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Gefährte Gefährte card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    LotR 10 U 4Mount Doom (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 5 R 31Battle of Helms Deep (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 12 C 107Black RiderCommonRohan icon
    LotR 6 C 48Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 0 P 58Promotion CardsPromotionGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 81The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 6 R 50Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 17 R 93Rise of Saruman (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 7 P 364The Return of the King (first print)PromotionGondor icon
    LotR 10 R 25Mount Doom (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 11 S 53ShadowsStarterGondor icon
    LotR 4 C 109The Two Towers (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 18 R 38Treachery & DeceitRareGondor icon
    LotR 3 R 38Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 13 O 6Bloodlines (first print)Legends FoilGondor icon
    LotR 1 P 365The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)PromotionGondor icon
    LotR 1 R 89The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 11 R 54
    [error]Aragorn, Striderimage (first print)
    Shadows (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 54The Hunters (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 0 W 6Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 55The Hunters (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 19 P 12Age's EndPromotionGondor icon
    LotR 4 P 364
    [error]Aragorn, Wingfootimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)PromotionGondor icon
    LotR 1 R 30The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 10 U 5Mount Doom (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 3 U 7Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 6 U 13Ents of Fangorn (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 7 R 16The Return of the King (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 3 R 8Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 0 P 63Promotion Cards (first print)PromotionElven icon
    LotR 0 D 16Digital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoElven icon
    LotR 10 R 6Mount Doom (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 13 S 9BloodlinesStarterElven icon
    LotR 19 P 6Age's EndPromotionElven icon
    LotR 15 R 11The HuntersRareElven icon
    LotR 11 U 15Shadows (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 5 U 10Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 17 U 16Rise of SarumanUncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 13 R 142Bloodlines (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 9 R+ 49ReflectionsRare PlusShire icon
    LotR 12 R 119Black Rider (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 5 U 15Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 9 R+ 31ReflectionsRare PlusGondor icon
    LotR 3 P 122Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)PromotionGondor icon
    LotR 19 P 13Age's EndPromotionGondor icon
    LotR 13 S 62BloodlinesStarterGondor icon
    LotR 11 R 57Shadows (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 1 R 96The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 18 R 40Treachery & DeceitRareGondor icon
    LotR 1 U 97The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 0 P 65Promotion CardsPromotionGondor icon
    LotR 14 R 5Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGandalf icon
    LotR 10 R 7Mount Doom (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 13 R 11Bloodlines (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 4 U 264The Two Towers (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 10 R 8Mount Doom (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 7 C 82
    [error]Cirionimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 10 U 26
    [error]Cursed of Erechimage (first print)
    Mount Doom (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 14 R 1Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareDwarven icon
    LotR 15 R 57The HuntersRareGondor icon
    LotR 4 U 114The Two Towers (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 13 C 29BloodlinesCommonGandalf icon
    LotR 10 C 27Mount Doom (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 13 R 64Bloodlines (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 10 R 28Mount Doom (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 18 R 42Treachery & DeceitRareGondor icon
    LotR 7 R 85The Return of the King (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 86The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 R 87
    [error]Derufinimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 7 U 88
    [error]Dervorinimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 14 R 7Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGondor icon
    LotR 14 R 8Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 59The HuntersRareGondor icon
    LotR 9 R+ 3ReflectionsRare PlusDwarven icon
    LotR 1 C 7
    [error]Dwarf Guardimage (first print)
    The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 0 W 2Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualDwarven icon
    LotR 12 C 7Black RiderCommonDwarven icon
    LotR 13 R 65Bloodlines (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 9 R+ 32ReflectionsRare PlusGondor icon
