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Dark Side card list

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    Admiral's Order - Character - Creature - Device - Effect - Epic Event - Interrupt - Location - Objective - Podracer - Starship - Vehicle - Weapon -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    SW 13  R 1[?]Battle DeploymentDeath Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW S14  P 106[?]Black Sun FleetReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 2[?]Fighter CoverDeath Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 3[?]Fighters Coming InDeath Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 4[?]Intensify The Forward BatteriesDeath Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 1[?]Nothing Can Get Through Our ShielTheed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 2[?]The Deflector Shield Is Too StronTheed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 5[?]We're In Attack Position NowDeath Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 10  C 1[?]2X-7KPR (Tooex)Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 6[?]3B3-10Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 3[?]3B3-1204Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 4[?]3B3-21Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 5[?]3B3-888Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 1[?]4-LOMDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 15D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix)Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  C 1[?]AbyssinJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 6[?]Admiral ChiraneauDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 2Admiral MottiPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 4 R1 1[?]Admiral OzzelHoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 13 XR 7[?]Admiral Piett Death Star IIX-RareCharacter
    SW 3 C2 1[?]AdvoszeA New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 2[?]Ak-revSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 1[?]Aks MoeCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 2[?]AmanamanJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 3[?]AmaninJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 3[?]Anoat OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 4[?]AqualishJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 107[?]AricaReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C2 2[?]AT-AT DriverHoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 11  C 1[?]AT-ST PilotEndorCommonCharacter
    SW 14  R 1[?]Aurra SingTatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 5[?]Bane MalarJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 6[?]BaradaJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 8[?]Baron Soontir FelDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 4[?]Barquin D'anSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 2[?]Baskol YeesrimCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 7[?]Battle Droid OfficerTheed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 8[?]Battle Droid PilotTheed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 7[?]BeedoJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 8[?]Bib FortunaJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 101[?]Bib FortunaReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 11  C 2[?]Biker Scout TrooperEndor (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 6  R 1[?]Boba FettCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 5[?]Boba FettSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 102[?]Boba Fett, Bounty HunterReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 10  R 6[?]BoeloSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 9[?]Bok AskolTheed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 2[?]BosskDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 7[?]Brangus GleeSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 6  R 2[?]Captain BewilCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 10[?]Captain Daultay DofineTheed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 108[?]Captain Gilead PellaeonReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 13  U 9[?]Captain GodherdtDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 10[?]Captain JonusDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 U1 2[?]Captain KhurgeeA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 4 U1 3[?]Captain LennoxHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 5  R 3[?]Captain NeedaDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 4[?]Captain PiettHoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 13  R 11[?]Captain SarkliDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 12[?]Captain YorrDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 9[?]ChevinJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 3Chief BastPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 6  R 3[?]Chief RetwinCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 3[?]ChokkCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 8[?]ChylerSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 4[?]Cloud City EngineerCloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 5[?]Cloud City TrooperCloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 13[?]Colonel Davod JonDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 3[?]Colonel DyerEndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 14[?]Colonel JendonDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 4Colonel Wullf YularenPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 5  U 5[?]Commander BrandeiDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 6  U 6[?]Commander DesanneCloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 6[?]Commander GherantDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 4[?]Commander IgarEndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 15[?]Commander MerrejkDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 5  U 7[?]Commander NemetDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 5Commander PrajiPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 5  C 4[?]Comm ChiefDagobah (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 5[?]Corporal AvarikEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 8[?]Corporal DerdramDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 6[?]Corporal DrazinEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 7[?]Corporal DrelosynEndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 9[?]Corporal GrenwickSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 8[?]Corporal MisikEndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 9[?]Corporal OberkEndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 10[?]Corporal PrescottSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 9[?]Corporal VandolayDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 11[?]Corulag OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 4[?]Coruscant GuardCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 10[?]CZ-4Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 3[?]Dannik JerrikoA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  C 12[?]Dantooine OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 4[?]Danz BorinA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 14  R 2[?]DaroeTatooineRareCharacter
    SW 14  R 3[?]Darth MaulTatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  R 11[?]Darth Maul With LightsaberTheed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  R 5[?]Darth Maul, Young ApprenticeCoruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  R 12[?]Darth SidiousTheed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 6Darth VaderPremiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  R 13[?]Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The SithSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 7DathchaPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 15  R 6[?]Daultay DofineCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 5[?]Death Star GunnerA New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 1 C2 8Death Star TrooperPremiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C2 6[?]DefelA New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 5  R 10[?]DengarDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  R 7[?]Destroyer DroidCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 9Djas PuhrPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  U 14[?]Dodo BodonawieedoSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 10Dr. EvazanPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW S14  P 109[?]Dr Evazan & Ponda BabaReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 13  U 16[?]DS-181-3Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 17[?]DS-181-4Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 11DS-61-2Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 1 R1 12DS-61-3Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 3 R2 7[?]DS-61-4A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  R 7[?]E-3P0Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 8[?]Edcel Bar GaneCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 13EG-6 (Eegee-Six)Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 11  C 10[?]Elite Squadron StormtrooperEndor (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 13 UR 18[?]Emperor Palpatine Death Star IIUltra RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 11[?]Ephant MonJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  C 15[?]Eriadu OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 12[?]EV-9D9Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 14Feltipern TrevaggPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 13[?]FozecJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 C2 5[?]FX-10 (Effex-ten)Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 14[?]GailidJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 4[?]Gamall WironiccTatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 15[?]Gamorrean GuardJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 9[?]Gardulla The HuttCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 15GarindanPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  U 16[?]Gela YeensSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 16General TaggePremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 4 R1 6[?]General VeersHoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 14  U 5[?]Ghana GleemortTatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 16[?]GiranJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 6[?]GragraTatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 110[?]Grand Admiral ThrawnReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 1 R1 17Grand Moff TarkinPremiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  U 17[?]GreeataSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 8[?]GreedoA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  R 10[?]Grotto WerribeeCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 111[?]GuriReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 3 R1 9[?]Hem DazonA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 17[?]HeratJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 18[?]Hermi OdleJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 18[?]Iasa, The Traitor Of Jawa CanyonSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 5  R 11[?]IG-88Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  F 19[?]IM4-099Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 3 C2 10[?]Imperial CommanderA New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 C2 7[?]Imperial GunnerHoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 5  C 12[?]Imperial HelmsmanDagobah (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 18Imperial PilotPremiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C3 11[?]Imperial Squad LeaderA New Hope (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 1 C2 19Imperial Trooper GuardPremiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 6  U 8[?]Imperial Trooper Guard DainsomCloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 13[?]Infantry Battle DroidTheed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 12[?]IT-O (Eyetee-Oh)A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  R 20[?]JabbaSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 103[?]Jabba Desilijic TiureReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW S14  P 112[?]Jabba's PrizeReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 20[?]Jabba The HuttJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 19[?]Janus GreejatusDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 11[?]JawaCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 20JawaPremiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 19[?]J'QuilleJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 21[?]Kashyyyk OperativeSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 12[?]Keder The BlackCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 22[?]Kessel OperativeSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 23[?]Kiffex OperativeSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 113[?]Kir KanosReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 21[?]KithabaJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 21Kitik Keed'kakPremiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 22[?]KlaatuJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 22LabriaPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  R 9[?]Lando CalrissianCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 7[?]LatheTatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 11[?]Lieutenant ArnetEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 4 U2 8[?]Lieutenant CabbelHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 6  U 10[?]Lieutenant CeciusCloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 13[?]Lieutenant Commander ArdanDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 20[?]Lieutenant EndicottDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 12[?]Lieutenant GrondEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 21[?]Lieutenant HebslyDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 13[?]Lieutenant RenzEndorRareCharacter
    SW 6  R 11[?]Lieutenant SheckilCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 5  R 14[?]Lieutenant SubaDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 23Lieutenant TanbrisPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 5  U 15[?]Lieutenant VenkaDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 14[?]Lieutenant WattsEndorRareCharacter
    SW 1 C1 24LIN-V8M (Elleyein-Veeateemm)Premiere (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 3 U2 13[?]Lirin Car'nA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  C 24[?]LobelSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 25[?]LobotSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 104[?]Lord MaulReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 13  R 22[?]Lord VaderDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 13[?]Lott DodCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 14[?]Lt. Pol TreidumA New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 3 U1 15[?]Lt. Shann ChildsenA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 10  U 26[?]Lyn MeSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 15[?]Major HewexEndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 16[?]Major MarquandEndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 23[?]Major MiandaDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 24[?]Major RhymerDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 25[?]Major Turr PhennirDeath Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  F 27[?]MakurthSpecial EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 7  R 23[?]MalakiliJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 25M'iiyoom OnithPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 13  R 26[?]Moff JerjerrodDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 16[?]MosepA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 1 U1 26MSE-6 'Mouse' DroidPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 24[?]Murttoc YineJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 27[?]Myn KyneughDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 27MyoPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  C 28[?]Nal Hutta OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 17[?]Navy TrooperEndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 18[?]Navy Trooper FensonEndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  C 19[?]Navy Trooper Shield TechnicianEndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 20[?]Navy Trooper VesdenEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 29[?]NebitSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 14[?]Neimoidian PilotCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 30[?]Niado DuegadSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 25[?]NiktoJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 26[?]Nizuc BekJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 15[?]Nute GunrayCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 14[?]Nute Gunray, Neimoidian ViceroyTheed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 27[?]NysadJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 17[?]Officer EvaxA New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 16  U 15[?]OOM-9Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 31[?]Ord Mantell OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 16[?]Orn Free TaaCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 28[?]OrtuggJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 32[?]OS-72-10Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 33[?]Outer Rim ScoutSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 16[?]OWO-1 With BackupTheed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 17[?]P-59CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 18[?]P-60CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 19[?]Passel ArgenteCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 14  C 8[?]Pit DroidTatooineCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 28Ponda BabaPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 29[?]Pote SnitkinJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 114[?]Prince XizorReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C2 9[?]Probe DroidHoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 1 U1 29ProphetessPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  C 30[?]QuarrenJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 30R1-G4 (Arone-Geefour)Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 34[?]R2-A5Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 C2 18[?]R2-Q2 (Artoo-Kyootoo)A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 R1 19[?]R3-T6 (Arthree-Teesix)A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 1 C2 31R4-M9 (Arfour-Emmnine)Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C2 20[?]R5-A2 (Arfive-Aytoo)A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 14  U 9[?]Rachalt HystTatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 35[?]Raithal OperativeSpecial EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 36[?]RappertunieSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 17[?]Rayno VacaTheed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 21[?]ReegeskA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 31[?]Ree-YeesJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 U1 22[?]Reserve PilotA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 3 C2 23[?]RodianA New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 13  C 28[?]Royal GuardDeath Star IICommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 37[?]RR'uruurrrSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 20[?]Rune HaakoCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 18[?]Rune Haako, Legal CounselTheed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 38[?]RystállSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 32[?]Salacious CrumbJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  F 39[?]SandtrooperSpecial EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 14  R 10[?]SebulbaTatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  C 21[?]Security Battle DroidCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 21[?]Sergeant BarichEndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  U 22[?]Sergeant ElsekEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 23[?]Sergeant IrolEndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 40[?]Sergeant Major BurskSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 41[?]Sergeant Major EnfieldSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 42[?]Sergeant MerrilSpecial EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 43[?]Sergeant NarthaxSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  U 24[?]Sergeant TarlEndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 44[?]Sergeant TorentSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 25[?]Sergeant WallenEndorRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 19[?]Sil UnchTheed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 29[?]Sim AlooDeath Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 14  R 11[?]Sith Probe DroidTatooineRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 33[?]SkrillingJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 115[?]SnoovaReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C3 10[?]SnowtrooperHoth (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 4 C1 11[?]Snowtrooper OfficerHoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 16  U 20[?]SSA-1015Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 21[?]SSA-306Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  R 22[?]SSA-719Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 C3 32StormtrooperPremiere (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 15  P 106[?]Stormtrooper GarrisonReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 10  F 45[?]Swoop MercenarySpecial EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 10  R 46[?]Sy SnootlesSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  C 23[?]Tank CommanderTheed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 34[?]Taym Dren-garenJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 22[?]TC-14CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 24[?]Tech Mo'rA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 15  R 23[?]Televan KoreyyCoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 24[?]Tey HowCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 116[?]The EmperorReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 15  P 105[?]Thok & ThugReflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 35[?]Thul FainJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 6  C 12[?]Tibanna Gas MinerCloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 25[?]TikkesCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 R1 33Tonnika SistersPremiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  U 26[?]Toonbuck TooraCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 36[?]TrandoshanJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R2 25[?]Trooper Davin FelthA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  U 13[?]Trooper Jerrol BlendinCloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 27[?]Tusken RaiderCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 34Tusken RaiderPremiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 