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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
LotR 9 R+ 47[?]Ithil StoneReflectionsRare PlusArtefakt
LotR 13 R 141[?]Sceptre of the Dark LordBloodlinesRareArtefakt
LotR 17 R 105[?]Throne of the Dark LordRise of Saruman (first print)RareArtefakt
LotR 10 C 79[?]Barren LandMount Doom (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 8 R 93[?]Called AwaySiege of Gondor (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 5 R 95Dead MarshesBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 R 244Desperate Defense of the RingThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 7 R 268[?]EncirclementThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 7 R 269[?]Fires Raged UncheckedThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 10 C 85[?]Flames WithinMount Doom (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 249Gleaming Spires Will CrumbleThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 7 U 280[?]Great Peril of FireThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 7 U 281[?]Great Siege-towersThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 3 R 91His Cruelty and MaliceRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 5 U 101I'd Make You SqueakBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 253Journey Into DangerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 7 R 283[?]Legions of MorgulThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 5 R 102MorannonBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 R 254Mordor EnragedThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 8 C 104[?]MorgaiSiege of Gondor (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 263Orc BannerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 R 264Orc BowmenThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 3 R 102Our List of Allies Grows ThinRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 6 U 105PerilEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 7 R 308[?]Rally the HostThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 10 U 96[?]Rank and FileMount Doom (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 274Sauron's DefensesThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 7 U 310[?]Sauron’s HatredThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 275Seeking It AlwaysThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 276Seeking Its MasterThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 7 C 313[?]Some Secret Art of FlameThe Return of the King (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 2 U 92Spies of MordorMines of Moria (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 278Strength Born of FearThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 7 R 314[?]Stronghold of Cirith UngolThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 5 U 110Teeth of MordorBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 U 242The Dark Lord's SummonsThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 8 U 107[?]Their Marching CompaniesSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 252The Irresistible ShadowThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 U 260The Number Must Be FewThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonBedingung
LotR 1 R 282The Weight of a LegacyThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 R 279Thin and StretchedThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 3 R 104Tower of Barad-dûrRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 7 C 315[?]Tower WalkwayThe Return of the King (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 7 R 316[?]Troop TowerThe Return of the King (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 1 C 281Under the Watching EyeThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 2 R 94Verily I ComeMines of Moria (first print)RareBedingung
LotR 10 C 103[?]Window of The EyeMount Doom (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 1 C 283You Bring Great EvilThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonBedingung
LotR 7 C 262[?]Above the BattlementThe Return of the King (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 U 251A Host Avails LittleThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 U 239All Thought Bent on ItThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 7 C 263[?]AnguishThe Return of the King (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 10 C 80[?]Beaten BackMount Doom (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 7 R 266[?]BreachedThe Return of the King (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 U 241Curse From MordorThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 243DespairThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 R 245Desperate MeasuresThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 7 R 267[?]Din of ArmsThe Return of the King (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 R 246Enduring EvilThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 R 247Enheartened FoeThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 5 R 96Eye of Barad-dûrBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 1 C 248Forces of MordorThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 3 U 88Get Off the Road!Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 3 U 89Gleaming in the SnowRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 3 C 90Hand of SauronRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 250HateThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 3 U 92Massing in the EastRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 2 C 88Memory of Many ThingsMines of Moria (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 C 255Mordor's StrengthThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 1 R 265Orc ButcheryThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 7 U 309[?]Rope and WinchThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 10 U 98[?]Ruinous HailMount Doom (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 19 P 27Sauron's MightAge's EndPromotionEreignis
LotR 1 C 277Shadow's ReachThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 7 C 312[?]SiegecraftThe Return of the King (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 2 C 91Southern SpiesMines of Moria (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 10 R 100[?]Speak No More to MeMount Doom (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 3 R 103Terrible as the DawnRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 3 C 87The Dark Lord AdvancesRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 2 U 87The Eye of SauronMines of Moria (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 10 U 97[?]The Ring is Mine!Mount Doom (first print)UncommonEreignis
LotR 1 C 273The Ring's OppressionThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonEreignis
LotR 3 R 105Why Shouldn't I Keep It?Realms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareEreignis
LotR 10 R 75[?]Advance CaptainMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 10 C 76[?]Advance MarauderMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 C 77[?]Advance RegularMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 U 78[?]Advance ScoutMount Doom (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 0 W 12Army of SauronTriumph and Menace SeriesVirtualKnecht
