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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
LotR 9 R+ 39[?]Library of OrthancReflectionsRare PlusArtefakt
LotR 4 R 174Saruman's Staff, Wizard's DeviceThe Two Towers (first print)RareArtefakt
LotR 13 R 81[?]Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's StaveBloodlinesRareArtefakt
LotR 3 R 67The Palantír of OrthancRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareArtefakt
LotR 4 R 166The Palantír of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-stoneThe Two Towers (first print)RareArtefakt
LotR 17 R 39[?]Throne of IsengardRise of Saruman (first print)RareArtefakt
LotR 3 R 52A Fell Voice on the AirRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 13 R 78[?]Alatar DeceivedBloodlinesRareBedingung
LotR 1 R 120Alive and UnspoiledThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 6 U 58Assault LadderEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 C 137Attack on Helm's DeepThe Two Towers (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 139BanishedThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 5 U 44Battering RamBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 144Burning of WestfoldThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 R 146Come DownThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 147Covering FireThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 2 C 40Demands of the Sackville-BagginsesMines of Moria (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 6 U 61DesertionEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 5 R 49Devilry of OrthancBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 148Down to the Last ChildThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 6 U 63Gnawing, Biting, Hacking, BurningEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 125GreedThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 3 R 54Hollowing of IsengardRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 6 U 64Iron Fist of the OrcEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 157LeechcraftThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 U 159Many RiddlesThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 2 C 44No Business of OursMines of Moria (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 130No Ordinary StormThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 13 U 79[?]Pallando DeceivedBloodlinesUncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 167Pillage of RohanThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 R 168Race Across the MarkThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 13 R 80[?]Radagast DeceivedBloodlinesRareBedingung
LotR 4 U 170Ranks Without NumberThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 171Rest While You CanThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 R 172Rohan Is MineThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 C 133Saruman's AmbitionThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 134Saruman's ChillThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 135Saruman's FrostThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 138Saruman's SnowsThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 5 U 57Scaling LadderBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 5 U 60Siege EngineBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 140Spies of SarumanThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 10 U 35[?]Suffered Much LossMount Doom (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 141Their Arrows EnrageThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 129The Misadventure of Mr. UnderhillThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 3 R 71Tower of OrthancRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 U 142Traitor's VoiceThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 3 U 72Trapped and AloneRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 6 U 75Twisted TalesEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 19 P 17UrgencyAge's EndPromotionBedingung
LotR 1 C 144Uruk BloodlustThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 157Uruk-hai ArmoryThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 159Uruk-hai RampageThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 211Weapons of IsengardThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 4 C 212WearyThe Two Towers (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 213What Did You Discover?The Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 2 U 48Wizard StormMines of Moria (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 5 R 69Wolves of IsengardBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 U 162WorryThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 4 R 215WoundedThe Two Towers (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 3 C 49Abandoning Reason for MadnessRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 140Beyond All HopeThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 C 141Beyond Dark MountainsThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 2 R 39Beyond the Height of MenMines of Moria (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 5 U 48Black Shapes CrawlingBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 C 121Bred for BattleThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 C 122Breeding PitThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 U 143Brought Back AliveThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 3 R 50Can You Protect Me From Yourself?Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 R 123Caradhras Has Not Forgiven UsThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 C 145Cloud of ArrowsThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 3 C 51Coming for the RingRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 124Cruel CaradhrasThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 R 149Driven BackThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 2 U 41Evil AfootMines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 151FerocityThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 6 R 62Fires and Foul FumesEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 U 152Get BackThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 3 U 53Hate and AngerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 U 155Haunting Her StepsThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 U 126Hunt Them Down!The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 156Kill Them NowThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 128Lurtz's Battle CryThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 U 161Men Will FallThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 162New Power RisingThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 R 163No Dawn for MenThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 3 C 63One of You Must Do ThisRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 132ParryThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 9 R  40[?]Sack of the ShireReflectionsRareEreignis
LotR 1 U 136Saruman's PowerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 137Saruman's ReachThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 R 139Savagery to Match Their NumbersThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 3 C 70Servants to SarumanRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 175Still They CameThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 3 U 73The Trees Are StrongRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 2 R 45Too Much AttentionMines of Moria (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 4 U 208VengeanceThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 209Volley FireThe Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 U 161WarinessThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 4 C 210We Are the Fighting Uruk-haiThe Two Towers (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 4 R 214Where Has Gríma Stowed It?The Two Towers (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 5 C 68Wolf-voicesBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 17 R 38[?]Saruman, Servant of SauronRise of SarumanRareGefolgsmann
LotR 4 U 136Advance Uruk PatrolThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 57Agents of OrthancEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 0 W 7Army of IsengardTriumph and Menace SeriesVirtualKnecht
