V 28Aid Maritime SovereigntyFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 27 V 6Aid Refugee ColonyTapestryVirtual
ST2E 21 V 14Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash SurvivorInfinite DiversityVirtual
ST2E 34 V 18Alsuran Sector, Utilize Abandoned Relay StationLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 1 U 151Amnesty TalksSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 40 V 21Andoria, Contact Reclusive CivilizationZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 21Andoria, Contact Reclusive CivilizationVirtual
ST2E 3 U 81Archanis DisputeCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 29 V 33Ariannus Passage, Loot Adrift VesselUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 3 S 82Assault on Species 8472Call to ArmsStarter
ST2E 23 V 27Assess ContaminationExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 24 V 20Assimilate StarshipTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 8 U 52Assist Cloaked ShipTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 2 U 96Athos IV, Maquis BaseEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 8 U 53Automated Repair StationTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 2 U 97Avert DangerEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 9 R 5Avert Solar ImplosionDangerous MissionsRare
ST2E 30 V 24Bajor, Blessed of the ProphetsReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 U 152Bajor, Gift of the ProphetsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 39 V 7Ba'ku Planet, Safeguard CivilizationStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 3 S 83Battle ReconnaissanceCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 36 V 16Betazed, Occupy HomeworldA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 36 V 15B'hava'el, Prevent Systemic AnnihilationA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 29 V 34B'omar Sovereignty, Traverse Restricted SpaceUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 15 V 24Breach BarrierThe Undiscovered CountryVirtual
ST2E 34 V 19Briori Sector, Investigate CorrosionLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 2 U 98Brute ForceEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 3 U 84Camping TripCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 30 V 25Cardassia IV, Hold Secret PrisonersReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 U 194Cardassia IV, Rescue PrisonersSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 153Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble WorldSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 10 U 46Caretaker's ArrayCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 2 U 99Cargo HaulEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 1 U 154Cargo RendezvousSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 40 V 22Ceres Ecliptic, Intercept Perceived ThreatZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 22Ceres Ecliptic, Intercept Perceived ThreatVirtual
ST2E 14 U 56Ceti Alpha V, Find Lifeless WorldWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 29 V 35Ceti Alpha V, Forge SettlementUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 1 U 155Changeling ResearchSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 156Chart Stellar ClusterSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 3 U 85Clash at Chin'tokaCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 5 P 21Collapse Anti-Time AnomalyFractured TimePromotion
ST2E 10 U 47Collect Omicron ParticlesCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 1 U 157Collect SampleSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 158Colony PreparationsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 14 U 52Commandeer PrototypeWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 26 V 19Conceal Unlikely SocietyLineageVirtual
ST2E 28 V 19Contact Mysterious BenefactorMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 8 U 54Control PlagueTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 13 U 44Critical CareIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 1 U 159Cure BlightSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 36 V 17Deep Space Station K-7, Monitor Federation CommerceA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 26 V 20Defend Evolutionary LinkLineageVirtual
ST2E 9 R 6Deliver Ancient ArtifactDangerous MissionsRare
ST2E 9 R 7Deliver EvidenceDangerous MissionsRare
ST2E 7 U 47Deliver PrisonersStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 160Deliver SuppliesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 40 V 23Delta Pavonis, Secure ExpansionZero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 23Delta Pavonis, Secure ExpansionVirtual
ST2E 17 V 45Demonstrate Aggressive IntentRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 30 V 26Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial TempleReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 3 U 87Destroy Transwarp HubCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 26 V 21Discard By-ProductLineageVirtual
ST2E 30 V 27Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious StructureReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 S 161Earth, Cradle of the FederationSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 162Earth, Home of Starfleet CommandSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 8 U 55Earth, Humanity's HomeTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 12 U 40Earth, Lush and Beautiful HomeThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 19 V 7Earth, Stop First ContactLegacyVirtual
ST2E 1 U 163Eliminate HarvestersSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 14 U 53Eliminate Sphere NetworkWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 14 U 54Elude Federation ForcesWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 42 V 5Empok Nor, Deadly SalvageDead StopVirtual
ST2E 1 U 164Encounter at FarpointSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 28 V 20Enforce QuarantineMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 8 U 56Escape GulagTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 1 U 165Evacuate ColonySecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 3 U 88Evade Borg VesselCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 3 U 89Evade Dominion SquadronCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 25 V 18Evade Samaritan SnareUnityVirtual
