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ST2E Tournament - "Worlds 2018 - Day 2"

    This Tournament was announced by openCards user Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Mar 31st, 2018. It was operated as Main-TD by "Kenneth Tufts".

    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event Worlds 2018.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    1AU Greg Dillon
    Romulan Assassins/Discard Lockout Day 2
    Romulan iconimage
    2US Amber Van Breemen
    StarFleet Hazardous Material handling evolved.
    Starfleet iconimage
    3US Michael Van Breemen
    Who Needs Bajor?
    Cardassian iconimage
    4AU Steve Hartmann
    The Pah Wraiths are Borg V4
    Cardassian iconimage
    5AU Garry Dillonunknown icon
    6AU Craig Giblettunknown icon
    7AU Kieren
    Iron Mike Tribute Deck
    TOS iconimage
    8AU Peter Hill
    Peter Hill To Rule in Hell Worlds 2018
    Non-Aligned iconimage


    Date: Oct 14th, 2018
    Category: World Championship Final
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 4 (World Championships)
    Region: Delta-01
    Good Games Burwood - Burwood (Australia)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 8
    Played Rounds: 3

    Tournament director

    TD: Kenneth Tufts

    Invitation text

    2nd Edition World Championships Day 2

    3 rounds - 2nd Edition Standard Single Elimination Bracket Format - no entry fee