LotR 7 U 264[?]Army of UdûnThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 240Band of the EyeThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 10 C 81[?]Cirith Ungol GuardMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 U 82[?]Cirith Ungol PatrollerMount Doom (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 10 U 83[?]Cirith Ungol SentinelMount Doom (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 10 C 84[?]Cirith Ungol SentryMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 99Corpse LightsEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 100Dead OnesEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 101Gate PicketEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 C 102Gate SentryEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 97Gate SoldierBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 R 103Gate TrollEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 C 98Gate TrooperBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 99Gate VeteranBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 8 U 94[?]Gorgoroth AgitatorSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 8 R 95[?]Gorgoroth AssassinSiege of Gondor (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 7 U 270[?]Gorgoroth AttackerThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 271[?]Gorgoroth AxemanThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 8 R 96[?]Gorgoroth BerserkerSiege of Gondor (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 U 97[?]Gorgoroth BreakerSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 272[?]Gorgoroth EngineerThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 273[?]Gorgoroth GarrisonThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 C 86[?]Gorgoroth KeeperMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 8 U 98[?]Gorgoroth LooterSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 R 274[?]Gorgoroth OfficerThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 U 99[?]Gorgoroth PatrolSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 275[?]Gorgoroth PillagerThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 276[?]Gorgoroth RansackerThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 277[?]Gorgoroth SapperThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 8 U 100[?]Gorgoroth ServitorSiege of Gondor (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 278[?]Gorgoroth SoldierThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 8 C 101[?]Gorgoroth StormerSiege of Gondor (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 C 87[?]Gorgoroth SwarmMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 R 279[?]Gorgoroth TroopThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 10 R 88[?]Gothmog, Lieutenant of MorgulMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 C 102[?]Great Hill TrollSiege of Gondor (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 R 100Grishnákh, Orc CaptainBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 7 U 282[?]Host of UdûnThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 R 284[?]Mordor AssassinThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 10 C 90[?]Mordor BruteMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 285[?]Mordor DefenderThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 C 91[?]Mordor FiendMount Doom (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 R 286[?]Mordor FighterThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 7 C 287[?]Mordor GuardThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 U 92[?]Mordor PillagerMount Doom (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 288[?]Mordor RegularThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 289[?]Mordor SavageThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 290[?]Mordor SoldierThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 291[?]Mordor TrooperThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 292[?]Mordor VeteranThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 293[?]Mordor WarriorThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 10 U 93[?]Mordor WretchMount Doom (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 256Morgul HunterThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 0 D 24Morgul PatrolDigital DGMA PromosVirtual PromoKnecht
LotR 1 U 257Morgul SkirmisherThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 U 258Morgul SkulkerThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 R 93Morgul SlayerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 R 259Morgul WardenThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 R 105[?]Olog-hai of MordorSiege of Gondor (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 C 261Orc AmbusherThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 294[?]Orc Archer TroopThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 U 262Orc AssassinThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 295[?]Orc Assault BandThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 296[?]Orc BroodThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 94Orc ButcherRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 R 103Orc CaptainBattle of Helms Deep (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 7 C 298[?]Orc ChaserThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 266Orc ChieftainThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 104Orc CutthroatBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 299[?]Orc DestroyerThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 300[?]Orc FanaticThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 105Orc FighterBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 95Orc GuardRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 U 267Orc HuntersThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 106Orc InfantryBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 268Orc InquisitorThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 U 104Orc InsurgentEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 301[?]Orc MarauderThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 302[?]Orc OfficerThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 U 107Orc PatrolBattle of Helms Deep (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 U 96Orc PillagerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 5 C 108Orc PursuerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 C 304[?]Orc RagerThe Return of the King (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 10 R 94[?]Orc RavagerMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 5 C 109Orc RunnerBattle of Helms Deep (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 305[?]Orc SavageThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 2 C 89Orc ScoutMines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 1 U 270Orc Scouting BandThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 7 R 306[?]Orc SeekerThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 10 R 95[?]Orc SlaughtererMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 U 97Orc SlayerRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 C 271Orc SoldierThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 7 U 307[?]Orc StalkerThe Return of the King (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 3 C 98Orc SwordsmanRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 2 C 90Orc TaskmasterMines of Moria (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 3 R 99Orc TrooperRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 U 100Orc VeteranRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 1 R 272Orc War BandThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 3 C 101Orc WarriorRealms of the Elf-Lords (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 13 R 140[?]Sauron, Dark Lord of MordorBloodlines (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 9 R+ 48[?]Sauron, The Lord of the RingsReflections (first print)Rare PlusKnecht
LotR 10 R 99[?]Shagrat, Captain of Cirith UngolMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 7 R 311[?]Siege CommanderThe Return of the King (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 C 106[?]Siege TroopSiege of Gondor (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 12 R 118[?]The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûrBlack Rider (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 2 R 93Tower AssassinMines of Moria (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 1 U 280Tower LieutenantThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)UncommonKnecht
LotR 10 R 101[?]Troll of Cirith GorgorMount Doom (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 8 R 108[?]Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of SauronSiege of Gondor (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 R 106Troll of UdûnEnts of Fangorn (first print)RareKnecht
LotR 6 C 108Wisp of Pale SheenEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonKnecht
LotR 6 C 98Banner of the EyeEnts of Fangorn (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 7 C 265[?]Besieging PikeThe Return of the King (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 10 R 89[?]Gothmog's WargMount Doom (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 8 R 103[?]Grond, Hammer of the UnderworldSiege of Gondor (first print)RareAusrüstung
LotR 1 C 269Orc ScimitarThe Fellowship of the Ring (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 6 U 107Troll's ChainEnts of Fangorn (first print)UncommonAusrüstung
LotR 10 C 102[?]Uruk AxeMount Doom (first print)CommonAusrüstung
LotR 2 C 95Vile BladeMines of Moria (first print)CommonAusrüstung