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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    LotR 1 R 69Albert Dreary, Entertainer From Bree (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareVerbündeter
    LotR 1 U 70Barliman Butterbur,Prancing Pony Proprietor (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonVerbündeter
    LotR 2 C 21Erland, Advisor to Brand (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonVerbündeter
    LotR 2 C 24Hugin, Emissary from Laketown (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonVerbündeter
    LotR 2 R 25Járnsmid, Merchant from Dale (first print)Mines of MoriaRareVerbündeter
    LotR 1 R 80Ottar, Man of Laketown (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareVerbündeter
    LotR 4 R 103Treebeard, Earthborn (first print)The Two TowersRareVerbündeter
    LotR 4 C 104Treebeard, Oldest Living Thing (first print)The Two TowersCommonVerbündeter
    LotR 2 R 22Gandalf's Staff (first print)Mines of MoriaRareArtefakt
    LotR 11 R 34[?]Gandalf's Staff, Ash StaffShadowsRareArtefakt
    LotR 7 R 38[?]Gandalf’s Staff, Focus of Power (first print)The Return of the KingRareArtefakt
    LotR 4 R 91Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick (first print)The Two TowersRareArtefakt
    LotR 3 R 34Narya (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsRareArtefakt
    LotR 0 P 57Radagast's StaffPromotion CardsPromotionArtefakt
    LotR 13 R 36[?]The Palantír of Orthanc, Recovered Seeing StoneBloodlinesRareArtefakt
    LotR 17 U 16[?]Barliman Butterbur, Red-Faced LandlordRise of SarumanUncommonGefährte
    LotR 5 U 15Birchseed, Tall Statesman (first print)Battle of Helms DeepUncommonGefährte
    LotR 14 R 5[?]Brand, King of DaleMiddle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGefährte
    LotR 13 C 29[?]Dasron, Merchant from DorwinionBloodlinesCommonGefährte
    LotR 6 C 27Ent Avenger (first print)Ents of FangornCommonGefährte
    LotR 6 R 28Ent Horde (first print)Ents of FangornRareGefährte
    LotR 11 R 30[?]Erland, Dale CounselorShadowsRareGefährte
    LotR 5 C 17Forest Guardian (first print)Battle of Helms DeepCommonGefährte
    LotR 13 R 33[?]Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation (first print)BloodlinesRareGefährte
    LotR 7 C 36[?]Gandalf, Defender of the West (first print)The Return of the KingCommonGefährte
    LotR 1 R 72Gandalf, Friend of the Shirefolk (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareGefährte
    LotR 4 R 89Gandalf, Greyhame (first print)The Two TowersRareGefährte
    LotR 8 R 15[?]Gandalf, Leader of Men (first print)Siege of GondorRareGefährte
    LotR 11 S 33[?]Gandalf, Leader of the Company (first print)ShadowsStarterGefährte
    LotR 7 R 37[?]Gandalf, Manager of Wizards (first print)The Return of the KingRareGefährte
    LotR 6 R 30Gandalf, Mithrandir (first print)Ents of FangornRareGefährte
    LotR 15 R 29Gandalf, Powerful Guide (first print)The HuntersRareGefährte
    LotR 17 R 17[?]Gandalf, ReturnedRise of SarumanRareGefährte
    LotR 0 D 17Gandalf, StormcrowDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoGefährte
    LotR 0 P 64Gandalf, Stormcrow (first print)Promotion CardsPromotionGefährte
    LotR 2 P 122Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim (first print)Mines of MoriaPromotionGefährte
    LotR 1 P 364Gandalf, The Grey Wizard (first print)The Fellowship of the RingPromotionGefährte
    LotR 12 R 27[?]Gandalf, The White Rider (first print)Black RiderRareGefährte
    LotR 4 C 90Gandalf, The White Wizard (first print)The Two TowersCommonGefährte
    LotR 19 P 8Gandalf, Wise GuideAge's EndPromotionGefährte
    LotR 0 P 56Ghân-buri-Ghân, Chieftain of the WosesPromotion CardsPromotionGefährte
    LotR 14 R 6[?]Grimbeorn, Beorning ChieftainMiddle-earth Delux Draft BoxRareGefährte
    LotR 6 U 32Host of Fangorn (first print)Ents of FangornUncommonGefährte
    LotR 9 R  25[?]HuornReflectionsRareGefährte
    LotR 12 R 30[?]Járnsmid, Barding Emissary (first print)Black RiderRareGefährte
