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[Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty] Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty (REF)

    Special set of 114 cards published by Decipher (2000-01-12).

    Overview card types:
    CharacterCreatureDeviceEffectEpic EventInterruptJedi TestMissionStarshipVehicleWeapon
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeFaction
    SW S10 VR 1Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 2Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 3Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 4Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 5Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 6Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 UR 7Ultra RareCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 8Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 9Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 10Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 11Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 12Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 13Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 14Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 15Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 16Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 17Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 SR 18Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 19Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 20Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 21Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 22Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 23Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S10 VR 24Very Rare FoilCreatureDark Side
    SW S10 VR 25Very Rare FoilCreatureDark Side
    SW S10 VR 26Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 27Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 28Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S10 VR 29Very Rare FoilEpic EventDark Side
    SW S10 VR 30Very Rare FoilEpic EventDark Side
    SW S10 VR 31Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S10 VR 32Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S10 SR 33Super Rare FoilMissionDark Side
    SW S10 VR 34Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 35Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 36Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 37Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 38Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 39Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 40Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 41Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 42Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 43Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 44Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 45Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 46Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 47Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 48Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 SR 49Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 50Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S10 VR 51Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 52Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 53Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 54Very Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S10 VR 55Very Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 SR 56Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 VR 57Very Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S10 VR 58Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 59Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 60Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 61Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 62Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 63Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 64Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 65Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 66Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 67Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 68Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 69Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 70Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 71Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 72Ultra RareCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 UR 73Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 74Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 75Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 76Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 77Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 78Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 79Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 80Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 81Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 82Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 83Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 VR 84Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S10 SR 85Very Rare FoilDeviceLight Side
    SW S10 VR 86Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 87Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 88Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 89Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 90Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 91Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 92Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 93Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 94Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S10 VR 95Very Rare FoilEpic EventLight Side
    SW S10 VR 96Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S10 VR 97Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S10 VR 98Very Rare FoilJedi TestLight Side
    SW S10 VR 99Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 100Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 101Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 102Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 103Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 104Very Rare FoilMissionLight Side
    SW S10 VR 105Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 SR 106Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 107Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 108Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 109Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 110Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S10 VR 111Very Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S10 VR 112Very Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S10 VR 113Very Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
    SW S10 VR 114Very Rare FoilWeaponLight Side

    Reflections: A Collector’s Bounty: Released January 12, 2000

    • Booster Packs of 18 cards (MSRP $4.95)
      • 17 completely random cards from Premiere thru Special Edition of all rarity levels
      • 1 foil card exclusive to the Reflections set

    General pack break-down: 3 Special Edition cards, 4 Jabba‟s Palace cards, 3-4 Cloud City cards, 1-2 Limited Premiere cards, 2 Unlimited Premiere cards, the foil card, with final 3 cards being 1 card from A New Hope, Hoth (white border or black bordered) or Dagobah.

    • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs
      • 1 Oversized objective box topper:
        • Mind What You Have Learned/Save You It can
        • Hunt Down And Destroy the Jedi/Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The Universe


    Set Information: 114 Foil Cards

    • 87 Very Rare Foils (44 Dark Side, 43 Light Side)
    • 25 Super Rare Foils (12 Dark Side, 13 Light Side)
    • 2 Ultra Rare Foils (1 Dark Side, 1 Light Side) (each appeared once on only 1 of its 2 respective sheets)
      • Darth Vader
      • Luke Skywalker