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[Jabba’s Palace] Jabba’s Palace (JP)

    Regular expansion of 180 cards published by Decipher (1998-04).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW 7  C 1[?]AbyssinCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 2[?]AmanamanRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 3[?]AmaninCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 4[?]AqualishCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 5[?]Bane MalarRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 6[?]BaradaRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 7[?]BeedoRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 8[?]Bib FortunaRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 9[?]ChevinCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 10[?]CZ-4CommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 11[?]Ephant MonRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 12[?]EV-9D9RareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 13[?]FozecRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 14[?]GailidRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 15[?]Gamorrean GuardCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 16[?]GiranRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 17[?]HeratRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 18[?]Hermi OdleRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 19[?]J'QuilleRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 20[?]Jabba The HuttRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 21[?]KithabaRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 22[?]KlaatuRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 23[?]MalakiliRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 24[?]Murttoc YineRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 25[?]NiktoCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 26[?]Nizuc BekRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 27[?]NysadRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 28[?]OrtuggRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 29[?]Pote SnitkinRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 30[?]QuarrenCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 31[?]Ree-YeesRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 32[?]Salacious CrumbRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 33[?]SkrillingCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 34[?]Taym Dren-garenRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 35[?]Thul FainRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 36[?]TrandoshanCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 37[?]VedainRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 38[?]Velken TezeriRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 39[?]VizamRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 40[?]Weequay GuardCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 41[?]Weequay HunterCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  U 42[?]Weequay MarksmanUncommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 43[?]Weequay Skiff MasterCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 44[?]WhiphidCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 45[?]WittinRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  R 46[?]WooofRareCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  C 47[?]YuzzumCommonCharacterDark Side
    SW 7  U 48[?]BuboUncommonCreatureDark Side
    SW 7  R 49[?]RancorRareCreatureDark Side
    SW 7  U 50[?]Jet PackUncommonDeviceDark Side
    SW 7  U 51[?]All Wrapped UpUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 52[?]Cane AdissUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 53[?]Den Of ThievesUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  R 54[?]Hutt BountyRareEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 55[?]Information ExchangeUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  C 56[?]Quick ReflexesCommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 57[?]ResistanceUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 58[?]SandwhirlUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  R 59[?]Scum And VillainyRareEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 60[?]Well GuardedUncommonEffectDark Side
    SW 7  U 61[?]Abyssin OrnamentUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  C 62[?]Bantha FodderCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  C 63[?]Dune Sea SabaccCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 64[?]Hidden WeaponsUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 65[?]Hutt SmoochUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 66[?]Jabba's Palace SabaccUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  C 67[?]None Shall PassCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  C 68[?]TortureCommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 69[?]Trap DoorUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  C 70[?]Twi'lek Advisor (first print)CommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 71[?]Wounded WookieeUncommonInterruptDark Side
    SW 7  U 72[?]Jabba's Palace: Audience ChamberUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 73[?]Jabba's Palace: Droid WorkshopUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 74[?]Jabba's Palace: DungeonUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 75[?]Jabba's Palace: Entrance CavernUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 76[?]Jabba's Palace: Rancor PitUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  R 77[?]Jabba's Sail Barge: Passenger DeckRareLocationDark Side
    SW 7  R 78[?]Nal HuttaRareLocationDark Side
    SW 7  C 79[?]Tatooine: DesertCommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 80[?]Tatooine: Great Pit Of CarkoonUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  U 81[?]Tatooine: Jabba's PalaceUncommonLocationDark Side
    SW 7  R 82[?]Jabba's Sail BargeRareVehicleDark Side
    SW 7  C 83[?]SkiffCommonVehicleDark Side
    SW 7  U 84[?]Antipersonnel Laser CannonUncommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  R 85[?]Dengar's Modified Riot GunRareWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  R 86[?]Double Laser CannonRareWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  C 87[?]Gamorrean AxCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  C 88[?]Mos Eisley BlasterCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  R 89[?]Thermal DetonatorRareWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  C 90[?]Vibro-AxCommonWeaponDark Side
