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'Published by', author and 'External Reference'

    For each article (deck, card-review and so one) on openCards we distinguish between:

    • the person who has published that article on openCards
    • the person who has written that article
    • the date where that article was published on openCards
    • the date where that article was published first (if that article was not published on openCards first)
    • the place (e.g. website) where that article was published fist (if it was not openCards) also called the "source" of the article

    In the standard case you have written the article you publish on openCards by yourself. If so, you have nothing special to do, when you publish your article: your article was automatically marked with the right publishing date and with you openCards user-id to indicate, that your are the author (and the publisher) of the article.


    All other information is optional and should help you under this circumstances:

    1. You have written the article by yourself but you have published your article on another website first and you like to mark this
    2. Someone else have originally written the article and you "only" publish that article on openCards (e.g. for saving articles from a site without further support or because you are a tournament director and you publish decks from one of "your" tournaments)

    For this two cases you will find in each form we provide on openCards for the different kinds of articles the section "External Reference (if you add content from a different source or author)". In this optional section of each article form you can

    • select the source the article was published first
    • edit the real name of the author of this article
    • edit the openCards user name of the author of this article (if you know the user name
    • edit the originally publishing date of the article

    You must select a source if you create a "external reference". If you do not select a source, all other information of the external source will not be saved! You can either edit the real name of the author OR the openCards user name (not both). If you know the openCards user name, it is recommended to use the user name. The publishing date is optional because that date is not known in all cases.


    If you like to add content from a source that is not availible in the select box of the external source plaese contact us (send us a private message) and we will add it as soon as possible (but after a short check ;-)