R1 26[?]U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio)A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 6  R 14[?]UglosteCloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 6  C 15[?]UgnaughtCloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 47[?]Umpass-staySpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 27[?]URoRRuR'R'RA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  R 48[?]Ur'Ru'rSpecial EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 37[?]VedainJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 38[?]Velken TezeriJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 117[?]VigoReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 39[?]VizamJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 5  U 16[?]Warrant Officer M'KaeDagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 14  R 12[?]WattoTatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 35WED15-1662 'Treadwell' DroidPremiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 3 U2 28[?]WED15-I7 ‘Septoid' DroidA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  C 40[?]Weequay GuardJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 41[?]Weequay HunterJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  U 42[?]Weequay MarksmanJabba’s PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 43[?]Weequay Skiff MasterJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 44[?]WhiphidJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 45[?]WittinJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 46[?]WooofJabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 36WuherPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 15  U 28[?]Yade M'rakCoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 29[?]Yeb Yeb Adem'thornCoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 47[?]YuzzumJabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 17[?]ZuckussDagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 5  C 18[?]Bog-wingDagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 7  U 48[?]BuboJabba’s PalaceUncommonCreature
    SW 3 R2 29[?]DianogaA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Creature
    SW 5  R 19[?]DragonsnakeDagobah (first print)RareCreature
    SW 10  R 49[?]Krayt DragonSpecial EditionRareCreature
    SW 5  C 20[?]MynockDagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 10  R 50[?]One-ArmSpecial EditionRareCreature
    SW 7  R 49[?]RancorJabba’s PalaceRareCreature
    SW 10  F 51[?]Rock WartSpecial EditionFixedCreature
    SW 10  R 52[?]SarlaccSpecial EditionRareCreature
    SW 5  C 21[?]SleenDagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 5  U 22[?]Space SlugDagobah (first print)UncommonCreature
    SW 5  C 23[?]Vine SnakeDagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 4 R2 12[?]WampaHoth (first print)Rare-2Creature
    SW 10  C 53[?]Womp RatSpecial EditionCommonCreature
    SW 6  C 16[?]BindersCloud CityCommonDevice
    SW 1 U1 37Blaster ScopePremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 1 U2 38CallerPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 6  U 17[?]Carbonite Chamber ConsoleCloud CityUncommonDevice
    SW 1 C1 39ComlinkPremiere (first print)Common-1Device
    SW 3 R2 30[?]Death Star Tractor BeamA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW 4 U2 13[?]Deflector Shield GeneratorsHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 1 C2 40Droid DetectorPremiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 4 U1 14[?]Electro-RangefinderHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 10  C 54[?]Floating RefinerySpecial EditionCommonDevice
    SW 1 C2 41Fusion Generator Supply TanksPremiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 10  R 55[?]Homing BeaconSpecial EditionRareDevice
    SW 3 R1 31[?]HypoA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Device
    SW 6  R 18[?]Interrogation ArrayCloud CityRareDevice
    SW 7  U 50[?]Jet PackJabba’s PalaceUncommonDevice
    SW 3 U2 32[?]Laser GateA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 3 R2 33[?]Magnetic Suction TubeA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW 6  R 19[?]Mandalorian ArmorCloud CityRareDevice
    SW 14  C 13[?]Maul's ElectrobinocularsTatooineCommonDevice
    SW 1 U2 42Observation HolocamPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 4 C2 15[?]Portable Fusion GeneratorHoth (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 4 U2 16[?]Probe AntennaeHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 1 C2 43Restraining BoltPremiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 44Stormtrooper BackpackPremiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 45Stormtrooper Utility BeltPremiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 3 U1 34[?]Tractor BeamA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 15  P 108[?]Allegations Of CorruptionReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 107[?]A Useless GestureReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 109[?]Battle OrderReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 110[?]Come Here You Big CowardReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 111[?]CrossfireReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 112[?]Do They Have A Code Clearance?Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 113[?]FanfareReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 114[?]Leave Them To MeReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 115[?]No EscapeReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 116[?]Oppressive EnforcementReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 117[?]ResistanceReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 118[?]Secret PlansReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 119[?]There Is No TryReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 121[?]Weapon Of A SithReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 120[?]We'll Let Fate-a Decide, Huh?Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 122[?]Wipe Them Out, All Of ThemReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 123[?]You Cannot Hide ForeverReflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 124[?]You've Never Won A Race?Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 5  C 24[?]3,720 To 1Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 6  C 20[?]Ability, Ability, AbilityCloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 56[?]A Bright Center To The UniverseSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 6  U 21[?]AbyssCloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 30[?]Accepting Trade Federation ControlCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 16  C 24[?]Activate The DroidsTheed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 57[?]A Day Long RememberedSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 46A Disturbance In The ForcePremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 16  R 25[?]After Her!Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 10  C 58[?]Alert My Star Destroyer!Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 15  U 31[?]Allegations Of CorruptionCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 22[?]All Too EasyCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 7  U 51[?]All Wrapped UpJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 14  R 14[?]A Million Voices Crying OutTatooineRareEffect
    SW 11  U 26[?]An Entire Legion Of My Best TroopsEndorUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 27[?]Aratech CorporationEndorRareEffect
    SW 3 U2 35[?]Astromech ShortageA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 16  C 26[?]At Last We Are Getting ResultsTheed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 5  C 25[?]Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship OutDagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 5  R 26[?]Bad Feeling Have IDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 C2 47Baniss KeegPremiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 10  R 59[?]Bantha HerdSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 11  U 28[?]Battle OrderEndor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 32[?]Battle Order & First StrikeCoruscantRareEffect
    SW 15  U 33[?]Begin Landing Your TroopsCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 3 R2 36[?]BesiegedA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 11  U 29[?]Biker Scout GearEndorUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 48Blast Door ControlsPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 1 U1 49Blaster RackPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 10  U 60[?]Blown ClearSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 27[?]Bombing RunDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 6  C 23[?]BountyCloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 4 U2 17[?]Breached DefensesHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 5  R 28[?]Broken ConcentrationDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 7  U 52[?]Cane AdissJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 6  U 24[?]Carbon-FreezingCloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 30[?]Closed DoorEndorRareEffect
    SW 10  R 61[?]Cloud City OccupationSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 15  P 125[?]Colo Claw FishReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 13  C 30[?]Combat ResponseDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  C 62[?]Come Here You Big Coward!Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 3 C2 37[?]Come With MeA New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 15  P 126[?]Conduct Your SearchReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 5  R 29[?]Corrosive DamageDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 11  R 31[?]CrossfireEndorRareEffect
    SW 6  R 25[?]Dark DealCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 1 U2 50Dark HoursPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 3 R2 38[?]Dark WatersA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 18[?]Death MarkHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 4 U1 19[?]Death SquadronHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 U1 51Death Star SentryPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 7  U 53[?]Den Of ThievesJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 63[?]Desilijic TattooSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 26[?]DespairCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 13  C 31[?]Desperate CounterDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  R 64[?]Destroyed HomesteadSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 52DisarmedPremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  R 34[?]Do They Have A Code Clearance?CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 10  R 65[?]Dreaded Imperial StarfleetSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 16  R 27[?]Droid RacksTheed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 15  U 35[?]Drop!CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 32[?]Early Warning NetworkEndor (first print)RareEffect
    SW 13  U 32[?]Emperor's PowerDeath Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 33[?]Empire's New OrderEndorRareEffect
    SW 13  U 33[?]Endor ShieldDeath Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 127[?]Energy WallsReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  U 36[?]Enter The BureaucratCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 37[?]Establish ControlCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 34[?]Establish Secret BaseEndorRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 53Expand The EmpirePremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  R 30[?]Failure At The CaveDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  C 15[?]FanfareTatooineCommonEffect
