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Organized Play: Vandros IV

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    About this group

    Leader of this group: Jaglom Shrek.

    Organized Play information and discussion for all players and tournament directors of this region.

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    User nameGroup member since
    big9 years 5 months
    Mora Pol10 years 9 months
    Tribble10 years 9 months
    eberlems10 years 10 months
    cwlborg10 years 10 months
    palortoff10 years 10 months
    EzriForever10 years 10 months
    Telak10 years 10 months
    thsch10 years 10 months
    garetjax10 years 10 months
    Jaglom Shrek (leader)10 years 10 months


    Gamma-3 HQ
    Germany, Poland