    LotR 15 R 30Leaflock, FinglasThe HuntersRareGefährte
    LotR 18 C 22Librarian, Keeper of Ancient TextsTreachery & DeceitCommonGefährte
    LotR 5 R 19Lindenroot, Elder Shepherd (first print)Battle of Helms DeepRareGefährte
    LotR 6 C 33Quickbeam, Bregalad (first print)Ents of FangornCommonGefährte
    LotR 15 R 34Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents (first print)The HuntersRareGefährte
    LotR 9 R+ 26[?]Radagast, The Brown (first print)ReflectionsRare PlusGefährte
    LotR 15 R 35Shadow of the WoodThe HuntersRareGefährte
    LotR 15 U 36Shepherd of the TreesThe HuntersUncommonGefährte
    LotR 15 R 37Skinbark, Elder EntThe HuntersRareGefährte
    LotR 6 R 35Skinbark, Fladrif (first print)Ents of FangornRareGefährte
    LotR 0 W 4Treebeard, Enemy of the HandTriumph and Menace SeriesVirtualGefährte
    LotR 15 U 38Treebeard, Enraged ShepherdThe HuntersUncommonGefährte
    LotR 6 C 37Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest (first print)Ents of FangornCommonGefährte
    LotR 10 R 18[?]Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood (first print)Mount DoomRareGefährte
    LotR 17 U 26[?]Woodland OnodRise of SarumanUncommonGefährte
    LotR 4 U 88Behold the White Rider (first print)The Two TowersUncommonBedingung
    LotR 3 R 29Betrayal of Isengard (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsRareBedingung
    LotR 10 U 15[?]Brooding on Tomorrow (first print)Mount DoomUncommonBedingung
    LotR 7 C 34[?]Echoes of Valinor (first print)The Return of the KingCommonBedingung
    LotR 6 R 26Enraged (first print)Ents of FangornRareBedingung
    LotR 9 R  24[?]Ent DraughtReflectionsRareBedingung
    LotR 6 C 29Ent Moot (first print)Ents of FangornCommonBedingung
    LotR 13 C 30[?]Fear and Great WonderBloodlinesCommonBedingung
    LotR 2 C 23Gandalf's Wisdom (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonBedingung
    LotR 11 S 32[?]G for GrandShadowsStarterBedingung
    LotR 4 R 94Hearken to Me (first print)The Two TowersRareBedingung
    LotR 18 U 21Last StandTreachery & DeceitUncommonBedingung
    LotR 17 U 21[?]Long-stemmed PipeRise of SarumanUncommonBedingung
    LotR 15 R 31Mellon!The HuntersRareBedingung
    LotR 7 R 44[?]Moment of Respite (first print)The Return of the KingRareBedingung
    LotR 11 U 37[?]New AuthorityShadowsUncommonBedingung
    LotR 8 U 18[?]Not the First Halfling (first print)Siege of GondorUncommonBedingung
    LotR 7 U 45[?]Númenor’s Pride (first print)The Return of the KingUncommonBedingung
    LotR 18 R 24Our TimeTreachery & DeceitRareBedingung
    LotR 18 U 25PerspectiveTreachery & DeceitUncommonBedingung
    LotR 12 C 32[?]SalveBlack RiderCommonBedingung
    LotR 17 R 23[?]Scintillating BirdRise of SarumanRareBedingung
    LotR 9 R  27[?]Sent BackReflectionsRareBedingung
    LotR 18 U 27Ship of SmokeTreachery & DeceitUncommonBedingung
    LotR 7 R 48Stay This Madness (first print)The Return of the KingRareBedingung
    LotR 7 U 49[?]Steadfast Champion (first print)The Return of the KingUncommonBedingung
    LotR 19 P 9Stern WordsAge's EndPromotionBedingung
    LotR 13 C 41[?]Strange MeetingBloodlinesCommonBedingung
    LotR 1 R 79The Nine Walkers (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareBedingung
    LotR 13 R 42[?]Traveler's HomesteadBloodlinesRareBedingung
    LotR 3 U 35Trust Me as You Once Did (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsUncommonBedingung
    LotR 3 C 36Unknown Perils (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonBedingung
    LotR 13 U 43[?]Vapour and Steam (first print)BloodlinesUncommonBedingung
    LotR 12 R 35[?]Watch and Wait (first print)Black RiderRareBedingung
    LotR 4 R 107Windows in a Stone Wall (first print)The Two TowersRareBedingung
    LotR 12 U 36[?]With Doom We ComeBlack RiderUncommonBedingung
    LotR 8 C 14[?]A Fool (first print)Siege of GondorCommonEreignis
    LotR 7 C 31[?]All Save One (first print)The Return of the KingCommonEreignis
