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[Face of the Enemy] Face of the Enemy (FotE)

Regular expansion of 45 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2015-11-13).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST2E 35 V 1Anachronistic DeviationVirtualDilemma
ST2E 35 V 2Dumb WaiterVirtualDilemma
ST2E 35 V 3Strength of ArmsVirtualDilemma
ST2E 35 V 4Unsound LogicVirtualDilemma
ST2E 35 V 5Emergency EvacuationVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 6Miracle WorkingVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 7New LifeVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 8Pulling RankVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 9Relief EffortVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 10ResilienceVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 11Suppressed EvidenceVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 12War Without EndVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 13Zalkonian Storage CapsuleVirtualEvent
ST2E 35 V 14Imperial EntanglementsVirtualInterrupt
ST2E 35 V 15Relative DimensionsVirtualInterrupt
ST2E 35 V 16Kaleb Sector, Covert RendezvousVirtualMission
ST2E 35 V 17Nelvana III, Compelling ThreatVirtualMission
ST2E 35 V 18Romulus, Patient StrongholdVirtualMission
ST2E 35 V 19TuroVirtualPersonnelCardassian icon
ST2E 35 V 20BransonVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 21Erik Pressman, Stern AuthoritarianVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 22GarveyVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 23Homn, Lurching ValetVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 24Kurn, Exchange OfficerVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 25Lwaxana Troi, Psychic TutorVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 26MartinezVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 27Nog, Communications RelayVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 28RichardsonVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 29Spock, Maverick DiplomatVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 30St. John Talbot, Embittered ConsulVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 31KayronVirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
ST2E 35 V 32Korrd, Obsolete ConsulVirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 35 V 33KrommVirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
ST2E 35 V 34Caithlin Dar, Innocent ConsulVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 35NavokVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 36RasulVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 37Retaya, Chemical AgentVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 38Stefan DeSeve, Disillusioned Expatriate (first print)VirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 39TagusVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 40Thei, Candid AnalystVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 41VarelVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
ST2E 35 V 42U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Royal RefugeVirtualShipBorg icon
ST2E 35 V 43U.S.S. Defiant, Enduring DefenderVirtualShipFederation icon
ST2E 35 V 44I.K.S. Negh'Var, Imperial FlagshipVirtualShipKlingon icon
ST2E 35 V 45T'Met, Timely ReinforcementVirtualShipRomulan icon

In the intro to every Star Trek television series, no character was ever shown. Space, and the ships that sailed it, took center stage. This was no accident. Ships are central to the Star Trek universe and they have become synonymous with the people that helmed them. The images of the Enterprise, a Romulan Warbird or a Borg Cube leave no doubt in the mind of a viewer what those ships stand for. It is from this certainty that Face of the Enemy emerges. Today we're excited to announce that Face of the Enemy, the thirty-fifth Second Edition expansion, will be released Friday, November 13th, 2015. Face of the Enemy will bring forty-five (45) new virtual cards to players all across the world, and will be legal for constructed play one week after its release, on Friday, November 20th, 2015.

Face of the Enemy, at its core, is about ships – and bringing their diverse characteristics to light. Both Romulans and TNG, the two affiliations getting a refresh in this expansion, have new cards targeting their underused ships. But there is so much more, as the set focuses on underused characteristics like shields, class, staffing, and the Cloaking Device keyword – and that’s only the beginning!

Tyler Fultz [DJstormtrooper], Co-Lead Designer

30th October 2015