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Moria iconLotR cards - faction: Moria

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    Artifact - Condition - Event - Minion - Possession -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    LotR 2 R 50Mines of Moria (first print)RareArtefakt
    LotR 2 R 74Mines of Moria (first print)RareArtefakt
    LotR 12 R 80Black RiderRareArtefakt
    LotR 2 U 54Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 2 C 55Mines of Moria (first print)CommonBedingung
    LotR 3 R 77Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 6 R 77Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 2 U 56Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 173The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 1 R 175The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 1 R 183The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 1 C 192The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
    LotR 1 C 193The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 195The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 1 U 188The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 200The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
    LotR 1 C 196The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 198The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 2 U 71Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 202The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 164The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 76Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 167The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 1 C 168The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 2 R 57Mines of Moria (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 1 R 170The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 2 U 59Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 171The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 78Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 187The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 189The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 3 U 79Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 68Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 2 C 69Mines of Moria (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 70Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 U 194The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 3 R 80Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 1 R 169The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
    LotR 1 C 197The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 72Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 201The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 163The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 2 R 49Mines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 0 W 8Triumph and Menace SeriesVirtualKnecht
    LotR 0 D 8BDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
    LotR 1 R 165The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 2 C 58Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 R 172The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 1 C 174The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 60Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 61Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 176The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 177The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 62Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 63Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 U 178The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 179The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 64Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 U 181The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 65Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 184The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 185The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 1 R 186The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 9 R+ 41ReflectionsRare PlusKnecht
    LotR 2 R 66Mines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 2 U 67Mines of Moria (first print)UncommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 191The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 0 D 21Digital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
    LotR 19 P 19Age's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 19 P 20Age's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 19 P 18Age's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 2 C 51Mines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
    LotR 2 R 52Mines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 6 R 76Ents of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 12 R 79Black Rider (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 1 M 2Oversize CardsPromotionKnecht
    LotR 1 R 199The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 2 R 73Mines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
    LotR 19 P 21Age's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 2 R 53Mines of Moria (first print)RareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 R 166The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 C 180The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonAusrüstung
    LotR 1 C 182The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonAusrüstung
    LotR 1 R 190The Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareAusrüstung