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ST2E Tournament - "EC 2016 - Day Two"

    This Tournament was announced and operated by openCards user Thomas Schneider (thsch) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Mar 31st, 2016.

    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event EC 2016.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    1AT Stefan Slaby
    if it moves kill it
    VOY iconimage
    2CZ Vladimir Vrbata
    Sixty thousand light years seems a little closer today (than yesterday)
    VOY iconimage
    3DE garetjax
    Patient Battles
    Romulan iconimage
    Klingon iconimage
    5DE Benjamin Liebich
    Your people will look towards the sky and see... hope. I'll take that from them first!
    Romulan iconimage
    Space is the place! 1.1
    VOY iconimage
    7AT Old Kor
    Stop, Don't Move, a tribute to Michael Albrecht
    Dominion iconimage
    Finally ready - EM day 2
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    Date: Jul 24th, 2016
    Category: Continental Championship Finals
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 3 (Continentals)
    Region: Gamma-04
    JAZZLAND - Wien (Vienna) (Austria)
    Location contact: Julius Melhardt (
    Number of participants: 8
    Played Rounds: 7

    Tournament director

    TD: thsch (log in OR create a new account to write TD a private message)

    Invitation text

    EC 2016 - Day Two