    LotR 7 U 224The Return of the King (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 4 C 265
    [error]Elite Riderimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 14 R 2Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareElven icon
    LotR 14 R 3Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareElven icon
    LotR 7 R 21The Return of the King (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 10 R 9Mount Doom (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 12 R 17Black Rider (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 18 C 9Treachery & DeceitCommonElven icon
    LotR 17 S 7Rise of SarumanStarterElven icon
    LotR 11 S 18ShadowsStarterElven icon
    LotR 15 C 14The HuntersCommonElven icon
    LotR 7 C 226
    [error]Enraged Horsemanimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 6 C 27
    [error]Ent Avengerimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 6 R 28
    [error]Ent Hordeimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 19 P 25Age's EndPromotionRohan icon
    LotR 12 U 112Black Rider (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 0 P 66Promotion Cards (first print)PromotionRohan icon
    LotR 0 D 23Digital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoRohan icon
    LotR 11 U 145ShadowsUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 13 R 123Bloodlines (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 15 R 123The Hunters (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 87Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 17 R 95Rise of SarumanRareRohan icon
    LotR 6 R 92Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 4 C 266The Two Towers (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 7 R 227The Return of the King (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 4 R 267The Two Towers (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 7 P 365The Return of the King (first print)PromotionRohan icon
    LotR 12 S 113Black RiderStarterRohan icon
    LotR 4 R 269The Two Towers (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 5 P 122Battle of Helms Deep (first print)PromotionRohan icon
    LotR 0 W 11Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualRohan icon
    LotR 7 R 228
    [error]Éowyn, Dernhelmimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 10 R 72Mount Doom (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 4 C 270The Two Towers (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 19 P 26Age's EndPromotionRohan icon
    LotR 17 R 96Rise of SarumanRareRohan icon
    LotR 7 C 229The Return of the King (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 13 U 124Bloodlines (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 11 S 146Shadows (first print)StarterRohan icon
    LotR 4 R 271The Two Towers (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 15 R 125The HuntersRareRohan icon
    LotR 4 R 65The Two Towers (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 0 P 59Promotion CardsPromotionRohan icon
    LotR 11 R 30ShadowsRareGandalf icon
    LotR 17 R 28Rise of Saruman (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 4 R 116The Two Towers (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 18 R 48
    [error]Faramir, Captain of Ithilienimage (errata / first print)
    Treachery & Deceit (errata / first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 0 AFD 1Digital cards from Deciphers websiteVirtualGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 34Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 12 R 47Black Rider (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 6 P 121Ents of Fangorn (first print)PromotionGondor icon
    LotR 13 C 66Bloodlines (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 4 C 117The Two Towers (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 90The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 R 91The Return of the King (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 1 C 11The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 11 C 7ShadowsCommonDwarven icon
    LotR 11 U 163Shadows (first print)UncommonShire icon
    LotR 4 C 67The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 4 C 68The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 5 C 17
    [error]Forest Guardianimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 18 R 107Treachery & Deceit (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 4 R 301The Two Towers (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 13 R 149Bloodlines (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 7 C 317The Return of the King (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 19 P 28Age's EndPromotionShire icon
    LotR 5 U 111Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonShire icon
    LotR 0 P 67Promotion CardsPromotionShire icon
    LotR 1 R 289The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 11 S 164ShadowsStarterShire icon
    LotR 2 C 102Mines of Moria (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 10 P 121Mount Doom (first print)PromotionShire icon
    LotR 0 P 27Promotion CardsPromotionShire icon
    LotR 1 C 290The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 4 C 302The Two Towers (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 15 C 144The HuntersCommonShire icon
    LotR 7 R 318The Return of the King (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 2 C 6Mines of Moria (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 9 R+ 14ReflectionsRare PlusElven icon
    LotR 10 R 11Mount Doom (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 13 R 15Bloodlines (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 11 R 147Shadows (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 18 R 99Treachery & DeceitRareRohan icon
    LotR 15 C 126The HuntersCommonRohan icon
    LotR 5 R 82Battle of Helms Deep (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 13 R 33Bloodlines (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 7 C 36The Return of the King (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 1 R 72The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 4 R 89
    [error]Gandalf, Greyhameimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 15Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 11 S 33Shadows (first print)StarterGandalf icon
    LotR 7 R 37The Return of the King (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 6 R 30Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 15 R 29The Hunters (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 17 R 17Rise of SarumanRareGandalf icon
    LotR 0 P 64Promotion Cards (first print)PromotionGandalf icon
    LotR 0 D 17Digital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoGandalf icon
    LotR 2 P 122Mines of Moria (first print)PromotionGandalf icon
    LotR 1 P 364The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)PromotionGandalf icon
    LotR 12 R 27Black Rider (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 4 C 90The Two Towers (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 19 P 8Age's EndPromotionGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 36Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 0 P 56Promotion CardsPromotionGandalf icon
    LotR 14 R 4Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareElven icon
    LotR 9 R+ 15ReflectionsRare PlusElven icon
    LotR 18 R 12Treachery & Deceit (errata)RareElven icon
    LotR 9 R+ 4ReflectionsRare PlusDwarven icon
    LotR 8 C 5Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 1 U 12The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonDwarven icon
    LotR 2 P 121Mines of Moria (first print)PromotionDwarven icon
    LotR 0 P 62Promotion CardsPromotionDwarven icon
    LotR 15 C 5The Hunters (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 7 C 6The Return of the King (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 7 R 7The Return of the King (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 11 U 8ShadowsUncommonDwarven icon
    LotR 4 R 48
    [error]Gimli, Lockbearerimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 13 R 5Bloodlines (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 19 P 2Age's EndPromotionDwarven icon
    LotR 5 R 7Battle of Helms Deep (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 1 R 13The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 18 R 1Treachery & DeceitRareDwarven icon
    LotR 4 C 49The Two Towers (first print)CommonDwarven icon
    LotR 2 R 7Mines of Moria (first print)RareDwarven icon
    LotR 15 R 6The HuntersRareDwarven icon
    LotR 18 R 13Treachery & DeceitRareElven icon
    LotR 9 R+ 16Reflections (first print)Rare PlusElven icon
    LotR 7 C 96
    [error]Gondorian Captainimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 5 C 35
    [error]Gondorian Knightimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 15 C 61The HuntersCommonGondor icon
    LotR 4 C 122
    [error]Gondorian Rangerimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 14 R 6Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGandalf icon
    LotR 7 R 233The Return of the King (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 11 R 10ShadowsRareDwarven icon
    LotR 13 U 67Bloodlines (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 235
    [error]Guthláf, Heraldimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 116Black RiderRareRohan icon
    LotR 14 R 9Middle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGondor icon
    LotR 1 U 48The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 4 C 71The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 15 U 17The Hunters (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 18 R 14Treachery & DeceitRareElven icon
    LotR 15 C 128The HuntersCommonRohan icon
    LotR 13 U 128Bloodlines (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 6 R 94Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 17 R 99Rise of SarumanRareRohan icon
    LotR 15 U 130The HuntersUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 6 U 32
    [error]Host of Fangornimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)UncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 5 C 83
    [error]Household Guardimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 6 C 95Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 11 C 148ShadowsCommonRohan icon
    LotR 9 R  25ReflectionsRareGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 37Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 106
    [error]Ingoldimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 U 107
    [error]Iorlasimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 9 R+ 33ReflectionsRare PlusGondor icon
    LotR 13 U 71Bloodlines (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 18 R 54Treachery & DeceitRareGondor icon
    LotR 12 R 30Black Rider (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 38Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 39Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 5 C 36
    [error]Knight of Gondorimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 30The HuntersRareGandalf icon
    LotR 5 P 121Battle of Helms Deep (first print)PromotionElven icon
    LotR 11 S 21Shadows (first print)StarterElven icon
    LotR 4 R 73The Two Towers (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 4 C 74The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 8 C 10Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 7 R 25The Return of the King (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 15 S 18The Hunters (first print)StarterElven icon
    LotR 1 R 50The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 0 W 3Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualElven icon
    LotR 7 C 26The Return of the King (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 13 R 18Bloodlines (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 15 R 19The Hunters (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 1 U 51The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 19 P 7Age's EndPromotionElven icon
    LotR 3 P 121Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)PromotionElven icon
    LotR 11 R 22Shadows (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 12 U 117Black RiderUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 18 C 22Treachery & DeceitCommonGandalf icon
    LotR 5 R 19Battle of Helms Deep (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 9 R  5ReflectionsRareDwarven icon
    LotR 1 C 53
    [error]Lórien Elfimage (first print)
    The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 4 C 76
    [error]Lórien Guardianimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 13 S 20BloodlinesStarterElven icon
    LotR 4 C 78
    [error]Lórien Swordsmanimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 15 C 63The HuntersCommonGondor icon
    LotR 4 U 127The Two Towers (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 15 U 64The Hunters (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 U 110The Return of the King (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 17 S 30Rise of SarumanStarterGondor icon
    LotR 11 C 62ShadowsCommonGondor icon
    LotR 13 C 132BloodlinesCommonRohan icon
    LotR 1 R 302The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 1 C 303The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 2 C 104Mines of Moria (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 6 R 113Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 17 U 107Rise of SarumanUncommonShire icon
    LotR 4 C 310The Two Towers (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 11 C 168ShadowsCommonShire icon
    LotR 8 P 121Siege of Gondor (first print)PromotionShire icon
    LotR 19 P 29Age's EndPromotionShire icon
    LotR 7 C 320The Return of the King (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 7 R 321
    [error]Merry, Swordthainimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 15 R 149The HuntersRareShire icon
    LotR 4 R 311The Two Towers (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 6 U 22
    [error]Naith Troopimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 6 R 23
    [error]Naith Warbandimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareElven icon
    LotR 8 C 41
    [error]Oathbreakerimage (first print)
    Siege of Gondor (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 4 U 80The Two Towers (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 12 C 20Black Rider (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 17 S 11Rise of SarumanStarterElven icon
    LotR 4 U 81The Two Towers (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 11 R 170Shadows (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 1 C 306The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 8 P 122Siege of Gondor (first print)PromotionShire icon
    LotR 6 R 114Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 1 R 307The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 17 U 109Rise of SarumanUncommonShire icon
    LotR 4 R 313The Two Towers (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 2 C 110
    [error]Pippin, Mr. Tookimage (first print)
    Mines of Moria (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 19 P 30Age's EndPromotionShire icon
    LotR 7 C 323The Return of the King (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 15 C 151The HuntersCommonShire icon
    LotR 7 R 324The Return of the King (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 4 C 314The Two Towers (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 6 C 33Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 15 R 34The Hunters (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 9 R+ 26Reflections (first print)Rare PlusGandalf icon
    LotR 4 C 130The Two Towers (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 115The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 C 116The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 18 C 56Treachery & DeceitCommonGondor icon
    LotR 17 S 33Rise of SarumanStarterGondor icon
    LotR 11 S 65ShadowsStarterGondor icon
    LotR 11 S 152ShadowsStarterRohan icon
    LotR 13 C 133BloodlinesCommonRohan icon
    LotR 4 C 286
    [error]Rider of Rohanimage (first print)
