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Fury of the Dunlendings

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    This Deck was build by Paul Pierce and was published first on "Lord of the Rings Online (lotrtcg.decipher.com)".

    Fury of the Dunlendings

    Deck listing:

    Adventure path:

    Hornburg Armory (4 U 354)
    Hornburg Causeway (4 U 356)
    Hornburg Parapet (4 U 351)
    Horse-country (4 U 326)
    Orthanc Library (4 U 362)
    Ring of Isengard (4 U 358)
    Rohirrim Village (4 U 334)
    Westemnet Plains (4 U 342)
    White Rocks (4 U 346)

    Starting fellowship:

    Draw deck - "free" cards (30):
    Gandalf Companion (1):
    Gandalf, The White Wizard (4 C 90)
    Gandalf Event (2):
    Sleep, Caradhras (1 C 84)
    Gondor Artifact (2):
    The Shards of Narsil (3 R 44)
    Gondor Companion (6):
    Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien (4 U 114)
    Faramir, Son of Denethor (4 C 117)
    Gondorian Ranger (4 C 122)
    Mablung, Soldier of Gondor (4 U 127)
    Gondor Condition (1):
    Boromir, My Brother (4 R 111)
    Gondor Event (8):
    Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom (1 C 117)
    War and Valor (4 C 135)
    Gondor Possession (8):
    Faramir's Bow (4 R 118)
    Faramir's Cloak (4 R 119)
    Ranger's Bow (4 C 131)
    Sword of Gondor (4 C 134)
    Shire Possession (2):
    Hobbit Sword (1 C 299)

    There are no "shadow" cards in this draw deck.

    Hints & strategie notes for this Deck

    Fierce. The word itself, by definition, conveys an eagerness to kill or injure. In game terms, it allows a minion to fight in two separate skirmish phases. And because so many games are won in the fierce skirmish phase, it is often one of the most coveted traits to be found on a minion. Given the unending hatred the average Dunlending has for Rohan, it should come as no surprise that the minions of the Dunlending culture can (with some help) participate in the fierce skirmish phase.

    None of the Dunlending minions currently available, except for Wulf, have the keyword Fierce on their card, so it takes some effort on the shadow player’s part to take advantage of the extra skirmish. Specifically, the special text that triggers the extra skirmish almost always relies on the minion winning its first battle.

    To start, there are three minions who make themselves fierce upon winning skirmishes. Two of them (Dunlending Madman and Dunlending Robber) also increase their own strength, while the third, Band of Wild Men, already starts at a beefy eleven.

    But those aren’t the only options available. The event card War Cry of Dunland lets any minion who has won his skirmish to become fierce and even boosts strength by four!

    If you see a lot of Rohan decks in your area, then you may want to consider adding in a couple of copies of Living off Rock. Provided you are skirmishing a Rohan companion, it gives any of your minions the same “strength +2 and fierce” text that the above listed Dunlendings enjoy.

    Are you playing a site control deck? If you control three sites Hillman Horde will make all your Dunlending fierce, while the event Wake of Destruction only requires two controlled sites to activate its text.

    The last approach to making Dunlending minions fierce is to play them as a result of the skirmish win. The Hillman Mob, Dunlending Arsonist, and Wild Man of Dunland all have essentially the same text. When they win, you have the option of playing another minion from hand at a cost of -2. That minion participates in the fierce skirmish and has a Damage +1 bonus to boot. The one minion introduced with the Battle of Helm’s Deep expansion that this technique is made for is Wild Men of the Hills. With an 18 strength and -2 cost when played in a skirmish phase, his cost drops all the way down to a whopping two. This tactic works even better when you opponent doesn’t have the four cards in hand he or she would need to discard the Wild Men.

    So now you know the various methods for making Dunlending minions fierce. But most of those techniques require you to win the initial skirmish. Here are some tips to ensure your minions come out on top.

    First, notice that the strength of the average Dunlending is pretty high. They have a wide variety of strength 10-plus minions available. In many cases these bad boys won’t require any strength pumping at all.

    Saruman, Rabble-Rouser makes for a great pump card in and of himself. Though he costs four, his ability to exert enables him to pump more than a single skirmish. As a side benefit, he also discourages your opponent from double moving.

    There are always good old fashioned possessions to pump your minions with. The War Club gives a free +2 to strength, while the Iron Axe adds even more (+3) for the low cost of one.

    Finally, there are three event cards that can help to ensure your minions victory. Dark Fury and Burn Every Village give a guaranteed +2 strength for zero cost, with the possibility of adding another +2 (for a total of +4) depending upon whether you control a site or the fellowship is at a sanctuary. The last event is Death to the Strawheads. Although it costs three tokens to play, with its +1 bonus for each companion you spot, this event can easily be combined with a higher strength minion to overwhelm your opposition.

    So there are all the tools you will need to bring out the true savage that is in every Dunlending. As with many Dunland shadow strategies, you can build a deck centered on this strategy, or combine elements of it with other deck types to keep your opponent on his toes.