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ST2E - Completed Tournaments (Decipher)

Actual there are 28 completed Tournaments in our database, that have been taken place until 2007-12-31 (by rules and formats of Decipher). To see all Tournaments since 2008-01-01 (by rules and formats of The Continuing Committee) click on the tab "Completed (trekcc)".

You can use the form below to find Tournaments by different criterias like e.g. it's TD, city or the country where it takes place - simply klick on "Choose your filter" and use the different filters there, to find a special Tournament you are looking for.

By default the 20 last completed Tournaments are shown here (last completed first).

Dec 29th, 2007Bremen #51 (Neujahrsturnier)TelakGermany
Dec 15th, 2007Weihnachtsturnier in HofregliasGermany
Dec 15th, 2007Hannover WeihnachtsturnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
Nov 25th, 20072E Farpoint DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
Nov 24th, 2007Dangerous Missions DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
Nov 24th, 20072E Orbital ShiftKaiserKGermany
Nov 24th, 2007Grand Prix 2007palortoffGermanyimageimageimage
Nov 23rd, 2007Mercenary DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
Nov 23rd, 2007Random Affiliation ConstructedJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
Nov 23rd, 2007Team Multiplayer ChampionshipJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
Nov 3rd, 2007Hannover #89Jaglom ShrekGermany
Oct 14th, 2007Celle #92Jaglom ShrekGermany
Oct 7th, 2007Bremen #50TelakGermanyimage
Jul 22nd, 2007EC 2007 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
Jul 21st, 2007EC 2007 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermany
Mar 25th, 2007Bremen #49 (DLM 2007)TelakGermanyimage
Dec 28th, 2006Bremen #48TelakGermany
Dec 17th, 2006Bremen #47 (Weihnachtsturnier)TelakGermanyimage
Sep 17th, 2006Bremen #46TelakGermany
May 28th, 2006Deutsche ST2E Meisterschaften 2006 - FinalsJaglom ShrekGermanyimage