    SW 15  P 128[?]Fear Is My AllyReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 1 R2 54Fear Will Keep Them In LinePremiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 5  R 31[?]Field PromotionDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 16  U 28[?]Fighters Straight AheadTheed PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 10  C 66[?]FirepowerSpecial EditionCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 67[?]First StrikeSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 32[?]FlagshipDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 13  R 34[?]Flagship OperationsDeath Star IIRareEffect
    SW 6  R 27[?]Forced LandingCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 C2 20[?]FrostbiteHoth (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 21[?]Frozen DinnerHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  C 33[?]He Is Not ReadyDagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 22[?]High AnxietyHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 14  C 16[?]His Name Is AnakinTatooineCommonEffect
    SW 7  R 54[?]Hutt BountyJabba’s PalaceRareEffect
    SW 3 U1 39[?]Hyperwave ScanA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 6  R 28[?]I Am Your FatherCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 U1 23[?]Ice StormHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 R1 55I Find Your Lack Of Faith DisturbingPremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 29[?]I Had No ChoiceCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 R2 24[?]Image Of The Dark LordHoth (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 11  C 35[?]Imperial Academy TrainingEndorCommonEffect
    SW 11  U 36[?]Imperial Arrest OrderEndor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 38[?]Imperial Arrest Order & Secret PlansCoruscantRareEffect
    SW 6  U 30[?]Imperial DecreeCloud City (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 4 U1 25[?]Imperial DominationHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 3 C2 40[?]Imperial JusticeA New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 10  R 68[?]Imperial PropagandaSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 14  R 18[?]I'm SorryTatooineRareEffect
    SW 13  C 35[?]Inconsequential LossesDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 7  U 55[?]Information ExchangeJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 13  U 36[?]Insignificant RebellionDeath Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 56I've Lost Artoo!Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  R 34[?]I Want That ShipDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  R 17[?]I Will Find Them Quickly, MasterTatooineRareEffect
    SW 10  R 69[?]Jabba's InfluenceSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 U1 57Jawa PackPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 R2 58Juri JuicePremiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 1 C2 59Ket MalissPremiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  C 35[?]Knowledge And DefenseDagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 3 U1 41[?]Krayt Dragon BonesA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 10  R 70[?]Kuat Drive YardsSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 R2 60Lateral DamagePremiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 13  C 37[?]Leave Them To MeDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 5  R 36[?]Location, Location, LocationDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  R 37[?]Lost In SpaceDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 U1 61[?]Luke? Luuuuke!Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 C2 62[?]MacroscanPremiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 3 R2 42[?]Maneuver CheckA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 26[?]Meteor Impact?Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 39[?]Mind Tricks Don't Work On MeCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 13  C 38[?]Mobilization PointsDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 63[?]MolatorPremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 31[?]Mostly ArmlessCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 15  U 40[?]Motion SupportedCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 27[?]Mournful RoarHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  R 38[?]Much Anger In HimDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 16  R 29[?]Naboo OccupationTheed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 14  C 19[?]Ni Chuba Na??TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 71[?]No BargainSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 37[?]Ominous RumorsEndorRareEffect
    SW 15  P 129[?]Opee Sea KillerReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 16  C 30[?]Open Fire!Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 72[?]Oppressive EnforcementSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 64[?]Organa's Ceremonial NecklacePremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 41[?]Our Blockade Is Perfectly LegalCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 13  R 39[?]Overseeing It PersonallyDeath Star IIRareEffect
    SW 11  R 38[?]Perimeter PatrolEndorRareEffect
    SW 11  U 39[?]Pinned DownEndorUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 73[?]Planetary SubjugationSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  U 39[?]Precision TargetingDagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 130[?]Prepare For A Surface AttackReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 1 R1 65[?]Presence Of The ForcePremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  C 74[?]Pride Of The EmpireSpecial EditionCommonEffect
    SW 3 U1 43[?]Program TrapA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 7  C 56[?]Quick ReflexesJabba’s PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 14  U 20[?]Quietly ObservingTatooineUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 66[?]Reactor TerminalPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 10  R 75[?]Rebel Base OccupationSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 11  R 40[?]Relentless TrackingEndorRareEffect
    SW 10  R 76[?]Rendili StarDriveSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 7  U 57[?]ResistanceJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 28[?]Responsibility Of CommandHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  C 32[?]Restricted AccessCloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 10  R 77[?]Return To BaseSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  C 40[?]Rogue AsteroidDagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 13  C 40[?]Royal EscortDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 15  P 131[?]Sando Aqua MonsterReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 7  U 58[?]SandwhirlJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 7  R 59[?]Scum And VillainyJabba’s PalaceRareEffect
    SW 11  U 41[?]Search And DestroyEndorUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 78[?]Secret PlansSpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 42[?]Security PrecautionsEndorRareEffect
    SW 16  R 31[?]Senate HovercamTheed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 67[?]Send A Detachment DownPremiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  U 41[?]Shot In The DarkDagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 10  R 79[?]Sienar Fleet SystemsSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 4 U2 29[?]Silence Is GoldenHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 13  C 41[?]Something Special Planned For ThemDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 6  C 33[?]Special DeliveryCloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 3 R1 44[?]Spice Mines Of KesselA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  R 80[?]Strategic ReservesSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  U 42[?]Sudden ImpactDagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 68[?]SunsdownPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW S14  P 118[?]Sunsdown & Too Cold For SpeedersReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionEffect
    SW 3 C2 45[?]Swilla CoreyA New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 1 R2 69[?]Tactical RecallPremiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 10  U 81[?]Tarkin's BountySpecial EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 10  R 82[?]Tatooine OccupationSpecial EditionRareEffect
    SW 3 C2 46[?]TentacleA New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  R 43[?]The Dark PathDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 6  R 34[?]The Emperor's PrizeCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 15  P 132[?]The Hutts Are GangstersReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  R 42[?]The Phantom MenaceCoruscant (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  C 44[?]There Is No TryDagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW S14  P 119[?]There Is No Try & Oppressive EnforcementReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionEffect
    SW 3 U2 47[?]There'll Be Hell To PayA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 4 U1 30[?]The Shield Doors Must Be ClosedHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 15  P 133[?]They Must Never Again Leave This CityReflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  R 43[?]They Will Be No Match For YouCoruscantRareEffect
    SW 4 R1 31[?]This Is Just WrongHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 44[?]This Is Outrageous!CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 4 U1 32[?]Too Cold For SpeedersHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 3 U2 48[?]UndercoverA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 6  R 35[?]Vader's BountyCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 6  R 36[?]Vader's CapeCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 5  R 45[?]Visage Of The EmperorDagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  C 21[?]Watto's BoxTatooineCommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 33[?]Weapon MalfunctionHoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  U 37[?]Weather VaneCloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 43[?]Well-earned CommandEndorRareEffect
    SW 7  U 60[?]Well GuardedJabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 38[?]We're The BaitCloud CityRareEffect
    SW 14  R 22[?]We Shall Double Our Efforts!TatooineRareEffect
    SW 15  P 134[?]Where Are Those Droidekas?!Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  U 45[?]Wipe Them Out, All Of ThemCoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 70[?]Wrong TurnPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 13  U 42[?]You Cannot Hide ForeverDeath Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 46[?]You Cannot Hide Forever & Mobilization PointsCoruscantRareEffect
    SW 14  R 23[?]You May Start Your LandingTatooineRareEffect
    SW 13  C 43[?]Your DestinyDeath Star IICommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 71[?]Your Eyes Can Deceive YouPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 14  C 24[?]You Want This, Don't You?TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 14  R 25[?]Boonta Eve PodraceTatooineRareEpic Event
    SW 3 R2 49[?]Commence Primary IgnitionA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Epic Event
    SW 6  R 39[?]Epic DuelCloud CityRareEpic Event
    SW 14  U 26[?]If The Trace Was CorrectTatooineUncommonEpic Event
    SW 4 R2 34[?]Target The Main GeneratorHoth (first print)Rare-2Epic Event
    SW 13  R 44[?]That Thing's OperationalDeath Star IIRareEpic Event
