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How to publish articles on openCards

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    openCards is the plattform for all information around trading card games. A platform, where you can post different kinds of information and a place where you will find tons of information from other members of openCards.

    At this time we provide for you nine different content types: Deck, Strategy-Article, Card-Review, Tournament, Tournament-Report, Tournament-Picture, Dreamcard, House-Rule and Fun-Stuff. Use our optimized forms to publish your content on openCards!

    All this content types are made for special purpose and different aspectes of trading card games. Not all types are availibel for all supported games on openCards. You will find an overview for each game at "gameX/add/content" or simply click on the name of the game you are looking for at the menue "create new Content" on the right side navigation menu of openCards,

    You will find here general information around the question, how to publish articles on openCards. Game dependent information around writing articles can be found in the help section for each game.

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