LotR 4 U 138Band of Uruk BowmenThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 60Berserk ButcherEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 U 45Berserk RagerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 R 46Berserk SavageBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 R 47Berserk SlayerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 150Elite CrossbowmenThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 R 50Foul HordeBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 2 C 42Goblin ManMines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 R 51Gríma, Chief CounselorBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 19 P 16Gríma, Servant of Another MasterAge's EndPromotionKnecht
LotR 4 C 153Gríma, Son of GalmódThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 154Gríma, WormtongueThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 C 65Isengard ArtisanEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 U 66Isengard BuilderEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 52Isengard FlankerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 56Isengard ForgerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 67Isengard JourneymanEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 68Isengard MechanicsEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 C 69Isengard PlodderEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 57Isengard RetainerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 53Isengard RiderBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 55Isengard Scout TroopBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 58Isengard ServantRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 59Isengard ShamanRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 60Isengard SmithRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 6 U 70Isengard TenderEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 71Isengard TinkerEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 61Isengard WarriorRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 62Isengard WorkerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 158Lieutenant of OrthancThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 R 127Lurtz, Servant of IsengardThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 160Mauhúr, Patrol LeaderThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 R 64Orc CommanderRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 R 65Orc OverseerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 R 131Orthanc AssassinThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 R 66Orthanc BerserkerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 164Orthanc ChampionThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 165Orthanc WarriorThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 169Ranged CommanderThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 C 72Rohirrim TraitorEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 173Saruman, Black TraitorThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 17 R 37[?]Saruman, Instigator of InsurrectionRise of SarumanRareKnecht
LotR 3 R 68Saruman, Keeper of IsengardRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 0 D 20Saruman, Many-coloured WizardDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
LotR 5 R 56Saruman, Master of Foul FolkBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 12 R 54[?]Saruman, Of Many ColoursBlack Rider (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 C 69Saruman, Servant of the EyeRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 74Sharku, Vile MarauderEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 R 58Sharku, Warg-captainBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 R 143Troop of Uruk-haiThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 176Uglúk, Servant of SarumanThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 178Unferth, Gríma's BodyguardThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 179Uruk Assault BandThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 180Uruk BesiegerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 145Uruk BroodThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 2 R 46Uruk CaptainMines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 181Uruk ChaserThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 183Uruk CrossbowmanThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 182Uruk Crossbow TroopThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 184Uruk DefenderThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 61Uruk EngineerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 185Uruk FanaticThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 146Uruk FighterThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 186Uruk FollowerThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 187Uruk Foot SoldierThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 147Uruk GuardThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 U 202Uruk-hai BandThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 63Uruk-hai BerserkerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 203Uruk-hai HordeThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 204Uruk-hai MarauderThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 205Uruk-hai MobThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 206Uruk-hai PatrolThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 158Uruk-hai Raiding PartyThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 188Uruk HunterThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 148Uruk LieutenantThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 C 149Uruk MessengerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 189Uruk Plains RunnerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 190Uruk PursuerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 150Uruk RagerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 74Uruk RaiderRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 75Uruk RavagerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 191Uruk Rear GuardThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 192Uruk RegularThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 193Uruk RunnerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 62Uruk SapperBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 151Uruk SavageThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 2 C 47Uruk ScoutMines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 U 194Uruk SearcherThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 195Uruk SeekerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 152Uruk ShamanThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 U 153Uruk SlayerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 154Uruk SoldierThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 155Uruk SpyThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 C 197Uruk StalkerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 C 198Uruk StormerThe Two Towers (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 4 R 199Uruk TrooperThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 R 200Uruk VanguardThe Two Towers (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 4 U 201Uruk VeteranThe Two Towers (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 156Uruk WarriorThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 66Warg-masterBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 67Warg-riderBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 59Banner of IsengardEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 4 C 142Broad-bladed SwordThe Two Towers (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 3 C 55Isengard AxeRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 5 U 54Isengard ScimitarBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonAusrüstung
LotR 2 R 43Lurtz's SwordMines of Moria (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 6 U 73ScaffoldingEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonAusrüstung
LotR 5 R 59Sharku's WargBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 4 R 177Uglúk's SwordThe Two Towers (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 1 C 160Uruk-hai SwordThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 4 C 196Uruk SpearThe Two Towers (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 5 C 65WargBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 5 U 64War-wargBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonAusrüstung