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[Black Rider] Black Rider (BR)

    Regular expansion of 221 physical cards published by Decipher (2005/03/18).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    LotR 12 U 1[?]Argument Ready to HandUncommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 2[?]Belt of EreborUncommonAusrüstungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 3[?]A Clamour of Many VoicesUncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 4[?]DurabilityCommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 5[?]Dwarven Bracers (reprint)UncommonAusrüstungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 6[?]Dwarven SkillCommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 7[?]Dwarven WarriorCommonGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 8[?]His Father's ChargeCommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 R 9[?]Loud and StrongRareBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 R 10[?]No Pauses, No SpillsRareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 11[?]Nobody Tosses a Dwarf (reprint)UncommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 12[?]Proud and AbleUncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 13[?]Sharp DefenseUncommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 14[?]Stalwart SupportUncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 15[?]Thrarin, Smith of EreborUncommonGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 16[?]AttunementCommonEreignisElven icon
    LotR 12 R 17[?]Elrond, Witness to History (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 12 R 18[?]Hadafang (first print)RareAusrüstungElven icon
    LotR 12 R 19[?]Long-knives of Legolas (reprint)RareAusrüstungElven icon
    LotR 12 C 20[?]Orophin, Brother of Haldir (first print)CommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 12 U 21[?]RefugeUncommonBedingungElven icon
    LotR 12 C 22[?]Rúmil, Brother of HaldirCommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 12 U 23[?]SeclusionUncommonEreignisElven icon
    LotR 12 U 24[?]Taking the High GroundUncommonBedingungElven icon
    LotR 12 U 25[?]Betrayal of Isengard (reprint)UncommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 26[?]DiscoveriesRareEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 27[?]Gandalf, The White Rider (first print)RareGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 28[?]Gandalf's HatRareAusrüstungGandalf icon
    LotR 12 U 29[?]IntrospectionUncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 30[?]Járnsmid, Barding Emissary (first print)RareGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 12 C 31[?]Mysterious Wizard (reprint)CommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 12 C 32[?]SalveCommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 12 C 33[?]The Terror of His ComingCommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 12 C 34[?]Traveled LeaderCommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 35[?]Watch and Wait (first print)RareBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 12 U 36[?]With Doom We ComeUncommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 37[?]Come AwayRareBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 12 R 38[?]From Deep in ShadowRareEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 12 U 39[?]Not AloneUncommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 12 C 40[?]There's Another WayCommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 12 U 41[?]Treacherous Little ToadUncommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 12 R 42[?]Blade of Gondor, Sword of BoromirRareAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 12 U 43[?]Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith (reprint)UncommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 44[?]ConcealmentCommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 45[?]Confronting the EyeCommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 46[?]Elendil's ValorCommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 12 R 47[?]Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 12 R 48[?]Faramir's Sword (first print)RareAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 12 U 49[?]Gondorian SteedUncommonAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 12 U 50[?]GuardianUncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 12 U 51[?]InvigoratedUncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 52[?]TirelessCommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 53[?]Valorous LeaderCommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 12 R 54[?]Saruman, Of Many Colours (first print)RareKnechtIsengard icon
    LotR 12 S 55[?]Brutal EasterlingStarterKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 56[?]Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal (first print)RareKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 57[?]Corrupted SpyRareKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 U 58[?]Countless CompaniesUncommonBedingungMen icon
    LotR 12 C 59[?]Covetous EasterlingCommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 C 60[?]Crazed HillmanCommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 C 61[?]Crooked TownsmanCommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 U 62[?]Dunlending ZealotUncommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 U 63[?]Easterling Banner-bearerUncommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 C 64[?]Enraged SouthronCommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 S 65[?]Frenzied DunlendingStarterKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 U 66[?]Gathering StrengthUncommonEreignisMen icon
    LotR 12 C 67[?]Goaded to WarCommonBedingungMen icon
    LotR 12 R 68[?]Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan (first print)RareKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 69[?]Harrying HillmanRareKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 C 70[?]Hemmed InCommonBedingungMen icon
    LotR 12 U 71[?]Last DaysUncommonBedingungMen icon
    LotR 12 R 72[?]Messenger's MountRareAusrüstungMen icon
    LotR 12 S 73[?]The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor (first print)StarterKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 74[?]Mûmak RiderRareKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 75[?]Poisonous WordsRareEreignisMen icon