    SW 7  R 91[?]8D8RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 92[?]Ardon "Vapor" CrellRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 93[?]ArtooRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 94[?]AttarkRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 95[?]DominickRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 96[?]B'omarr MonkCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 97[?]BaragwinCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 98[?]BG-J38RareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 99[?]Chadra-FanCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 100[?]DevaronianCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 101[?]Droopy McCoolRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 102[?]ElomCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 103[?]Florn LamproidCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 104[?]Garon Nas TalRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 105[?]GeezumRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 106[?]GhoelRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 107[?]GranCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 108[?]H'nemtheCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 109[?]Ishi TibCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 110[?]IthorianCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 111[?]JessRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 112[?]KalitRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 113[?]KitonakCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 114[?]Klatooinian RevolutionaryCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 115[?]LaudicaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 116[?]Leslomy TacemaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 117[?]Loje NellaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 118[?]Max ReboRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 119[?]OolaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 120[?]OrtolanCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 121[?]Palejo ReshadRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 122[?]Princess Leia OrganaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 123[?]Pucumir ThryssRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 124[?]R'kik D'nec,Hero Of The Dune SeaRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 125[?]Rayc RyjerdRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 126[?]RennekRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 127[?]Saelt-MaraeRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 128[?]Sergeant DoallynRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 129[?]Shasa TielRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 130[?]Sic-SixCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 131[?]SnivvianCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 132[?]Tamtel SkreejRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 133[?]Tanus SpijekRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 134[?]TessekRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 135[?]Vul TazaeneRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  C 136[?]YarkoraCommonCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  R 137[?]YoxgitRareCharacterLight Side
    SW 7  U 138[?]WorrtUncommonCreatureLight Side
    SW 7  U 139[?]Arc WelderUncommonDeviceLight Side
    SW 7  U 140[?]Hidden CompartmentUncommonDeviceLight Side
    SW 7  U 141[?]HoloprojectorUncommonDeviceLight Side
    SW 7  U 142[?]A GiftUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 143[?]Bargaining TableUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 144[?]Bo ShudaUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  R 145[?]I Must Be Allowed To SpeakRareEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 146[?]Projection Of A SkywalkerUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 147[?]SandwhirlUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 148[?]UltimatumUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 149[?]Yarna d'al' GarganUncommonEffectLight Side
    SW 7  U 150[?]Artoo, I Have A Bad Feeling About ThisUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  R 151[?]Blaster DeflectionRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  C 152[?]ChokeCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 153[?]Corellian RetortUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  C 154[?]Don't Forget The DroidsCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 155[?]Dune Sea SabaccUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 156[?]Fallen PortalUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 157[?]Jabba's Palace SabaccUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  R 158[?]Jedi Mind TrickRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  C 159[?]Ke Chu Ke Kukuta?CommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  R 160[?]Life DebtRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 161[?]Mandalorian MishapUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 162[?]Nar Shaddaa Wind ChimesUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 163[?]RevealedUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 164[?]SkullUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 165[?]Someone Who Loves YouUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  R 166[?]StrangleRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  C 167[?]The Signal (first print)CommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  R 168[?]Unfriendly FireRareInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 169[?]Weapon LevitationUncommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  C 170[?]You Will Take Me To Jabba NowCommonInterruptLight Side
    SW 7  U 171[?]Jabba's Palace: Audience ChamberUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 7  U 172[?]Jabba's Palace: Entrance CavernUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 7  R 173[?]KiffexRareLocationLight Side
    SW 7  R 174[?]Kirdo IIIRareLocationLight Side
    SW 7  C 175[?]Tatooine: DesertCommonLocationLight Side
    SW 7  U 176[?]Tatooine: Hutt CanyonUncommonLocationLight Side
    SW 7  R 177[?]TibrinRareLocationLight Side
    SW 7  C 178[?]SkiffCommonVehicleLight Side
    SW 7  C 179[?]Mos Eisley BlasterCommonWeaponLight Side
    SW 7  C 180[?]Vibro-AxCommonWeaponLight Side

    Limited Edition Released April 1998

    • Booster Packs (MSRP $2.50): 9 cards (5 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare).
    • Booster Box: 60 Booster Packs and a fold-out Rules Supplement/Card List


    Set Information: 180 Cards (90 Dark Side and 90 Light Side)

    • 80 Rare
    • 50 Uncommons
    • 50 Commons

    Each card appeared an equal number of times on its respective sheet