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ST2E - Completed Tournaments (trekcc)

At this time there are 252 completed ST2E Tournaments stored on openCards (by rules and formats of The Continuing Committee). You can use the form below to find Tournaments by different criterias like e.g. it's TD, city or the country where it takes place - simply klick on "Choose your filter" and use the different filters there, to find a special Tournament you are looking for.

By default the 20 last completed Tournaments are shown here (last completed first).

Sep 4th, 2016Worlds 2016 - Day TwoNicholas YankovecUnited Kingdomimage
Sep 3rd, 2016Worlds 2016 - Day OneNicholas YankovecUnited Kingdomimage
Jul 24th, 2016EC 2016 - Day TwothschAustriaimage
Jul 23rd, 2016EC 2016 - Day OnethschAustriaimage
Sep 27th, 2015Worlds 2015 - Day 2Steve HartmannAustraliaimage
Sep 26th, 2015Worlds 2015 - Day 1Steve HartmannAustraliaimage
Jul 18th, 2015European Continentals 2015 - Day TwothschGermanyimage
Jul 18th, 2015European Continentals 2015 - Day OneTelakGermanyimage
Aug 16th, 2014Worlds 2014 - Day TwoMidnightLichUnited States of Americaimage
Aug 15th, 2014Worlds 2014 - Day OneMidnightLichUnited States of Americaimage
Jul 26th, 2014European Continentals 2014 - Day TwoNicholas YankovecUnited Kingdomimage
Jul 26th, 2014European Continentals 2014 - Day OneNicholas YankovecUnited Kingdomimage
Jul 12th, 20142014 North American Continentals Day TwoJeremy BenedictUnited States of Americaimage
Jul 12th, 2014North American Continentals 2014 - Day 1Jeremy BenedictUnited States of Americaimage
Jun 21st, 2014Kassel Regional 2014TelakGermanyimage
Jun 15th, 2014Hamburger Regional 2014remataklanGermanyimage
May 31st, 2014Nürnberger Regional 2014KaiserKGermanyimage
May 25th, 20142E Regional Bremen 2014-05-25TelakGermanyimage
May 10th, 2014Dessau Regional 2014bashircommanderGermanyimage
Apr 5th, 2014Koblenz Regional 2014TjarkGermanyimage