    The Two Towers (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 11 R 154Shadows (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 91
    [error]Rohirrim Armyimage (first print)
    Siege of Gondor (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 7 C 246
    [error]Rohirrim Guardimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 18 C 103Treachery & DeceitCommonRohan icon
    LotR 5 C 90
    [error]Rohirrim Scoutimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 15 U 138The HuntersUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 15 S 139The HuntersStarterRohan icon
    LotR 12 R 129Black RiderRareShire icon
    LotR 12 C 22Black RiderCommonElven icon
    LotR 17 S 12Rise of SarumanStarterElven icon
    LotR 13 R 156Bloodlines (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 1 R 310The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 4 R 315The Two Towers (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 10 P 122Mount Doom (first print)PromotionShire icon
    LotR 15 R 153The HuntersRareShire icon
    LotR 0 W 13Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualShire icon
    LotR 19 P 32Age's EndPromotionShire icon
    LotR 7 C 326The Return of the King (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 5 U 115Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonShire icon
    LotR 2 C 114
    [error]Sam, Proper Poetimage (first print)
    Mines of Moria (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 7 R 327The Return of the King (first print)RareShire icon
    LotR 4 C 316The Two Towers (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 1 C 311The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonShire icon
    LotR 11 U 172Shadows (first print)UncommonShire icon
    LotR 8 R 43
    [error]Shadow Hostimage (first print)
    Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 35The HuntersRareGandalf icon
    LotR 15 U 36The HuntersUncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 13 C 23BloodlinesCommonElven icon
    LotR 15 C 69The HuntersCommonGondor icon
    LotR 9 R  10ReflectionsRareDwarven icon
    LotR 15 R 37The HuntersRareGandalf icon
    LotR 6 R 35
    [error]Skinbark, Fladrifimage (first print)
    Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 45
    [error]Sleepless Deadimage (first print)
    Siege of Gondor (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 7 R 71The Return of the King (first print)RareGollum icon
    LotR 9 R+ 30ReflectionsRare PlusGollum icon
    LotR 7 C 72The Return of the King (first print)CommonGollum icon
    LotR 5 C 28Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonGollum icon
    LotR 19 P 11Age's EndPromotionGollum icon
    LotR 6 C 45Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonGollum icon
    LotR 11 R 51Shadows (first print)RareGollum icon
    LotR 13 U 55BloodlinesUncommonGollum icon
    LotR 5 R 29
    [error]Sméagol, Slinkerimage (first print)
    Battle of Helms Deep (first print)RareGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 27Siege of Gondor (first print)RareGollum icon
    LotR 15 C 49The Hunters (first print)CommonGollum icon
    LotR 17 U 101Rise of SarumanUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 7 C 124
    [error]Targonimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonGondor icon
    LotR 5 U 13Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 4 C 85The Two Towers (first print)CommonElven icon
    LotR 18 R 105
    [error]Théoden, Ednewimage (first print)
    Treachery & Deceit (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 11 U 159ShadowsUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 5 C 93Battle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 7 U 254The Return of the King (first print)UncommonRohan icon
    LotR 4 P 365The Two Towers (first print)PromotionRohan icon
    LotR 17 R 102Rise of Saruman (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 7 R 255The Return of the King (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 4 C 292The Two Towers (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 92Siege of Gondor (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 13 R 137Bloodlines (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 13 R 138Bloodlines (first print)RareRohan icon
    LotR 4 U 86The Two Towers (first print)UncommonElven icon
    LotR 17 R 6Rise of SarumanRareDwarven icon
    LotR 12 U 15Black RiderUncommonDwarven icon
    LotR 12 S 133Black RiderStarterShire icon
    LotR 13 C 77BloodlinesCommonGondor icon
    LotR 0 W 4Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualGandalf icon
    LotR 15 U 38The HuntersUncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 6 C 37Ents of Fangorn (first print)CommonGandalf icon
    LotR 10 R 18Mount Doom (first print)RareGandalf icon
    LotR 5 U 42Battle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonGondor icon
    LotR 15 R 71The HuntersRareGondor icon
    LotR 9 R  11ReflectionsRareDwarven icon
    LotR 7 C 257
    [error]Veteran Horsemanimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)CommonRohan icon
    LotR 7 R 127
    [error]Vorondilimage (first print)
    The Return of the King (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 17 U 104Rise of SarumanUncommonRohan icon
    LotR 18 R 59Treachery & Deceit (first print)RareGondor icon
    LotR 13 C 157BloodlinesCommonShire icon
    LotR 17 U 26Rise of SarumanUncommonGandalf icon
    LotR 11 C 27ShadowsCommonElven icon