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Overview openCards Cooperations

    At this time openCards has cooperations with the following websites:

    The Continuing Committee The Continuing Committee - new "home" of ST1E & ST2E gameplay and development!

    Decipher Games STCCG Turnier


    Decipher-Games STCCG-Turnier

    Integrated websites

    openCards EC2007 preview site

    Previev site of openCards with focus to the EC2007. You can still visit this site here.

    STCCG Encyclopedia (former www .stccgfaq.com / www .stccgfaq.de)

    The STCCG Encyclopedia for First and Second Edition from Ulf Benjes has become a part of openCards with the departure of openCards. Most of the content of the Encyclopedia has been moved to openCards. The last version of the Encyclopedia is still availible on openCards (but keep in mind that the encyclopedia will no longer be updated).