    SW 7  U 61[?]Abyssin OrnamentJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 120[?]Abyssin Ornament & Wounded WookieeReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  C 44[?]AccelerateEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 46[?]A Dangerous TimeDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C1 35[?]A Dark Time For The RebellionHoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 40[?]Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg!Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 84[?]All Power To WeaponsSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 47[?]AlterCoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 72[?]AlterPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 121[?]Alter & Collateral DamageReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  R 45[?]Always Thinking With Your StomachEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 47[?]Apology AcceptedDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 83[?]A Real HeroSpecial EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 41[?]Atmospheric AssaultCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 7  C 62[?]Bantha FodderJabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 42[?]Blasted DroidCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 85[?]Blast PointsSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 136[?]Blow ParriedReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 73[?]Boring Conversation AnywayPremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 43[?]Brief Loss Of ControlCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 16  C 32[?]Cease Fire!Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 74[?]Charming To The LastPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 5  C 48[?]Close CallDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 44[?]Cloud City SabaccCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 36[?]Cold FeetHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 37[?]Collapsing CorridorHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 75[?]Collateral DamagePremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 46[?]Combat ReadinessEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 47[?]Compact FirepowerEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 38[?]ComScan DetectionHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  U 48[?]ControlCoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 49[?]ControlDagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 122[?]Control & Set For StunReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 10  C 86[?]Coordinated AttackSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 76[?]Counter AssaultPremiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 48[?]CounterattackEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 87[?]Counter Surprise AssaultSpecial EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 39[?]Crash LandingHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 77[?]Dark CollaborationPremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 78[?]Dark Jedi PresencePremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 79[?]Dark ManeuversPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 123[?]Dark Maneuvers & Tallon RollReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  P 137[?]Dark RageReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 45[?]Dark StrikeCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 49[?]Dead EwokEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 80[?]Dead JawaPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 40[?]Debris ZoneHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 15  P 135[?]Deep HatredReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  C 50[?]Defensive FireDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 124[?]Defensive Fire & Hutt SmoochReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  R 49[?]DioxisCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 41[?]Direct HitHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 11  C 50[?]Don't Move!EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 46[?]Double BackCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 47[?]Double-Crossing, No-Good SwindlerCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 33[?]Drop Your WeaponsTheed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 63[?]Dune Sea SabaccJabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 48[?]E Chu TaCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 51[?]Eee Chu Wawa!EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 81[?]Elis HelrotPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 U1 82[?]Emergency DeploymentPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 52[?]Endor OccupationEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 49[?]End This Destructive ConflictCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 83[?]Evacuate?Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 3 U1 50[?]EvaderA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 125[?]Evader & MonnokReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 4 U2 42[?]ExhaustionHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 43[?]ExposureHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 5  C 51[?]FearDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 88[?]Flawless MarksmanshipSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 50[?]Flight EscortCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 51[?]Focused AttackCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 52[?]Force FieldCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 13  R 45[?]Force LightningDeath Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 15  P 138[?]Force PushReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  U 53[?]Freeze!EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 52[?]FrustrationDagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 84[?]Full Scale AlertPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 44[?]Furry FuryHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 51[?]GhhhkA New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 126[?]Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won't Escape UsReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  C 54[?]Go For Help!EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 85[?]Gravel StormPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 16  C 34[?]Halt!Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 54[?]Heart Of The ChasmCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 89[?]Heavy Fire ZoneSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 45[?]He Hasn't Come Back YetHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 53[?]He's All Yours, Bounty HunterCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 64[?]Hidden WeaponsJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  U 55[?]High-speed TacticsEndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 27[?]Hit RacerTatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 53[?]HoloNet TransmissionDagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 56[?]Hot PursuitEndor (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 55[?]Human ShieldCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 90[?]Hunting PartySpecial EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 65[?]Hutt SmoochJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 91[?]I Can't Shake Him!Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 46[?]I'd Just As Soon Kiss A WookieeHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 86[?]I Have You NowPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 5  U 54[?]ImbalanceDagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 52[?]I'm On The LeaderA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  R 50[?]Imperial ArtilleryCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 88[?]Imperial BarrierPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 89[?]Imperial Code CylinderPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  R 46[?]Imperial CommandDeath Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 90[?]Imperial ReinforcementsPremiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 4 C1 47[?]Imperial SupplyHoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  C 57[?]Imperial TyrannyEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 53[?]InformantA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 92[?]In RangeSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  R 58[?]It's An Older CodeEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 91[?]It's WorsePremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 87[?]I've Got A Problem HerePremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 66[?]Jabba's Palace SabaccJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 93[?]Jabba's Through With YouSpecial EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 94[?]Jabba's TwerpsSpecial EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 28[?]Join Me!TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 51[?]Kill Them ImmediatelyCoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 92[?]Kintan StriderPremiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 15  U 52[?]Lana DobreedCoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 55[?]Lando System?Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 6  U 56[?]Levitation AttackCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 48[?]Lightsaber DeficiencyHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 14  C 29[?]Lightsaber ParryTatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 93[?]Limited ResourcesPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 15  C 53[?]Little Real PowerCoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 94[?]Local TroublePremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 95[?]Lone PilotPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 96[?]Lone WarriorPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 97[?]Look Sir, DroidsPremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 11  U 59[?]Main CourseEndor (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 16  R 35[?]Master, Destroyers!Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 95[?]Masterful MoveSpecial Edition (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 54[?]Masterful Move & Endor OccupationCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 15  R 55[?]Maul StrikesCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 98[?]Moment of TriumphPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 54[?]MonnokA New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  U 56[?]Neimoidian AdvisorCoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 99[?]Nevar YalnalPremiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 55[?]Ng'okA New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  C 57[?]No Civility, Only PoliticsCoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 139[?]No Match For A SithReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 7  C 67[?]None Shall PassJabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 49[?]Oh, Switch OffHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 100[?]Ommni BoxPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 127[?]Ommni Box & It's WorseReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  C 58[?]On The Payroll Of The Trade FederationCoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 56[?]Oo-ta Goo-ta, Solo?A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  C 47[?]Operational As PlannedDeath Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 50[?]Our First Catch Of The DayHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 60[?]OutflankEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 101[?]OverloadPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  C 96[?]OverwhelmedSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 102[?]Physical ChokePremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  U 30[?]Pit CrewsTatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 61[?]Pitiful Little BandEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 31[?]Podracer CollisionTatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 57[?]Point ManCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 103[?]Precise AttackPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  C 48[?]Prepared DefensesDeath Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 58[?]Prepare The ChamberCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 51[?]Probe TelemetryHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 59[?]Projective TelepathyCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 97[?]Put All Sections On AlertSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 140[?]Qui-Gon's EndReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  R 60[?]Release Your AngerCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 98[?]Relentless PursuitSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 56[?]Res Luk Ra'aufDagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 57[?]Retract The BridgeA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 13  R 49[?]Rise, My FriendDeath Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 61[?]Rite Of PassageCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  R 36[?]Rolling, Rolling, RollingTheed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 10  F 99[?]SacrificeSpecial EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 104[?]Scanning CrewPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 62[?]Scout ReconEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 52[?]Scruffy-Looking Nerf HerderHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 53[?]Self-Destruct MechanismHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 15  U 59[?]SenseCoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 105[?]SensePremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 128[?]Sense & Uncertain Is The FutureReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 106[?]Set For StunPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 62[?]Shattered HopeCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 63[?]Shocking RevelationCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 100[?]Short-range FightersSpecial EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 15  R 60[?]Short Range Fighters & Watch Your Back!CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 57[?]Shut Him Up Or Shut Him DownDagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 32[?]Sith FuryTatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 64[?]Slip Sliding AwayCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  C 63[?]Sneak AttackEndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 58[?]SniperA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 129[?]Sniper & Dark StrikeReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  U 58[?]Something Hit Us!Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 65[?]Sonic BombardmentCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 61[?]Squabbling DelegatesCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 14  U 33[?]Start Your Engines!TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 54[?]Stop MotionHoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 59[?]Stunning LeaderA New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  R 101[?]Surface DefenseSpecial EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 66[?]SurpriseCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 55[?]Tactical SupportHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 107[?]TakeelPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 5  C 59[?]Take Evasive ActionDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 37[?]Take Them AwayTheed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 108[?]Tallon RollPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  C 102[?]Tauntaun SkullSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U2 56[?]That's It, The Rebels Are There!Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 109[?]The Circle Is Now CompletePremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  P 141[?]The Ebb Of BattleReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 110[?]The Empire's BackPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 15  C 62[?]The Point Is ConcededCoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 34[?]There Is No ConflictTatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  U 38[?]There They Are!Theed PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 103[?]They're Coming In Too Fast!Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 63[?]They're Still Coming Through!CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 104[?]They've Shut Down The Main ReactorSpecial EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 39[?]This Is Not GoodTheed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 60[?]This Is Some Rescue!A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 67[?]This Is Still WrongCloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 60[?]Those Rebels Won't Escape UsDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 142[?]Through The CorridorReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 68[?]TIE Sentry ShipsCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 68[?]TortureJabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  U 40[?]Trade Federation TacticsTheed PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 57[?]TrampleHoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 7  U 69[?]Trap DoorJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 111[?]Trinto DuabaPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  C 69[?]Trooper AssaultCloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 112[?]Trooper ChargePremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 10  F 105[?]Trooper SabaccSpecial EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 4 C1 58[?]Turn It Off! Turn It Off!Hoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 113[?]Tusken ScavengersPremiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  C 70[?]Twi'lek AdvisorJabba’s Palace (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 61[?]Uncertain Is The FutureDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 62[?]Unexpected InterruptionDagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 15  P 143[?]UnsalvageableReflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 114[?]Utinni!Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  C 35[?]Vader's AngerTatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 115[?]Vader's EyePremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  R 64[?]Vote Now!CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 63[?]VoyeurDagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 59[?]Walker BarrageHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 60[?]Wall Of FireHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 106[?]Watch Your Back!Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 36[?]Watto's Chance CubeTatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 70[?]Weapon LevitationCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 71[?]Weapon Of An Ungrateful SonCloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 61[?]We Have A PrisonerA New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  R 65[?]We Must Accelerate Our PlansCoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 116[?]We're All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner!Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 16  C 41[?]We're Hit, ArtooTheed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 72[?]Why Didn't You Tell Me?Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  R 64[?]Wounded WarriorEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 71[?]Wounded WookieeJabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 61[?]Yaggle GakkleHoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 73[?]You Are BeatenCloud City (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 13  R 50[?]Young FoolDeath Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 117[?]You Overestimate Their ChancesPremiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 65[?]You Rebel ScumEndorRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 118[?]Your Powers Are Weak, Old ManPremiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  U 37[?]You Swindled Me!TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 119[?]AlderaanPremiere (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 5  U 64[?]AnoatDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  C 65[?]Asteroid FieldDagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 6  U 74[?]BespinCloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 6  U 75[?]Bespin: Cloud CityCloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 66[?]Big OneDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 67[?]Big One: Asteroid Cave or Space Slug BellyDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 15  R 66[?]Blockade Flagship: BridgeCoruscantRareLocation
    SW 16  U 42[?]Blockade Flagship: Docking BayTheed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  P 144[?]Blockade Flagship: HallwayReflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 11  U 66[?]CaridaEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 6  U 76[?]Cloud City: Carbonite ChamberCloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 107[?]Cloud City: CasinoSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 6  C 77[?]Cloud City: Chasm WalkwayCloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  R 78[?]Cloud City: Dining RoomCloud CityRareLocation
    SW 10  R 108[?]Cloud City: Downtown PlazaSpecial EditionRareLocation
    SW 6  C 79[?]Cloud City: East Platform (Docking Bay)Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 80[?]Cloud City: IncineratorCloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 109[?]Cloud City: Interrogation RoomSpecial EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  U 81[?]Cloud City: Lower CorridorCloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 110[?]Cloud City: Port Town DistrictSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 6  C 82[?]Cloud City: Security TowerCloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  U 83[?]Cloud City: Upper Plaza CorridorCloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  C 111[?]Cloud City: Upper WalkwaySpecial EditionCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 112[?]Cloud City: West GallerySpecial EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 84[?]CloudsCloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 67[?]CoruscantCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  R 113[?]CoruscantSpecial EditionRareLocation
    SW 15  C 68[?]Coruscant: Docking BayCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 114[?]Coruscant: Docking BaySpecial EditionCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 69[?]Coruscant: Galactic SenateCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  U 115[?]Coruscant: Imperial CitySpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 10  R 116[?]Coruscant: Imperial SquareSpecial EditionRareLocation
