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How do we count "HIT honor points"?

    You will receive your "HIT honor points" for your articles once each month. For this we count all user access to your articles. Because of this method an article that has been read by many different users will earn more "honor points" than an article read by only few or always the same users.

    To prevent malpractice with our "Hall of Fame", we will not simply count each click on your articles! In fact, we evaluate how many different users per time interval access a particular article. We won't share the exact algorithmus with you - but we explain the basic mode of operation here:
    We distinguish according to thier openCards User-ID.  Visitors will be distinguished by using thier IP-Adress.  The time interval, which we use for the evaluation, could e.g. one hour.


    We use a time interval of one hour. We have as result e.g. for april 30*24 = 720 different time intervals. We count for each of this intervals, how many different users have read your article. In this way, we analyse how many different users access your article in one time interval. If the same user accesses your article in two different time intervals, each access count. It counts even when this two intervals are directly succeeded by each other.

    All user access will be collected for a time and finally evaluated. If there is an average of two "HITs"  in the 720 different time intervals for one of your articles in april, you will receive 1.440 "honor points" for the 1.440 "HITs". And this are only the "HIT honor points" for one article!