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ocSupporters - joins us now!

There are many ways to support the community of your game(s) - first and most you do this when you post e.g. your Decks, Strategy-Notes or Tournament-Reports on openCards. But there is more you can do: we are always searching for people who help us with the following tasks:

  • As ocWriterTeam member your mission is to take care that all information about "your" game is correct and actual on openCards.
  • As ocGameAdmin you can help us to aministrate the "Interactive Card Database for "your" favorite game to make sure, that all expansions and cards are correctely logged on openCards.
  • As ocForumAdmin you are reponsible for the forum of your game and therewith for the observation of the openCards "Terms of Service" on our forums.
  • You are a Web-Designer, a PHP or even a Drupal developer? As ocTechnicalStaff member you can help us to enhance the layout and/or the functionality of openCards.
For each role we are looking for min. two people who like to make that job - for each game (except ocTechnicalStaff)! So if you like to join us, please check the individual sites for the different roles and you will find a short form to contact us at the bottom of each of that sites.
Finally hint: As member of our stuff your role was marked automatically in your profile and at your posts in our forums - so every one can see on the first look, that you promote our community in a special way!