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[Reflections II: Expanding the Universe] Reflections II: Expanding the Universe (REF2)

    Special set of 160 cards published by Decipher (2001-01-10).

    Overview card types:
    Admiral's OrderCharacterDeviceEffectInterruptLocationObjectiveStarshipVehicleWeapon
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeFaction
    SW S14 VR 1Very Rare FoilAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW S14 SR 2Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 3
    [?]Admiral Piettimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 4Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 5PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 6
    [?]Boeloimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 7Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 8
    [?]Chall Bekanimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 9Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 10
    [?]Darth Vaderimage (reprint)

    Printed in in Japanese.

    PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 11Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 12Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 13
    •Djas Puhrimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 14Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 15Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 16Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 17
    [?]Jodo Kastimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 18
    [?]Lord Vaderimage (reprint)
    Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 19Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 20Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 21
    [?]Myn Kyneughimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 22Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 23
    [?]Sim Alooimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 24Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 25Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 26Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 27Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 28Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 29
    [?]Trampleimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 30Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 VR 31Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 32
    [?]Death Starimage (reprint)

    Printed in in Japanese.

    Super Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 SR 33
    [?]Death Star IIimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 34Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 35Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 36Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 37Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 38
    [?]Kiffeximage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 39Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 40Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 41
    [?]Chimaeraimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 42Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 43Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 44Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 VR 45Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 46Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 47Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 48Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 49

    Printed in in Japanese.

    Super Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S14 SR 50Super Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S14 SR 51Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S14 SR 52Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S14 SR 53Super Rare FoilAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW S14 SR 54Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 VR 55
    [?]Arleil Schousimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 56
    [?]Brainiacimage (reprint)

    Printed in in Japanese.

    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 57Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 58
    [?]Chief Chirpaimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 59Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 60Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 61PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 62Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 63
    [?]Leiaimage (reprint)

    Printed in in Japanese.

    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 64PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 UR 65Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 66Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 67
    [?]Melasimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 68PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 69
    [?]Orrimaarkoimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 70
    [?]See-Threepioimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 VR 71
    [?]Tawss Khaaimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 72Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 73
    [?]Wicketimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 74
    [?]Bacta Tankimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 75Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 76
    [?]Frozen Assetsimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 77
    [?]Goo Nee Tayimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 78
    [?]Kessel Runimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 79Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 80Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 81Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 SR 82Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 83Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 84
    [?]Lone Rogueimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 SR 85
    [?]Smoke Screenimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 86
    [?]Kiffeximage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilLocationLight Side
    SW S14 SR 87Super Rare FoilLocationLight Side
    SW S14 SR 88Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 89Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 90Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 91Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 92Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 93Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 94Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 95
    [?]Home Oneimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 96
    [?]Independenceimage (reprint)
    Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 97Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 98
    [?]Libertyimage (reprint)
    Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 99Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 100Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 101Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 102Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 103Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 104

    Printed in in Japanese.

    Super Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S14 SR 105Super Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
    SW S14  P 106PromotionAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW S14  P 107PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 108PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 109PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 110PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 111PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 112PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 113PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 114PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 115PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 116PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 117PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 118PromotionEffectDark Side
    SW S14  P 119PromotionEffectDark Side
    SW S14  P 120PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 121PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 122PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 123PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 124PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 125PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 126PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 127PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 128PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 129PromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 130PromotionObjectiveDark Side
    SW S14  P 131PromotionStarshipDark Side
    SW S14  P 132PromotionStarship
    SW S14  P 133PromotionAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW S14  P 134PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 135PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 136PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 137PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 138PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 139PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 140PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 141PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 142PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 143PromotionDeviceLight Side
    SW S14  P 144PromotionDeviceLight Side
    SW S14  P 145PromotionEffectLight Side
    SW S14  P 146PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 147PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 148PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 149PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 150PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 151PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 152PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 153PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 154PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 155PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 156PromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 157PromotionObjectiveLight Side
    SW S14  P 158PromotionStarshipLight Side
    SW S14  P 159PromotionStarshipLight Side

    Reflections II: Expanding the Universe: Released January 10, 2001

    • Booster Packs of 18 cards (MSRP $4.95)
      • 15 random cards from Premiere thru Endor of all rarity levels
      • 1 foil card
      • 2 Premium cards (generally 1 “combo” card and 1 “Expanded Universe” card)


    General pack breakdown: 6 random cards (usually 3x WB Premiere, 3x Jabba‟s Palace), 1 foil, 3 random cards (generally Cloud City), 2 premium cards, 1 Japanese card, 5 random cards (generally 3x Special Edition, 2x WB Premiere)

    • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs.
      • Rules Sheet and Card list
      • 1 “box topper” foil per box
        • Boba Fett With Blaster Rifle
        • Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol
        • Leia With Blaster Rifle
        • Obi-Wan With Lightsaber
    • Case: 6 Booster Boxes
      • Japanese Darth Vader foil


    Set information

    • 54 Premium Cards (27 for each side)
      • 28 “Expanded Universe” cards (14 per side)
      • 26 “Combo” cards (13 per side)
    • 100 Foils (not including the box topper or case topper foils above) (50 for each side)
      • 34 Very Rare Foils (appear 3 times on the foil sheet) (19 Dark Side and 15 Light Side)
      • 56 Super Rare Foils (appear 2 times on the foil sheet) (28 per side)
      • 4 Ultra Rare Foils (appear 1 time on the foil sheet)
        • Emperor Palpatine
        • Lord Vader
        • Mara Jade, The Emperor‟s Hand
        • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight

    Note: the box and case toppers were printed on the foil sheets with the other foils from their respective allegiance and appear as frequently as the “Super Rare Foils.” The sheet also contained one “blank” spot. Accordingly, it mathematically would take 230 packs to obtain one complete “cut set” of foils.