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[Theed Palace] Theed Palace (TP)

    Regular expansion of 129 cards published by Decipher (2001-11).

    Overview card types:
    Admiral's OrderCharacterEffectInterruptLocationObjectiveStarshipVehicleWeapon
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW 16  R 1[?]Nothing Can Get Through Our ShielRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW 16  R 2[?]The Deflector Shield Is Too StronRareAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW 16  U 3[?]3B3-1204UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 4[?]3B3-21UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 5[?]3B3-888UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 6[?]3B3-10UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  C 7[?]Battle Droid OfficerCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  C 8[?]Battle Droid PilotCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 9[?]Bok AskolUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 10[?]Captain Daultay DofineRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 11[?]Darth Maul With Lightsaber (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 12[?]Darth Sidious (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  C 13[?]Infantry Battle DroidCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 14[?]Nute Gunray, Neimoidian Viceroy (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 15[?]OOM-9UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 16[?]OWO-1 With BackupRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 17[?]Rayno VacaUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 18[?]Rune Haako, Legal Counsel (first print)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 19[?]Sil UnchUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 20[?]SSA-1015UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  U 21[?]SSA-306UncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 22[?]SSA-719RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  C 23[?]Tank CommanderCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  C 24[?]Activate The DroidsCommonEffectDark Side
    SW 16  R 25[?]After Her!RareEffectDark Side
    SW 16  C 26[?]At Last We Are Getting ResultsCommonEffectDark Side
    SW 16  R 27[?]Droid RacksRareEffectDark Side
    SW 16  U 28[?]Fighters Straight AheadUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 16  R 29[?]Naboo OccupationRareEffectDark Side
    SW 16  C 30[?]Open Fire!CommonEffectDark Side
    SW 16  R 31[?]Senate HovercamRareEffectDark Side
    SW 16  C 32[?]Cease Fire!CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  C 33[?]Drop Your WeaponsCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  C 34[?]Halt!CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  R 35[?]Master, Destroyers!RareInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  R 36[?]Rolling, Rolling, RollingRareInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  C 37[?]Take Them AwayCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  U 38[?]There They Are!UncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  C 39[?]This Is Not GoodCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  U 40[?]Trade Federation TacticsUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  C 41[?]We're Hit, ArtooCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 16  U 42[?]Blockade Flagship: Docking BayUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 16  U 43[?]Naboo: Theed Palace HallwayUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 16  U 44[?]Invasion / In Complete ControlUncommonObjectiveDark Side
    SW 16  R 45[?]Blockade FlagshipRareStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  U 46[?]DFS-1015UncommonStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  R 47[?]DFS-1308RareStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  C 48[?]DFS-327CommonStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  C 49[?]DFS Squadron StarfighterCommonStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  C 50[?]Trade Federation Landing CraftCommonStarshipDark Side
    SW 16  R 51[?]AAT Assault LeaderRareVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  U 52[?]Armored Attack TankUncommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  U 53[?]Multi Troop TransportUncommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  C 54[?]Single Trooper Aerial PlatformCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  R 55[?]TT-6RareVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  R 56[?]TT-9RareVehicleDark Side
    SW 16  U 57[?]AAT Laser CannonUncommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 16  C 58[?]Droid Starfighter Laser CannonsCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 16  C 59[?]Energy Shell LaunchersCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 16  C 60[?]STAP Blaster CannonsCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 16  R 61[?]I'll Try SpinningRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW 16  R 62[?]Let's Go LeftRareAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW 16  R 63[?]Artoo, Brave Little Droid (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 64[?]Boss Nass (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 65[?]Captain TarpalsRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 66[?]Corporal RushingUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 67[?]Dams DennaUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 68[?]General Jar Jar (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  C 69[?]Gungan GeneralCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  