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Affiliation Bajoran Affiliation Borg Affiliation Cardassian Affiliation Dominion Affiliation Federation Affiliation Ferengi Affiliation Hirogen Affiliation Kazon Affiliation Klingon Affiliation Neutral Affiliation Non-Aligned Affiliation Romulan Affiliation Starfleet Affiliation Vidiian Affiliation Vulcan 

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Facility - Personnel -

UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarityType
ST1E 30 V 5Amargosa ObservatoryStar Trek 50VirtualFacility
ST1E 3 C 31❖ ColonyQ-ContinuumCommonFacility
ST1E 6 R 36Empok NorThe DominionRareFacility
ST1E 0 P 3❖ Neutral OutpostWarp Pack (first print)PromotionFacility
ST1E 3 R 32Terraforming StationQ-ContinuumRareFacility
ST1E 15 U 91George and GracieThe Motion Pictures (first print)UncommonPersonnel
ST1E 21 V 91LivingstonThe Next GenerationVirtualPersonnel
ST1E 32 V 63Osmotic EelBroken BowVirtualPersonnel
ST1E 17 V 39PorthosLife From Lifelessness (first print)VirtualPersonnel
ST1E 0 UR 13SpotThe Fajo CollectionUltra RarePersonnel