    SW 10  U 117[?]DagobahSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 5  R 68[?]Dagobah: CaveDagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 1 U1 120[?]DantooinePremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 3 R2 62[?]Death StarA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 1 U2 121[?]Death Star: Central CorePremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 3 U1 63[?]Death Star: Conference RoomA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 10  C 118[?]Death Star: Detention Block Control RoomSpecial EditionCommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 122[?]Death Star: Detention Block CorridorPremiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 1 C2 123[?]Death Star: Docking Bay 327Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 13  R 51[?]Death Star IIDeath Star IIRareLocation
    SW 13  C 52[?]Death Star II: CapacitorsDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 53[?]Death Star II: Coolant ShaftDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 54[?]Death Star II: Docking BayDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 55[?]Death Star II: Reactor CoreDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  R 56[?]Death Star II: Throne RoomDeath Star IIRareLocation
    SW 1 U1 124[?]Death Star: Level 4 Military CorridorPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 1 U2 125[?]Death Star: War RoomPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 10  F 119[?]DesertSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 11  U 67[?]EndorEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 68[?]Endor: Ancient ForestEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 69[?]Endor: Back DoorEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 70[?]Endor: BunkerEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  R 71[?]Endor: Dark ForestEndorRareLocation
    SW 11  C 72[?]Endor: Dense ForestEndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  U 73[?]Endor: Ewok VillageEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 74[?]Endor: Forest ClearingEndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  C 75[?]Endor: Great ForestEndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  C 76[?]Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay)Endor (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 5  U 69[?]Executor: Comm StationDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 70[?]Executor: Control StationDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 120[?]Executor: Docking BaySpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 5  R 71[?]Executor: HolotheatreDagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 5  C 72[?]Executor: Main CorridorDagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 5  R 73[?]Executor: Meditation ChamberDagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 10  U 121[?]FondorSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 10  F 122[?]ForestSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 13  C 57[?]GallDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 4 U2 62[?]HothHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 63[?]Hoth: Defensive PerimeterHoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 U2 64[?]Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room)Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 U2 65[?]Hoth: Echo CorridorHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 66[?]Hoth: Echo Docking BayHoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 67[?]Hoth: Ice PlainsHoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 68[?]Hoth: North RidgeHoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 R2 69[?]Hoth: Wampa CaveHoth (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 3 R1 64[?]Imperial HolotableA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 7  U 72[?]Jabba's Palace: Audience ChamberJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 73[?]Jabba's Palace: Droid WorkshopJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 74[?]Jabba's Palace: DungeonJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 75[?]Jabba's Palace: Entrance CavernJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 76[?]Jabba's Palace: Rancor PitJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  R 77[?]Jabba's Sail Barge: Passenger DeckJabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 10  F 123[?]JungleSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 3 C1 65[?]KashyyykA New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 1 U2 126[?]KesselPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 3 R1 66[?]KiffexA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  U 124[?]KuatSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 15  U 70[?]MalastareCoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 13  C 58[?]Mon CalamariDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 15  U 71[?]NabooCoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 72[?]Naboo: Battle PlainsCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 73[?]Naboo: SwampCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 74[?]Naboo: Theed Palace CourtyardCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 75[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Docking BayCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  P 145[?]Naboo: Theed Palace GeneratorReflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 15  P 146[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Generator CoreReflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 16  U 43[?]Naboo: Theed Palace HallwayTheed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 76[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Throne RoomCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 7  R 78[?]Nal HuttaJabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 4 C2 70[?]Ord MantellHoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 5  U 74[?]RaithalDagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 3 C1 67[?]RalltiirA New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  F 125[?]RendiliSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 3 R1 68[?]Sandcrawler: Droid JunkheapA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  F 126[?]Spaceport CitySpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 127[?]Spaceport Docking BaySpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 128[?]Spaceport Prefect's OfficeSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 129[?]Spaceport StreetSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 5  C 75[?]Star Destroyer: Launch BayDagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 13  C 59[?]SullustDeath Star IICommonLocation
    SW 10  F 130[?]SwampSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 15  U 77[?]TatooineCoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 127[?]TatooinePremiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 3 R1 69[?]Tatooine: BluffsA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 1 R2 128[?]Tatooine: CantinaPremiere (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 7  C 79[?]Tatooine: DesertJabba’s PalaceCommonLocation
    SW 14  R 38[?]Tatooine: Desert Landing SiteTatooineRareLocation
    SW 1 C2 129[?]Tatooine: Docking Bay 94Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 7  U 80[?]Tatooine: Great Pit Of CarkoonJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 81[?]Tatooine: Jabba's PalaceJabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 130[?]Tatooine: Jawa CampPremiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  U 131[?]Tatooine: Jawa CanyonSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 131[?]Tatooine: Jundland WastesPremiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  F 132[?]Tatooine: Krayt Dragon PassSpecial EditionFixedLocation
    SW 1 U2 132[?]Tatooine: Lars' Moisture FarmPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 15  C 78[?]Tatooine: MarketplaceCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 133[?]Tatooine: Mos EisleyPremiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 14  C 39[?]Tatooine: Mos EspaTatooineCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 79[?]Tatooine: Mos Espa Docking BayCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 14  C 40[?]Tatooine: Podrace ArenaTatooineCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 80[?]Tatooine: Watto's JunkyardCoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  U 133[?]WakeelmuiSpecial EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 134[?]Yavin 4Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 C2 135[?]Yavin 4: Docking BayPremiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 U2 136[?]Yavin 4: JunglePremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW S14  P 130[?]Agents of Black Sun / Vengeance Of The Dark PrinceReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionObjective
    SW 13  R 60[?]Bring Him Before Me/Take Your Father's PlaceDeath Star IIRareObjective
    SW 10  R 134[?]Carbon Chamber Testing / My Favorite DecorationSpecial EditionRareObjective
    SW 11  R 77[?]Endor Operations / Imperial OutpostEndorRareObjective
    SW 10  R 135[?]Hunt Down And Destroy The Jedi / Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The UniverseSpecial EditionRareObjective
    SW 10  R 136[?]Imperial Occupation / Imperial ControlSpecial EditionRareObjective
    SW 16  U 44[?]Invasion / In Complete ControlTheed PalaceUncommonObjective
    SW 10  R 137[?]ISB Operations / Empire's Sinister AgentsSpecial EditionRareObjective
    SW 15  P 147[?]Let Them Make The First Move / At Last We Will Have RevengeReflections IIIPromotionObjective
    SW 15  U 81[?]My Lord, Is That Legal? / I Will Make It LegalCoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 15  U 82[?]No Money, No Parts, No Deal! / You're A Slave?CoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 10  R 138[?]Ralltiir Operations / In The Hands Of The EmpireSpecial EditionRareObjective
    SW 14  C 41[?]Ben Quadinaros' PodracerTatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 14  C 42[?]Dud Bolt's PodracerTatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 14  R 43[?]Sebulba's PodracerTatooineRarePodracer
    SW 14  C 44[?]Teemto Pagalies' PodracerTatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 13  R 61[?]AccuserDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 76[?]AvengerDagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 62[?]Black 11Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 1 R1 137[?]Black 2Premiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 1 U1 138[?]Black 3Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 3 U2 70[?]Black 4A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 16  R 45[?]Blockade FlagshipTheed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 10  R 139[?]Bossk In Hound's ToothSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 13  R 63[?]ChimaeraDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 3 R1 71[?]ConquestA New Hope (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 10  R 140[?]Death Squadron Star DestroyerSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 141[?]Death Star Assault SquadronSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 1 R1 139[?]DevastatorPremiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 16  U 46[?]DFS-1015Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  R 47[?]DFS-1308Theed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 16  C 48[?]DFS-327Theed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 16  C 49[?]DFS Squadron StarfighterTheed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 13  R 64[?]DominatorDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 15  C 83[?]Droid StarfighterCoruscantCommonStarship
    SW 13  R 65[?]Emperor's Personal ShuttleDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 77[?]ExecutorDagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 66[?]Flagship ExecutorDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 78[?]Hound's ToothDagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 5  R 79[?]IG-2000Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 1 U1 140[?]Imperial-Class Star DestroyerPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  R 142[?]Jabba's Space CruiserSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 13  R 67[?]JudicatorDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 11  C 78[?]Lambda-Class ShuttleEndorCommonStarship