C 70[?]Gungan GuardCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 71[?]Jerus JannickUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 72[?]Lieutenant Arven WendikUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 73[?]Lieutenant ChamberlynUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 74[?]Lieutenant Rya KirschUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 75[?]Mace Windu, Jedi Master (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 76[?]Officer DolpheUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 77[?]Officer EllbergerUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 78[?]Officer PeroseiUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 79[?]Panaka, Protector Of The Queen (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 80[?]Queen Amidala (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 81[?]Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber (first print)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  U 82[?]Rep BeenUncommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 83[?]Ric Olie, Bravo LeaderRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  C 84[?]Royal Naboo Security OfficerCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  C 85[?]Get To Your Ships!CommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  C 86[?]Gungan Energy ShieldCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  C 87[?]It's On Automatic Pilot!CommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  R 88[?]Naboo CelebrationRareEffectLight Side
    SW 16  R 89[?]Senate HovercamRareEffectLight Side
    SW 16  C 90[?]Steady, SteadyCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  R 91[?]They Win This RoundRareEffectLight Side
    SW 16  C 92[?]We Didn't Hit ItCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  C 93[?]Wesa Ready To Do Our-sa PartCommonEffectLight Side
    SW 16  U 94[?]Ascension GunsUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  C 95[?]Big Boomers!CommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  R 96[?]Gimme A Lift!RareInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  R 97[?]No Giben Up, General Jar Jar!RareInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  C 98[?]Take This!CommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  R 99[?]We Don't Have Time For ThisRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  C 100[?]Wesa Gotta Grand ArmyCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  C 101[?]Whoooo!CommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 16  U 102[?]Blockade Flagship: Docking BayUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 16  U 103[?]Naboo: Boss Nass's ChambersUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 16  U 104[?]Naboo: Otoh Gunga EntranceUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 16  U 105[?]Naboo: Theed Palace HallwayUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 16  U 106[?]We Have A Plan / They Will Be Lost And ConfusedUncommonObjectiveLight Side
    SW 16  R 107[?]Bravo 1RareStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  U 108[?]Bravo 2UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  U 109[?]Bravo 3UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  U 110[?]Bravo 4UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  U 111[?]Bravo 5UncommonStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  R 112[?]Bravo FighterRareStarshipLight Side
    SW 16  C 113[?]FambaaCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 16  C 114[?]Gian SpeederCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 16  C 115[?]KaaduCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 16  R 116[?]Amidala's BlasterRareWeaponLight Side
    SW 16  C 117[?]BoomaCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 16  C 118[?]Captain Tarpals' ElectropoleCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 16  C 119[?]ElectropoleCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 16  C 120[?]Proton TorpedoesCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 16  R 121[?]Darth Sidious (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 122[?]Nute Gunray, Neimoidian Viceroy (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 123[?]Rune Haako, Legal Counsel (reprint)RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 16  R 124[?]Artoo, Brave Little Droid (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 125[?]Boss Nass (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 126[?]General Jar Jar (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 127[?]Mace Windu, Jedi Master (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 128[?]Panaka, Protector Of The Queen (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 16  R 129[?]Queen Amidala (reprint)RareCharacterLight Side

    Limited Edition Released November 2001

    • Booster Packs (MSRP $3.29): 11 cards (1 Rare card and a mixture of 10 common, uncommon, checklist and rules cards).
    • Booster Box (30 Booster Packs)


    Set Information: 120 cards (60 Light Side and 60 Dark Side) + 2 Rules/Checklist cards

    • 40 Rares, 40 Uncommons, and 40 Commons
    • 2 Checklist/Rules cards (double-sided cards featuring both a checklist and a rules side)
    • 9 Alternate Image cards (replaced the „standard image‟ version approximately 1 out of every 4 times)
      • Darth Sidious
      • Nute Gunray, Neimoidian Viceroy
      • Rune Haako, Legal Counsel
      • Artoo, Brave Little Droid
      • Boss Nass
      • General Jar Jar
      • Mace Windu, Jedi Mater
      • Panaka, Protector Of The Queen
      • Queen Amidala