    LotR 17 U 15[?]A New LightRise of SarumanUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 87A Wizard Is Never Late (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 15 U 27Be Gone!The HuntersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 6 U 24Boomed and Trumpeted (first print)Ents of FangornUncommonEreignis
    LotR 10 R 14[?]Borne Far Away (first print)Mount DoomRareEreignis
    LotR 7 R 33[?]Citadel to Gate (first print)The Return of the KingRareEreignis
    LotR 6 U 25Crack Into Rubble (first print)Ents of FangornUncommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 30Deep in Thought (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 31Depart Silently (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 12 R 26[?]DiscoveriesBlack RiderRareEreignis
    LotR 5 R 16Down From the Hills (first print)Battle of Helms DeepRareEreignis
    LotR 18 C 19Drawn to Full HeightTreachery & DeceitCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 71Durin's Secret (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 11 U 29[?]Ease the BurdenShadowsUncommonEreignis
    LotR 18 C 20Ents MarchingTreachery & DeceitCommonEreignis
    LotR 11 C 31[?]Final AccountShadowsCommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 32Fireworks (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 7 U 35[?]Fool’s Hope (first print)The Return of the KingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 13 C 32[?]For a While Less DarkBloodlinesCommonEreignis
    LotR 5 R 18Fury of the White Rider (first print)Battle of Helms DeepRareEreignis
    LotR 10 C 16[?]Gathering Wind (first print)Mount DoomCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 R 92Grown Suddenly Tall (first print)The Two TowersRareEreignis
    LotR 17 U 19[?]Guidance of the IstariRise of SarumanUncommonEreignis
    LotR 4 C 93Have Patience (first print)The Two TowersCommonEreignis
    LotR 3 C 33His First Serious Check (first print)Realms of the Elf-LordsCommonEreignis
    LotR 11 C 36[?]InspirationShadowsCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 76Intimidate (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 R 95Into Dark Tunnels (first print)The Two TowersRareEreignis
    LotR 12 U 29[?]IntrospectionBlack RiderUncommonEreignis
    LotR 4 U 96Keep Your Forked Tongue (first print)The Two TowersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 7 U 42[?]King’s Advisor (first print)The Return of the KingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 U 77Let Folly Be Our Cloak (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 8 U 16[?]Let Us Not Tarry (first print)Siege of GondorUncommonEreignis
    LotR 7 R 43[?]Light the Beacons (first print)The Return of the KingRareEreignis
    LotR 4 C 97Long I Fell (first print)The Two TowersCommonEreignis
    LotR 13 U 34[?]Look to My ComingBloodlinesUncommonEreignis
    LotR 8 U 17[?]Mighty Steed (first print)Siege of GondorUncommonEreignis
    LotR 4 C 98Mithrandir, Mithrandir! (first print)The Two TowersCommonEreignis
    LotR 15 U 32Momentous GatheringThe HuntersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 78Mysterious Wizard (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 11 U 38[?]New-awakenedShadowsUncommonEreignis
    LotR 13 C 35[?]No Colour NowBloodlinesCommonEreignis
    LotR 15 U 33One Last Surprise (first print)The HuntersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 18 U 23One-UpsmanshipTreachery & DeceitUncommonEreignis
    LotR 8 U 19[?]On Your Doorstep (first print)Siege of GondorUncommonEreignis
    LotR 10 R 17[?]Out of the High Airs (first print)Mount DoomRareEreignis
    LotR 7 C 46[?]Peace of Mind (first print)The Return of the KingCommonEreignis
    LotR 11 C 39[?]Prolonged StruggleShadowsCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 R 81Questions That Need Answering (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 13 C 39[?]Return to UsBloodlinesCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 82Risk a Little Light (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 U 99Roll of Thunder (first print)The Two TowersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 6 C 34Roused (first print)Ents of FangornCommonEreignis