    LotR 12 U 76[?]Trail of TerrorUncommonBedingungMen icon
    LotR 12 C 77[?]War TridentCommonAusrüstungMen icon
    LotR 12 C 78[?]Wrathful HillmanCommonKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 R 79[?]The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (first print)RareKnechtMoria icon
    LotR 12 R 80[?]Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and ShadowRareArtefaktMoria icon
    LotR 12 R 81[?]Abiding EvilRareEreignisOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 82[?]BarrageRareEreignisOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 83[?]The Beckoning ShadowRareBedingungOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 84[?]Bloodstained FieldCommonEreignisOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 85[?]Cave Troll of Moria, Savage Menace (first print)RareKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 86[?]Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy CudgelRareAusrüstungOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 87[?]Goblin AggressorCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 88[?]Great CostCommonBedingungOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 89[?]Mordor AggressorUncommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 90[?]Morgul Tormentor (first print)UncommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 91[?]Orc Artisan (first print)RareKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 92[?]Orc DregCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 93[?]Orc FootmanCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 94[?]Orc SapperUncommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 95[?]Orc SkulkerCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 96[?]Orc SpearCommonAusrüstungOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 97[?]Orc StrategistUncommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 98[?]Orc TormentorCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 99[?]Pitiless OrcUncommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 100[?]Rallying OrcRareKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 101[?]RetributionRareBedingungOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 102[?]Scavenging GoblinsCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 103[?]Storming the RampartsUncommonEreignisOrc icon
    LotR 12 U 104[?]TauntUncommonEreignisOrc icon
    LotR 12 R 105[?]Troll's Keyward, Keeper of the BeastRareKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 106[?]Vile GoblinCommonKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 C 107[?]Aldred, Éored SoldierCommonGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 108[?]Cast OutRareBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 12 C 109[?]Challenging the Orc-hostCommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 12 C 110[?]Cleaving a PathCommonBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 111[?]CoifRareAusrüstungRohan icon
    LotR 12 U 112[?]Éomer, Éored Leader (first print)UncommonGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 12 S 113[?]Éored WarriorStarterGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 12 C 114[?]For the MarkCommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 12 C 115[?]Golden GlimmerCommonBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 116[?]Haethen, Veteran FighterRareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 12 U 117[?]Léofric, Defender of the MarkUncommonGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 118[?]The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûr (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 12 R 119[?]Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit (first print)RareGefährteShire icon
    LotR 12 R 120[?]DiversionRareEreignisShire icon
    LotR 12 C 121[?]Flotsam and JetsamCommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 12 C 122[?]Home and HearthCommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 C 123[?]Hope is KindledCommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 12 R 124[?]Long Live the HalflingsRareBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 S 125[?]Measure of ComfortStarterBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 S 126[?]No Worse for WearStarterEreignisShire icon
    LotR 12 R 127[?]Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence (reprint)RareGefährteShire icon
    LotR 12 R 128[?]A Promise (reprint)RareBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 R 129[?]Rosie Cotton, BarmaidRareGefährteShire icon
    LotR 12 U 130[?]Simple LivingUncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 U 131[?]Stand TogetherUncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 U 132[?]Sudden FuryUncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 12 S 133[?]Tolman Cotton, Farmer of BywaterStarterGefährteShire icon
    LotR 12 C 134[?]Advancing UrukCommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 135[?]Barbaric UrukUncommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 136[?]Berserker TorchUncommonAusrüstungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 137[?]Breeding Pit ConscriptCommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 138[?]Broken HeirloomUncommonEreignisUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 139[?]Broken in DefeatRareEreignisUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 140[?]Crushing UrukUncommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 141[?]Dark AllianceRareBedingungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 142[?]Merciless UrukCommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 143[?]Quelling ForceCommonEreignisUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 S 144[?]Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (first print)StarterKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 145[?]Shingle in a StormCommonBedingungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 146[?]Strange DeviceCommonEreignisUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 147[?]Suppressing UrukUncommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 148[?]Tempest of WarUncommonBedingungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 149[?]Uruk CommonCommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 150[?]Uruk DecimatorRareKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 S 151[?]Uruk DesecratorStarterKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 S 152[?]Uruk DominatorStarterKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 153[?]Uruk PikemanCommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 154[?]Uruk SlaughtererRareKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 155[?]Uruk Zealot (first print)RareKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 156[?]Uruk-hai GuardRareKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 R 157[?]Uruk-hai TroopRareKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 158[?]Vicious UrukUncommonKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 159[?]Weapon of OpportunityCommonAusrüstungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 C 160[?]Worthy of MordorCommonBedingungUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 U 161[?]Black Rider (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 162[?]Dark Approach (first print)RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 163[?]Dark TemptationRareBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 164[?]Echo of HoovesCommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 165[?]In the Ringwraith's Wake (reprint)UncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 166[?]Lingering ShadowUncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 167[?]Minas Morgul AnswersUncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 168[?]Nazgûl BladeCommonAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 169[?]Sauron's GazeRareBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 170[?]Sense of ObligationUncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 171[?]Shadowy MountRareAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 172[?]Steed of MordorCommonAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 173[?]Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 174[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Black Assassin (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 175[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 176[?]Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 177[?]Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 178[?]Úlairë Nertëa, Black HorsemanCommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 179[?]Úlairë Otsëa, Black SpecterRareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 180[?]Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 181[?]Unending LifeCommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 C 182[?]UnimpededCommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 R 183[?]The Witch-king, Black Lord (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 184[?]The Witch-king's Beast, Fell Creature (first print)UncommonAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 U 185[?]The AngleUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 U 186[?]The Bridge of Khazad-dûmUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 S 187[?]Emyn MuilStarterOrt
    LotR 12 S 188[?]Hill of SightStarterOrt
    LotR 12 S 189[?]Hobbiton MarketStarterOrt
    LotR 12 S 190[?]Northern PelennorStarterOrt
    LotR 12 U 191[?]Shores of Nen HithoelUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 U 192[?]Slopes of OrodruinUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 U 193[?]StarkhornUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 U 194[?]Wold BattlefieldUncommonOrt
    LotR 12 RF 1[?]Elrond, Witness to History (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 12 RF 2[?]Hadafang (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungElven icon
    LotR 12 RF 3[?]Gandalf, The White Rider (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 12 RF 4[?]Faramir, Dunadan of Gondor (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 12 RF 5[?]Faramir's Sword (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 12 RF 6[?]Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 RF 7[?]Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtMen icon
    LotR 12 RF 8[?]The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtMoria icon
    LotR 12 RF 9[?]Cave Troll of Moria, Savage Menace (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 RF 10[?]Orc Artisan (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtOrc icon
    LotR 12 RF 11[?]The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûr (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 12 RF 12[?]Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteShire icon
    LotR 12 RF 13[?]Uruk Zealot (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtUruk-hai icon
    LotR 12 RF 14[?]Dark Approach (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 RF 15[?]Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 RF 16[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Black Assassin (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 RF 17[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 RF 18[?]The Witch-king, Black Lord (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 O 1[?]Gandalf, The White Rider (reprint)Legends FoilGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 12 O 2[?]Faramir, Dunadan of Gondor (reprint)Legends FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 12 O 3[?]Faramir's Sword (reprint)Legends FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 12 O 4[?]The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (reprint)Legends FoilKnechtMoria icon
    LotR 12 O 5[?]Dark Approach (reprint)Legends FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 O 6[?]Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator (reprint)Legends FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 O 7[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Black Assassin (reprint)Legends FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 O 8[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat (reprint)Legends FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 12 O 9[?]The Witch-king, Black Lord (reprint)Legends FoilKnechtRingwraith icon

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