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On openCards you can easely publish your Lord of the Ring Deck, because you can simply choose the cards from filtered card lists corresponding to the different deck parts like draw deck or the adventure path without typing any card name.
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This Deck article was written by openCards user at Dec 4th, 2011.

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This Deck article was written by openCards user at Oct 31st, 2010.

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imageThe Threatening Shadow

This Deck article was written by openCards user Jaxander at Dec 20th, 2009.

((Sorry, for some reason it brings up a bunch of Tournaments above my deck layout. This is my first time using OpenCards, and I selected <none> for where it's been used, but for some reason they all still come up.)) 

Probably my favorite deck that I've made. Like most of mine, it's heavy focus is on the Shadow side. Gollum cards utilize threats for my opponent, putting them out as well as using them to their fullest extent. Support the Gollum set-up with some Ringwraith to fill out the Threat usage and add in some muscle as well.

The Free-Peoples side is built to last, buying you another turn to get back to Shadow. Solid Gondor Knight deck, using a few fortifications, some generic Knights for low cost and something to throw under the Balrog Bus. Nothing terribly special here.

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