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Moria iconLotR cards - faction: Moria

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    Artifact - Condition - Event - Minion - Possession -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    LotR 2 R 50The Balrog's Sword (first print)Mines of MoriaRareArtefakt
    LotR 2 R 74Whip of Many Thongs (first print)Mines of MoriaRareArtefakt
    LotR 12 R 80[?]Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and ShadowBlack RiderRareArtefakt
    LotR 2 U 54Dark Fire (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonBedingung
    LotR 2 C 55Dark Places (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonBedingung
    LotR 3 R 77Depths of Moria (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsRareBedingung
    LotR 6 R 77Durin's Tower (first print)Ents of FangornRareBedingung
    LotR 2 U 56Fill With Fear (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 173Goblin Armory (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 1 R 175Goblin Domain (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 1 R 183Goblin Swarms (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 1 C 192Pinned Down (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonBedingung
    LotR 1 C 193Plundered Armories (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 195Relics of Moria (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 1 U 188The Long Dark (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 200The Underdeeps of Moria (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 1 C 196They Are Coming (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 198Through the Misty Mountains (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonBedingung
    LotR 2 U 71Throw Yourself in Next Time (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 202What Is This New Devilry? (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonBedingung
    LotR 1 U 164Bitter Hatred (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 76Dangerous Gamble (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 167Denizens Enraged (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 1 C 168Drums in the Deep (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 2 R 57Final Cry (first print)Mines of MoriaRareEreignis
    LotR 1 R 170Fool of a Took! (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 2 U 59Foul Things (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 171Frenzy (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 78Hide and Seek (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 187Host of Thousands (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 189Lost to the Goblins (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 3 U 79Malice (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsUncommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 68Must Do Without Hope (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 2 C 69Old Differences (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 70Power and Terror (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 U 194Relentless (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 3 R 80Such a Little Thing (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsRareEreignis
    LotR 1 R 169The End Comes (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 1 C 197Threat of the Unknown (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 72Troubled Mountains (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 201Unfamiliar Territory (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 163Ancient Chieftain (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareKnecht
    LotR 2 R 49Archer Commander (first print)Mines of MoriaRareKnecht
    LotR 0 W 8Army of MoriaTriumph and Menace SeriesVirtualKnecht
    LotR 0 D 8BCave Troll of Moria, Menace of the UnderdeepsDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
    LotR 1 R 165Cave Troll of Moria, Scourge of the Black Pit (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareKnecht
    LotR 2 C 58Foul Tentacle (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 R 172Goblin Archer (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareKnecht
    LotR 1 C 174Goblin Backstabber (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 60Goblin Bowman (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 61Goblin Flankers (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 176Goblin Marksman (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 177Goblin Patrol Troop (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 62Goblin Pursuer (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 63Goblin Reinforcements (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 U 178Goblin Runner (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 179Goblin Scavengers (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 64Goblin Scrabbler (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 U 181Goblin Sneak (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonKnecht
    LotR 2 C 65Goblin Spearman (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 184Goblin Wallcrawler (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 185Goblin Warrior (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 1 R 186Guard Commander (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareKnecht
    LotR 9 R+ 41[?]Host of Moria, Legion of the UnderdeepsReflectionsRare PlusKnecht
    LotR 2 R 66Huge Tentacle (first print)Mines of MoriaRareKnecht
    LotR 2 U 67Moria Archer Troop (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonKnecht
    LotR 1 C 191Moria Scout (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonKnecht
    LotR 0 D 21Moria SkirmishersDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
    LotR 19 P 19Reaching TentacleAge's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 19 P 20Strong TentacleAge's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 19 P 18The Balrog, Demon of MightAge's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 2 C 51The Balrog, Durin's Bane (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonKnecht
    LotR 2 R 52The Balrog, Flame of Udûn (first print)Mines of MoriaRareKnecht
    LotR 6 R 76The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow (first print)Ents of FangornRareKnecht
    LotR 12 R 79[?]The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm (first print)Black RiderRareKnecht
    LotR 1 M 2[?]The Lord of the Rings, Trading Card GameOversize CardsPromotionKnecht
    LotR 1 R 199Troll's Keyward (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareKnecht
    LotR 2 R 73Watcher in the Water, Keeper of Westgate (first print)Mines of MoriaRareKnecht
    LotR 19 P 21Watcher in the Water, Many-Tentacled CreatureAge's EndPromotionKnecht
    LotR 2 R 53Cave Troll's Chain (first print)Mines of MoriaRareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 R 166Cave Troll's Hammer (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 C 180Goblin Scimitar (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonAusrüstung
    LotR 1 C 182Goblin Spear (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonAusrüstung
    LotR 1 R 190Moria Axe (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareAusrüstung