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[Siege of Gondor] Siege of Gondor (SoG)

    Regular expansion of 244 physical cards published by Decipher (2004/03/10).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeFaction
    LotR 8 C 1
    [?]Aggressionimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 2
    [?]Battle In Earnestimage (first print)
    RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 3
    [?]Blood Runs Chillimage (first print)
    RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 4
    [?]Counts But Oneimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 C 5CommonGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 8 C 6
    [?]Honedimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 7
    [?]Unheard Ofimage (first print)
    RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 8
    [?]Wish For Our Kinfolkimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 9
    [?]A Grey Shipimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 C 10CommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 8 R 11
    [?]Life of the Eldarimage (first print)
    RareEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 R 12
    [?]Reckless We Rodeimage (first print)
    RareEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 U 13
    [?]Shake Off the Shadowimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungElven icon
    LotR 8 C 14
    [?]A Foolimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 15RareGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 16
    [?]Let Us Not Tarryimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 17
    [?]Mighty Steedimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 18UncommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 19
    [?]On Your Doorstepimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 20
    [?]Saved From the Fireimage (first print)
    RareEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 21
    [?]Shadowfax, Greatheartimage (first print)
    RareAusrüstungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 C 22
    [?]Hidden Even From Herimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 U 23
    [?]Larderimage (first print)
    UncommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 24
    [?]Promise Keepingimage (first print)
    RareBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 25RareKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 26CommonKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 27
    Sméagol, Slippery Sneakimage (first print)
    RareGefährteGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 28
    [?]Spider Poisonimage (first print)
    CommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 U 29
    [?]Still Far Aheadimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 30
    [?]Webimage (first print)
    CommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 31
    [?]At His Commandimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 32
    [?]Catapultimage (first print)
    RareAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 33
    [?]Elessar's Edictimage (first print)
    RareEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 34CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 35
    [?]Fourth Levelimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 36
    [?]Garrison of Gondorimage (first print)
    RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 37RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 38RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 39
    [?]Knight of Dol Amrothimage (first print)
    CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 40
    [?]Knight's Mountimage (first print)
    CommonAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 41
    [?]Oathbreakerimage (first print)
    CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 42
    [?]A Path Appointedimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 43
    [?]Shadow Hostimage (first print)
    RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 44
    [?]Sixth Levelimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 45
    [?]Sleepless Deadimage (first print)
    UncommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 46
    [?]Spectral Swordimage (first print)
    UncommonAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 47CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 48
    [?]Swept Awayimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 49
    [?]Black Númenoreanimage (first print)
    RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 50
    [?]Black Sails of Umbarimage (first print)
    CommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 51
    [?]Castamir of Umbarimage (first print)
    RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 52
    [?]Corsair Ballistaimage (first print)
    CommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 53
    [?]Corsair Buccaneerimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 54
    [?]Corsair Freebooterimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 55
    [?]Corsair Gunnersimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 56
    [?]Corsair Lookoutimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 57
    [?]Corsair Marauderimage (first print)
    RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 58
    [?]Corsair Plundererimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 59
    [?]Corsair War Galleyimage (first print)
    UncommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 60
    [?]Haradrim Marksmanimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 61
    [?]Haradwaithimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 62
    [?]Heavy Axemanimage (first print)
    RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 63
    [?]Line of Defenseimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 64
    [?]Mûmakilimage (first print)
    UncommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 65RareAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 66
    [?]Wind That Sped Shipsimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 67RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 68
    [?]Beyond All Darknessimage (first print)
    RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 69
    [?]Black Dartimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 70
    [?]Black Flailimage (first print)
    RareAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 71
    [?]Flung Into the Frayimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 72RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 73
    [?]Mastered By Madnessimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 74
    [?]Morgul Ambusherimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 75
    [?]Morgul Creeperimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 76
    [?]Morgul Lurkerimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 77
    [?]Morgul Squealerimage (first print)
    RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 78UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 79UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 80UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 81RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 82
    [?]Unhinderedimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 83
    [?]Winged Mountimage (first print)
    UncommonAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 84RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 85
    [?]Charged Headlongimage (first print)
    UncommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 U 86
    [?]Doom Drove Themimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 87CommonGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 88RareAusrüstungRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 89
    [?]Fury of the Northmenimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 90
    [?]No Living Manimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 91
    [?]Rohirrim Armyimage (first print)
    RareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 92RareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 93
    [?]Called Awayimage (first print)
    RareBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 94
    [?]Gorgoroth Agitatorimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 95
    [?]Gorgoroth Assassinimage (first print)
    RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 96
    [?]Gorgoroth Berserkerimage (first print)
    RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 97
    [?]Gorgoroth Breakerimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 98
    [?]Gorgoroth Looterimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 99
    [?]Gorgoroth Patrolimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 100
    [?]Gorgoroth Servitorimage (first print)
    UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 101
    [?]Gorgoroth Stormerimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 102
    [?]Great Hill Trollimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 103RareAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 104
    [?]Morgaiimage (first print)
    CommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 105
    [?]Olog-hai of Mordorimage (first print)
    RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 106
    [?]Siege Troopimage (first print)
    CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 107UncommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 108RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 109CommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 U 110
    [?]Morgai Foothillsimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 C 111
    [?]So Fair, So Desperateimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 U 112
    [?]Song of the Shireimage (first print)
    UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 R 113RareAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 8 C 114
    [?]Straining Towards Usimage (first print)
    CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 R 115
    [?]Unheededimage (first print)
    RareEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 C 116CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 U 117
    [?]The Dimholtimage (first print)
    LotR 8 U 118
    [?]City of the Deadimage (first print)
    LotR 8 U 119
    [?]Crashed Gateimage (first print)
    LotR 8 U 120
    [?]Osgiliath Channelimage (first print)
    LotR 8 P 121
    [?]Merry, Noble Warriorimage (first print)
    PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 P 122PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 1
    [?]Aggressionimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 2Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 3Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 4Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 CF 5Subset Common FoilGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 8 CF 6
    [?]Honedimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 7
    [?]Unheard Ofimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 8Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 9
    [?]A Grey Shipimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 CF 10Subset Common FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 8 RF 11Subset Rare FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 RF 12Subset Rare FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 UF 13Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungElven icon
    LotR 8 CF 14
    [?]A Foolimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 15Subset Rare FoilGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 16Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 17
    [?]Mighty Steedimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 18Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 19Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 20Subset Rare FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 21Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 CF 22Subset Common FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 UF 23
    [?]Larderimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 24Subset Rare FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 25Subset Rare FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 26Subset Common FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 27Subset Rare FoilGefährteGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 28
    [?]Spider Poisonimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 UF 29Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 30
    [?]Webimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 31Subset Common FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 32
    [?]Catapultimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 33Subset Rare FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 34Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 35
    [?]Fourth Levelimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 36Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 37Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 38Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 39Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 40Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 41
    [?]Oathbreakerimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 42Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 43
    [?]Shadow Hostimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 44
    [?]Sixth Levelimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 45Subset Uncommon FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 46Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 47Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 48
    [?]Swept Awayimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 49Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 50Subset Common FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 51Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 52Subset Common FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 53Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 54Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 55Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 56Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 57Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 58Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 59Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 60Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 61
    [?]Haradwaithimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 62
    [?]Heavy Axemanimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 63Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 64
    [?]Mûmakilimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 65Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 66Subset Common FoilEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 67Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 68Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 69
    [?]Black Dartimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 70
    [?]Black Flailimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 71Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 72Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 73Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 74Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 75Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 76
    [?]Morgul Lurkerimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 77Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 78Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 79Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 80Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 81Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 82
    [?]Unhinderedimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 83
    [?]Winged Mountimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 84Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 85Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 UF 86Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 87Subset Common FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 88Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 89Subset Common FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 90
    [?]No Living Manimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 91
    [?]Rohirrim Armyimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 92Subset Rare FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 93
    [?]Called Awayimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 94Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 95Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 96Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 97Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 98Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 99Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 100Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 101Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 102Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 103Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 104
    [?]Morgaiimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 105Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 106
    [?]Siege Troopimage (reprint)
    Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 107Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 108Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 109Subset Common FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 110Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 111Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 112Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 RF 113Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 114Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 RF 115
    [?]Unheededimage (reprint)
    Subset Rare FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 116Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 117
    [?]The Dimholtimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 118Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 119
    [?]Crashed Gateimage (reprint)
    Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 120Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 PF 121Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 PF 122Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon

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