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[Fractured Time] Fractured Time (FT)

    Regular expansion of 40 physical cards published by Decipher (2004-10-13).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    ST2E 5 P 1Temporal Misalignment (first print)PromotionDilemma
    ST2E 5 P 2The Clown: Bitter Medicine (first print)PromotionDilemma
    ST2E 5 P 3Tragic Turn (errata / first print)PromotionDilemma
    ST2E 5 P 4Cardassian ProtectoratePromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 5Expand the CollectivePromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 6Heightened PerceptionPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 7Medical TeamsPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 8Noble CausePromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 9Out of OptionsPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 10Quantum IncursionsPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 11Quarantine (errata)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 12Security Drills (first print)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 13Spreading FearPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 14Tampering With Time (errata)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 15Temporal Test SubjectPromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 16The Edge of Forever (errata / first print)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 17The Play's the Thing (first print)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 18Unyielding (first print)PromotionEvent
    ST2E 5 P 19Explicit Orders (first print)PromotionInterrupt
    ST2E 5 P 20Fitting In (first print)PromotionInterrupt
    ST2E 5 P 21Collapse Anti-Time Anomaly (errata / first print)PromotionMission
    ST2E 5 P 22Kira Nerys, The IntendantPromotionPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 5 P 23Kira Taban, Husband and FatherPromotionPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 5 P 24Dukat, Prefect of BajorPromotionPersonnelCardassian icon
    ST2E 5 P 25Elim Garak, First Officer of Terok NorPromotionPersonnelCardassian icon
    ST2E 5 P 26Borath, Subconscious ProjectionPromotionPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 5 P 27Founder Agitator, Elusive AssassinPromotionPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 5 P 28James T. Kirk, Living Legend (errata / first print)PromotionPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 5 P 29Tasha Yar, Tactical Officer (first print)PromotionPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 5 P 30Worf, First Officer (first print)PromotionPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 5 P 31Korath, Duplicitous Tinkerer (errata)PromotionPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST2E 5 P 32Worf, Regent of the AlliancePromotionPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST2E 5 P 33Benjamin Sisko, Outlaw (errata)PromotionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 5 P 34Daniels, Temporal EnforcerPromotionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 5 P 35Miles O'Brien, "Smiley" (first print)PromotionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 5 P 36The Traveler, Transcendent ExplorerPromotionPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 5 P 37Tomalak, Irate CommanderPromotionPersonnelRomulan icon
    ST2E 5 P 38B'tanayPromotionShipBajoran icon
    ST2E 5 P 39Sphere 634PromotionShipBorg icon
    ST2E 5 P 40U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Personal Flagship (first print)PromotionShipFederation icon

    This small set was released in six different collector's boxes similar to those in the Official Tournament Sealed Deck product from First Edition. The affiliations represented on the boxes were Federation, Bajoran, Cardassian, Romulan, Klingon and Dominion. Each box contained the same 40 fixed cards in addition to packs of the first three sets and a random starter box. This product surpassed the OTSD in total price value per card. Several of these premium cards had a major impact on gameplay.