ST2E 24 V 21Evaluate Soliton WaveTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 1 U 166ExcavationSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 14 U 55Expand Business OpportunitiesWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 26 V 22Exploit DroughtLineageVirtual
ST2E 1 S 167Explore Black ClusterSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 17 V 46Explore Extradimensional WorldRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 10 U 48Explore Micro-WormholeCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 3 U 90Expose Changeling InfluenceCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 3 U 91Extract DefectorCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 168ExtractionSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 23 V 28Falsify Distress SignalExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 36 V 18Farius Prime, Approach Criminal OrganizationA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 3 U 100Farius Prime, Political IntrigueCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 169Feldomite RushSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 7 U 48Ferenginar, Financial HubStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 1 S 170Fissure ResearchSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 14 U 57Follow Homing BeaconWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 33 V 26Founders' Homeworld, Contingent RefugeStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 3 S 92Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great LinkCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 25 V 19Fulfill Temporal ParadoxUnityVirtual
ST2E 36 V 19Gamma Erandi, Chart NebulaA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 13 U 45Gateway, Historical ResearchIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 26 V 23Gather InformationLineageVirtual
ST2E 11 PF 14Genesis PlanetGenesisPromotion Foil
ST2E 1 S 171Geological SurveySecond EditionStarter
ST2E 36 V 20Grid 296, Holographic Training FacilityA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 34 V 20Grid 532, Assimilate Species 10026Lower DecksVirtual
ST2E 3 U 93Harness Omega ParticleCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 17 V 47Honor the FallenRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 1 S 172Host Metaphasic Shielding TestSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 36 V 21Hugora Nebula, Border CrossingA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 3 S 94Hunt AlienCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 1 U 173Hunt for DNA ProgramSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 41 V 13Hyralan Sector, Raid FlagshipThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 1 U 174Iconia InvestigationSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 28 V 21Identify Temporal DisturbanceMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 3 U 95Instruct Advanced DroneCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 175Intercept MaquisSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 S 176Intercept RenegadeSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 16 V 29Inversion MysteryFavor the BoldVirtual
ST2E 1 U 177Investigate Alien ProbeSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 10 U 49Investigate Alleged MurderCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 22 V 28Investigate AnachronismPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 1 S 178Investigate CoupSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 13 U 46Investigate DerelictIn A Mirror, DarklyUncommon
ST2E 7 U 49Investigate DestructionStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 2 U 100Investigate Maquis ActivityEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 1 U 179Investigate MassacreSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 22 V 29Investigate RefineryPeak PerformanceVirtual
ST2E 1 S 180Investigate Rogue CometSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 181Investigate RumorsSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 U 182Investigate SightingSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 8 U 57Investigate Stalled ShipTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 10 U 50Investigate Unknown ElementCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 38 V 15Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus GrexHard TimeVirtual
ST2E 36 V 22Jeraddo, Relocate SettlersA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 36 V 23Jupiter, Test Experimental EngineA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 35 V 16Kaleb Sector, Covert RendezvousFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 33 V 27Kar-telos Asteroid Belt, Salvage WreckageStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 38 V 16Kavis Alpha, Research Binary StarHard TimeVirtual
ST2E 34 V 21Kelsid II, Establish SettlementLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 36 V 24Kelvas V, Steal Breen ArmamentA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 1 S 183Khitomer InvestigationSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 30 V 28Kreetassa, Perform Intricate RitualReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 U 184Kressari RendezvousSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 25 V 20Liberate Photonic ServantsUnityVirtual
ST2E 20 V 13Locate Fuel SourceAllegianceVirtual
ST2E 33 V 28Loren III, Combined DiscoveryStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 38 V 17Maranga IV, Ecological CrisisHard TimeVirtual
ST2E 19 V 8Mediate Peace TreatyLegacyVirtual
ST2E 1 U 185Medical ReliefSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 30 V 29Metron Arena, Resolve Standing ConflictReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 U 186Military ExercisesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 2 U 101Mine NebulaEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 23 V 29Mine VendariteExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 1 S 187Mining SurveySecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 S 188Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9Second EditionStarter
ST2E 3 U 96Mouth of the Wormhole, Terok NorCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 12 U 41Navigate Argolis ClusterThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 8 U 58Navigate MinefieldTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 14 U 58Navigate Xindi CorridorWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 35 V 17Nelvana III, Compelling ThreatFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 31 V 27Northwest Passage, Contact Extradimensional SpeciesBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 10 U 51Observe Kazon RitualCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 10 U 52Obtain Advanced TechnologyCaptain's LogUncommon