    LotR 8 R 20[?]Saved From the Fire (first print)Siege of GondorRareEreignis
    LotR 1 R 83Servant of the Secret Fire (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareEreignis
    LotR 7 U 47[?]Sharpen Your Swords (first print)The Return of the KingUncommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 84Sleep, Caradhras (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 2 C 26Speak "Friend" and Enter (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonEreignis
    LotR 2 R 27Staff Asunder (first print)Mines of MoriaRareEreignis
    LotR 1 C 85Strength of Spirit (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 U 101Stump and Bramble (first print)The Two TowersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 4 C 102Task Was Not Done (first print)The Two TowersCommonEreignis
    LotR 7 R 50[?]Terrible and Evil (first print)The Return of the KingRareEreignis
    LotR 7 R 32[?]The Board Is Set (first print)The Return of the KingRareEreignis
    LotR 13 U 31[?]The Flame of AnorBloodlinesUncommonEreignis
    LotR 17 U 25[?]The Sap is in the BoughRise of SarumanUncommonEreignis
    LotR 12 C 33[?]The Terror of His ComingBlack RiderCommonEreignis
    LotR 6 U 36Threw Down My Enemy (first print)Ents of FangornUncommonEreignis
    LotR 12 C 34[?]Traveled LeaderBlack RiderCommonEreignis
    LotR 1 C 86Treachery Deeper Than You Know (first print)The Fellowship of the RingCommonEreignis
    LotR 5 U 20Turn of the Tide (first print)Battle of Helms DeepUncommonEreignis
    LotR 7 C 51[?]Undaunted (first print)The Return of the KingCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 C 105Under the Living Earth (first print)The Two TowersCommonEreignis
    LotR 4 R 106Well Met Indeed (first print)The Two TowersRareEreignis
    LotR 2 U 28Wielder of the Flame (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 4 U 108Wizardry Indeed (first print)The Two TowersUncommonEreignis
    LotR 2 U 30You Cannot Pass! (first print)Mines of MoriaUncommonEreignis
    LotR 13 U 28[?]Alatar, Final EnvoyBloodlinesUncommonGefolgsmann
    LotR 17 R 20[?]Gwaihir, The Windlord (first print)Rise of SarumanRareGefolgsmann
    LotR 17 U 22[?]Meneldor, Misty Mountain EagleRise of SarumanUncommonGefolgsmann
    LotR 13 R 37[?]Pallando, Far-travelling One (first print)BloodlinesRareGefolgsmann
    LotR 13 R 38[?]Radagast, Tender of BeastsBloodlinesRareGefolgsmann
    LotR 1 M 1[?]The Lord of the Rings, Trading Card GameOversize CardsPromotionKnecht
    LotR 18 R 18Beorning Axe (first print)Treachery & DeceitRareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 U 73Gandalf's Cart (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonAusrüstung
    LotR 12 R 28[?]Gandalf's HatBlack RiderRareAusrüstung
    LotR 1 U 74Gandalf's Pipe (first print)The Fellowship of the RingUncommonAusrüstung
    LotR 1 R 75Glamdring (first print)The Fellowship of the RingRareAusrüstung
    LotR 7 R 39[?]Glamdring, Elven Blade (first print)The Return of the KingRareAusrüstung
    LotR 11 R 35[?]Glamdring, Foe-hammer (first print)ShadowsRareAusrüstung
    LotR 6 R 31Glamdring, Lightning Brand (first print)Ents of FangornRareAusrüstung
    LotR 17 R 18[?]Glamdring, Orc Beater (first print)Rise of SarumanRareAusrüstung
    LotR 18 R 26Radagast's Herb Bag (first print)Treachery & DeceitRareAusrüstung
    LotR 4 R 100Shadowfax (first print)The Two TowersRareAusrüstung
    LotR 17 R 24[?]Shadowfax, Greatest of the Mearas (first print)Rise of SarumanRareAusrüstung
    LotR 8 R 21[?]Shadowfax, Greatheart (first print)Siege of GondorRareAusrüstung
    LotR 13 R 40[?]Shadowfax, Roaring WindBloodlinesRareAusrüstung
    LotR 11 U 40[?]Shadowfax, Unequaled SteedShadowsUncommonAusrüstung
    LotR 11 U 28[?]The Art of GandalfShadowsUncommonAusrüstung
    LotR 2 C 29Wizard Staff (first print)Mines of MoriaCommonAusrüstung