    SW 15  R 84[?]Maul's Sith InfiltratorCoruscantRareStarship
    SW 5  R 80[?]Mist HunterDagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  U 68[?]Obsidian 10Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 6  R 85[?]Obsidian 7Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 6  R 86[?]Obsidian 8Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 13  R 69[?]Onyx 1Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 70[?]Onyx 2Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 10  R 143[?]OS-72-1 In Obsidian 1Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 144[?]OS-72-2 In Obsidian 2Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 5  R 81[?]Punishing OneDagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 71[?]Saber 1Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 72[?]Saber 2Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 73[?]Saber 3Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 74[?]Saber 4Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 75[?]Scimitar 1Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 76[?]Scimitar 2Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  C 77[?]Scimitar Squadron TIEDeath Star IICommonStarship
    SW 13  U 78[?]Scythe 1Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 79[?]Scythe 3Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  C 80[?]Scythe Squadron TIEDeath Star IICommonStarship
    SW 10  F 145[?]Sentinel-Class Landing CraftSpecial EditionFixedStarship
    SW 6  R 87[?]Slave ICloud CityRareStarship
    SW 4 R1 71[?]StalkerHoth (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW S14  P 131[?]StingerReflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionStarship
    SW 13  R 81[?]The Emperor's ShieldDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 82[?]The Emperor's SwordDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 83[?]ThunderflareDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 1 U2 141[?]TIE Advanced x1Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 3 U1 72[?]TIE Assault SquadronA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 5  C 82[?]TIE AvengerDagobah (first print)CommonStarship
    SW 5  U 83[?]TIE BomberDagobah (first print)UncommonStarship
    SW 10  F 146[?]TIE Defender Mark ISpecial EditionFixedStarship
    SW 1 C2 142[?]TIE FighterPremiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 13  C 84[?]TIE InterceptorDeath Star IICommonStarship
    SW 1 C2 143[?]TIE ScoutPremiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 3 C2 73[?]TIE VanguardA New Hope (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 15  U 85[?]Trade Federation BattleshipCoruscantUncommonStarship
    SW 15  R 86[?]Trade Federation Droid Control ShipCoruscantRareStarship
    SW 16  C 50[?]Trade Federation Landing CraftTheed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 4 R1 72[?]TyrantHoth (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 1 R1 144[?]Vader's Custom TIEPremiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 10  R 147[?]Vader's Personal ShuttleSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 148[?]VengeanceSpecial EditionRareStarship
    SW 3 U1 74[?]Victory-Class Star DestroyerA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 13  R 85[?]VisageDeath Star IIRareStarship
    SW 16  R 51[?]AAT Assault LeaderTheed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 16  U 52[?]Armored Attack TankTheed PalaceUncommonVehicle
    SW 1 U2 145[?]BanthaPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Vehicle
    SW 3 C2 75[?]Bespin Motors Void Spider THX1138A New Hope (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 4 R1 73[?]Blizzard 1Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 4 R2 74[?]Blizzard 2Hoth (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 15  P 148[?]Blizzard 4Reflections IIIPromotionVehicle
    SW 4 R1 75[?]Blizzard Scout 1Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 4 U2 76[?]Blizzard WalkerHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Vehicle
    SW 6  C 88[?]Cloud CarCloud CityCommonVehicle
    SW 10  F 149[?]Combat Cloud CarSpecial EditionFixedVehicle
    SW 10  C 150[?]DewbackSpecial EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 10  R 151[?]Dune WalkerSpecial EditionRareVehicle
    SW 10  C 152[?]Flare-S Racing SwoopSpecial EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 7  R 82[?]Jabba's Sail BargeJabba’s PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 1 C2 146[?]Lift TubePremiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 3 C2 76[?]Mobquet A-1 Deluxe FloaterA New Hope (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 16  U 53[?]Multi Troop TransportTheed PalaceUncommonVehicle
    SW 10  C 153[?]Patrol CraftSpecial EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 10  C 154[?]RontoSpecial EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 1 R2 147[?]SandcrawlerPremiere (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 16  C 54[?]Single Trooper Aerial PlatformTheed PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 7  C 83[?]SkiffJabba’s PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 11  C 79[?]Speeder BikeEndor (first print)CommonVehicle
    SW 11  R 80[?]Tempest 1Endor (first print)RareVehicle
    SW 11  U 81[?]Tempest ScoutEndorUncommonVehicle
    SW 11  R 82[?]Tempest Scout 1EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 83[?]Tempest Scout 2EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 84[?]Tempest Scout 3EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 85[?]Tempest Scout 4Endor (first print)RareVehicle
    SW 11  R 86[?]Tempest Scout 5EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 87[?]Tempest Scout 6EndorRareVehicle
    SW 16  R 55[?]TT-6Theed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 16  R 56[?]TT-9Theed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 1 C2 148[?]Ubrikkian 9000 Z001Premiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 10  R 155[?]URoRRuR'R'R's BanthaSpecial EditionRareVehicle
    SW 10  R 156[?]Wittin's SandcrawlerSpecial EditionRareVehicle
    SW 5  R 84[?]4-LOM's Concussion RifleDagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 16  U 57[?]AAT Laser CannonTheed PalaceUncommonWeapon
    SW 7  U 84[?]Antipersonnel Laser CannonJabba’s PalaceUncommonWeapon
    SW 1 R2 149[?]Assault RiflePremiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 4 U1 77[?]AT-AT CannonHoth (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 11  R 88[?]AT-ST Dual CannonEndorRareWeapon
    SW 15  P 149[?]Aurra Sing's Blaster RifleReflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 15  C 87[?]Battle Droid Blaster RifleCoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 150[?]Blaster RiflePremiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 6  R 89[?]Boba Fett's Blaster RifleCloud CityRareWeapon
    SW 1 U1 151[?]Boosted TIE CannonPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 5  R 85[?]Bossk's Mortar GunDagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 6  C 90[?]Cloud City BlasterCloud CityCommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 86[?]Concussion MissilesDeath Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 1 U1 152[?]Dark Jedi LightsaberPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 13  R 87[?]Darth Vader's LightsaberDeath Star IIRareWeapon
    SW 5  R 86[?]Dengar's Blaster CarbineDagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 7  R 85[?]Dengar's Modified Riot GunJabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 10  F 157[?]Disruptor PistolSpecial EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 7  R 86[?]Double Laser CannonJabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 10  U 158[?]Dr. Evazan's Sawed-off BlasterSpecial EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 58[?]Droid Starfighter Laser CannonsTheed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 59[?]Energy Shell LaunchersTheed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 C2 77[?]Enhanced TIE Laser CannonA New Hope (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 4 C1 78[?]E-web BlasterHoth (first print)Common-1Weapon
    SW 10  U 159[?]Feltipern Trevagg's Stun RifleSpecial EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 88[?]Force PikeDeath Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 153[?]Gaderffii StickPremiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 7  C 87[?]Gamorrean AxJabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 1 R2 154[?]Han SeekerPremiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 13  C 89[?]Heavy Turbolaser BatteryDeath Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 5  R 87[?]IG-88's Neural InhibitorDagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 5  R 88[?]IG-88's Pulse CannonDagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 1 C2 155[?]Imperial BlasterPremiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 4 C2 79[?]Infantry MineHoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 10  F 160[?]Intruder MissileSpecial EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 1 U1 156[?]Ion CannonPremiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 3 C2 78[?]Jawa BlasterA New Hope (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 15  U 88[?]Laser Cannon BatteryCoruscantUncommonWeapon
    SW 1 U2 157[?]Laser ProjectorPremiere (first print)Uncommon-2Weapon
    SW 3 R2 79[?]Leia SeekerA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 1 R1 158[?]Light Repeating Blaster RiflePremiere (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 1 R2 159[?]Luke SeekerPremiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 15  P 150[?]Maul's Double-Bladed LightsaberReflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 14  R 45[?]Maul's LightsaberTatooineRareWeapon
    SW 7  C 88[?]Mos Eisley BlasterJabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 15  C 89[?]Naboo BlasterCoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 15  C 90[?]Naboo Blaster RifleCoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 10  U 161[?]Ponda Baba's Hold-out BlasterSpecial EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 4 U2 80[?]Probe Droid LaserHoth (first print)Uncommon-2Weapon
    SW 5  U 89[?]Proton BombsDagobah (first print)UncommonWeapon
    SW 11  C 89[?]Scout BlasterEndorCommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 90[?]SFS L-s7.2 TIE CannonDeath Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 10  C 162[?]SFS L-s9.3 Laser CannonsSpecial EditionCommonWeapon
    SW 11  U 90[?]Speeder Bike CannonEndorUncommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 60[?]STAP Blaster CannonsTheed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 R2 80[?]SuperlaserA New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 13  U 91[?]Superlaser Mark IIDeath Star IIUncommonWeapon
    SW 7  R 89[?]Thermal DetonatorJabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 1 C2 160[?]Timer MinePremiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 1 R2 161[?]Turbolaser BatteryPremiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 3 U1 81[?]URoRRuR'R'R's Hunting RifleA New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 1 R1 162[?]Vader's LightsaberPremiere (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 4 C2 81[?]Vehicle MineHoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 7  C 90[?]Vibro-AxJabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 5  R 90[?]Zuckuss' Snare RifleDagobah (first print)RareWeapon