ST2E 17 V 48Obtain Illegal EmbryosRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 7 U 50Obtain VaccineStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 23 V 30Off-World RaidExtreme MeasuresVirtual
ST2E 34 V 22Orlitus Cluster, Astronomical SurveyLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 3 U 97Pacify Warring FactionsCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 30 V 30Parada II, Expose Security ThreatReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 14 U 59Patrol Neutral ZoneWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 3 U 98Peaceful ContactCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 U 189Pegasus SearchSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 26 V 24Penetrate Enemy LinesLineageVirtual
ST2E 1 U 190Plague PlanetSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 36 V 25Planet 1865-Alpha, Preserve IndividualityA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 3 U 99Plot InvasionCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 8 U 59Practice Orbital ManeuversTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 28 V 22Prevent Historical DisruptionMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 7 U 51Protect the EscapeesStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 17 V 49Protect WormholeRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 28 V 23Provoke Interstellar IncidentMatter of TimeVirtual
ST2E 14 U 60Purchase MoonWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 1 S 191Qo'noS, Heart of the EmpireSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 192Qualor II RendezvousSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 36 V 26Quatal Prime, Quiet Mining ColonyA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 1 U 193Quest for the Sword of KahlessSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 26 V 25Recruit AllyLineageVirtual
ST2E 17 V 50Reestablish Neural CooperativeRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 36 V 27Regula, Exact VengeanceA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 24 V 22Repair Null Space CatapultTacking Into the WindVirtual
ST2E 3 S 101Rescue Prisoners of WarCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 25 V 21Resolve Trade DisputeUnityVirtual
ST2E 3 U 102Restock Ketracel-WhiteCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 14 U 61Restore Errant MoonWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 8 U 60Retrieve MaterielTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 29 V 36Rigel X, Locate Mysterious ContactUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 14 U 62Risa Shore LeaveWhat You Leave BehindUncommon
ST2E 35 V 18Romulus, Patient StrongholdFace of the EnemyVirtual
ST2E 1 S 195Romulus, Seat of PowerSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 U 196Runabout SearchSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 3 S 103Salvage Borg ShipCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 1 U 197Search and RescueSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 1 S 198Search for SurvivorsSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 12 U 42Secure Strategic BaseThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 1 S 199Security BriefingSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 17 V 51Seek SaviorRaise the StakesVirtual
ST2E 1 S 200Sensitive SearchSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 25 V 22Settle Holographic ColonyUnityVirtual
ST2E 30 V 31Sha Ka Ree, Quest for Infinite KnowledgeReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 3 U 105Signal for RescueCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 40 V 24Soltok IV, Transport "Medical Supplies"Zero HourVirtual
ST2E 40 V 24Soltok IV, Transport "Medical Supplies"Virtual
ST2E 3 U 106Stage BombardmentCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 26 V 26Stage Covert FleetLineageVirtual
ST2E 33 V 29Stakoron II, Mine MisziniteStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 33 V 30Stakoron Strait, Patrol Shipping LaneStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 30 V 32Starbase 718, Investigate CryosatelliteReturn to GraceVirtual
ST2E 1 S 201Study Cometary CloudSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 3 U 107Study Rare PhenomenonCall to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 1 S 202Supervise Dilithium MineSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 1 S 203Surgery Under FireSecond EditionStarter
ST2E 8 U 62Survey New WorldTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 3 S 108Survey Star SystemCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 34 V 23System J-25, Premature EncounterLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 34 V 24Tarakis, Repair MemorialLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 33 V 31Teplan Prime, Subjugate PlanetStrange BedfellowsVirtual
ST2E 34 V 25Terikof Belt, Navigate Plasma StormsLower DecksVirtual
ST2E 36 V 28Terra Nova, Reestablish CommunicationsA Time to StandVirtual
ST2E 31 V 28Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creationBalance of TerrorVirtual
ST2E 7 U 53The Last OutpostStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 3 U 109The Siege of AR-558Call to ArmsUncommon
ST2E 3 S 104Torga IV, Salvage Dominion ShipCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 29 V 37Torga IV, Strained NegotiationsUnnatural SelectionVirtual
ST2E 41 V 14Torman V, Conduct "Legitimate" CommerceThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 18 V 18Track SurvivorsThis Side of ParadiseVirtual
ST2E 7 U 52Transport DelegationsStrange New WorldsUncommon
ST2E 8 U 61Traverse Ion StormTo Boldly GoUncommon
ST2E 2 U 102Treat Plague ShipEnergizeUncommon
ST2E 1 U 204Uncover DNA CluesSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 3 S 110Unicomplex, Root of the Hive MindCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 3 S 86Vandros IV, Destroy Iconian GatewayCall to ArmsStarter
ST2E 41 V 15Vandros IV, Restore Iconian GatewayThe Nth DegreeVirtual
ST2E 1 U 205Verify EvidenceSecond EditionUncommon
ST2E 12 U 39Wolf 359, Assimilate ResistanceThese Are The VoyagesUncommon
ST2E 32 V 8Wolf 359, Last Stand20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
ST2E 1 U 206Wormhole NegotiationsSecond EditionUncommon