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Terms of Service

    Dear user,

    this trading card portal from Universal-Card Tools give you a chance to publish extra information, comments and critism relating to our reports on this portal.

    You should carefully read the following terms and conditions.

    This information is prescribes by the regulations of section 18 (1) Mediendienststaatsvertrag (MdStV).

    After reading this information you should know if you can accept this terms of use.



    Publicly distributing and storing your articles on our server gives us partial responsibility for the content.

    We therefore expect you to be prepared to stand by your contribution and inform us of your real identity. Taking an active part in the forums is therefore possible only after you have registered and provided a valid email address, fist name, last name and the land where you living at this time. When you change your email address, you should update your registration.

    Each account without a valid email address or without valid firstname or family name will be blocked. Changing of your pseudonym shoud be an exception.

    Keep in mind that the theme of a particular forum originates from the title or the description of the associated article. You may not make announcements or comments relating to other topics. We reserve the right to move such user comments to another forum.

    The tone should remain polite and objective. Harsh criticism is welcome but not personal attacks using insulting or condescending language.

    Naming products, web pages or service providers for the purpose of advertising is not permitted. Unlawful or indecent contributions will not be tolerated on our servers.


    Writing postings

    The postings in our forums are openly acessible. You should scrutinise your contribution before publishing it, so it does not contain any non-public material. You have to consider the fact that your postings might be retrieved and indexed by search engines, and therefore be made available globally. You have no entitlement for deletion or modification of aforementioned postings against the publishing house.

    We reserve the right to delete from our forums contributions that violate these rules and to close the accounts in question, either indefinitely or for a limited time.

    We find it unfortunate that these rules are necessary, but the experience of many ther communities with "fully open" discussion forums proved unacceptable from both a legal and subject-matter point of view. Please don't feel restrained by these rules but go ahead and open an account. We look forward to your engaged, critical and informative contribution.


    Ulf Benjes

    Elsa-Brändström-Str. 5

    28359 Bremen