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[Premiere Introductory Two-Player Game] Premiere Introductory Two-Player Game (TPG1)

    Special set of 6 cards published by Parker Bros. Introductory Games (1996-02).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeFaction
    SW S1 P 1PromotionCharacter
    SW S1 P 2PromotionInterrupt
    SW S1 P 3PromotionLocation
    SW S1 P 4PromotionCharacter
    SW S1 P 5PromotionInterrupt
    SW S1 P 6PromotionLocation

    This set was distributed by Parker Bros. and is intended as a jumping off point to get new players into the game. it contained a larger rules book, two very basic pre-constructed decks (one for each side) that contained weak versions of main characters, intended to be playable against one another right out of the box. The sets also contained one booster pack from the respective set.

    Premiere Introductory Two-Player Game: Released February 1996 Contents

    • Pre-constructed Dark Side Deck with 3 exclusive cards:
      • Vader
      • Vader‟s Obsession
      • Death Star: Docking Control Room 327
    • Pre-constructed Light Side Deck with exclusive cards:
      • Luke
      • Run Luke, Run!
      • Death Star: Level 6 Core Shaft
    • Premiere booster pack (most boxes contained an Unlimited booster, a few contained a Limited pack)
    • Larger Rules Book

    Note: This was also the only place to get the „uncorrected‟ Electrobinoculars (middle, below) and Tatooine: Lars‟ Moisture Farm as white bordered cards.