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Mission Mission card list

    Artifact Dilemma Doorway Equipment Event Event-Interrupt Facility Incident Interrupt Mission Objective Personnel Q-Card Ship Site Tactic Time Location Tribble Trouble 

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarity
    ST1E 22 V 20EngageVirtual
    ST2E 1 S 148Second Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 33 V 18Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 22The CageVirtual
    ST1E 5 R 105
    Access Relay Stationimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Rare
    ST1E 5 S 106Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 21 V 35The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 78VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 22 V 21EngageVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 79VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 17 V 21Life From LifelessnessVirtual
    ST1E 7 R 45Blaze of GloryRare
    ST1E 0 P 7Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 9 U 38The Trouble with TribblesUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 138All Good ThingsPromotion
    ST1E 5 R 107Deep Space NineRare
    ST1E 5 U 108
    Alter Recordsimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 12 U 80VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 36The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 1 U 151Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 15 C 28The Motion PicturesCommon
    ST1E 12 U 81VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 39 V 23The CageVirtual
    ST1E 6 U 45The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 33 V 19Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 52To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 82VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 22 V 22EngageVirtual
    ST1E 22 V 23EngageVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 220Homefront IVVirtual
    ST1E 33 V 20Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 22 V 24EngageVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 16
    Automated Repair Stationimage (first print)
    Straight and Steady (first print)Virtual
    ST2E 8 U 53To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 8Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 1 R 146
    Avert Disasterimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 21 V 37The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 9 R 5Dangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 7 U 46
    Bat'leth Tournamentimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 32 V 32Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 30 V 9Star Trek 50Virtual
    ST1E  0 VR 221Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 S 83Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 6 R 46The DominionRare
    ST1E 6 U 47The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 56 (1998)
    Botanical Researchimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST2E 15 V 24The Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 25 V 20The MaquisVirtual
    ST1E 2 R 82Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 37 V 5The GiftVirtual
    ST1E 5 R 109Deep Space NineRare
    ST1E 0 P 9
    Cargo Rendezvousimage (errata / first print)
    Two-Player Game (errata / first print)Promotion
    ST1E 12 C 83VoyagerCommon
    ST1E 5 R 110Deep Space NineRare
    ST1E 17 V 22Life From LifelessnessVirtual
    ST1E 5 S 111Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 7 R 47Blaze of GloryRare
    ST1E 39 V 24The CageVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 222Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 85Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 147
    Cloaked Missionimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 0 VR 223Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 10 U 47Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 8 C 45Rules of AcquisitionCommon
    ST1E 5 U 112Deep Space NineUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 84VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 2 R 83Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 22 V 25EngageVirtual
    ST1E 28 V 33CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 35 V 19MetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 30 V 10Star Trek 50Virtual
    ST1E 6 C 48The DominionCommon
    ST1E 12 C 85VoyagerCommon
    ST1E 18 V 17Straight and SteadyVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 54To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 13 U 36The BorgUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 148
    Covert Installationimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Common
    ST1E 0 P 112Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 1 U 149
    Covert Rescueimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST2E 13 U 44In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 150
    Cultural Observationimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 33 V 21Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 5 R 113Deep Space NineRare
    ST1E 12 R 86VoyagerRare
    ST1E 31 V 22The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST2E 9 R 6Dangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
    ST1E 8 U 46
    Deliver Messageimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 5 S 114Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 0 VR 224Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 S 86Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 1 U 151
    Diplomacy Missionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 2 R 84Alternate Universe (errata)Rare
    ST1E 11 U 41
    Disrupt Allianceimage (errata / first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (errata / first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 0 P 10Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 25 V 21The MaquisVirtual
    ST1E 5 S 115
    Eliminate Virusimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 21 V 38The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 1 U 164Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 34CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 32 V 33Broken BowVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 56To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 4 R 60
    Espionage Missionimage (errata / first print)
    First Contact (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 14 U 41Holodeck AdventuresUncommon
    ST1E 24 V 31EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 27 V 20The Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 41Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    ST1E 13 U 37The BorgUncommon
    ST1E 5 S 116Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 1 U 152
    Evacuationimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 23 V 20
    Evade Borg Vesselimage (first print)
    The Sky's the Limit (first print)Virtual
    ST1E 0 VR 226Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 89Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 35Crossover (first print)Virtual
    ST1E 1 R 153
    Evaluate Terraformingimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 36 V 3Coming of AgeVirtual
    ST1E 28 V 36CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 25The CageVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 26The CageVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 154
    Excavationimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 0 P 113Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 0 VR 403Pre-Warp PackVirtual
    ST1E 27 V 21The Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 155
    Explore Black Clusterimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 0 P 114Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 33 V 22Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 156
    Explore Dyson Sphereimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST2E 17 V 46Raise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 42Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    ST2E 10 U 48Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 157
    Explore Typhon Expanseimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 0 P 115Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 1 U 158
    Expose Covert Supplyimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 12 U 87VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 25 V 22The MaquisVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 159
    Extractionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 32 V 34Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 11 U 42Mirror, MirrorUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 160
    Fever Emergencyimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 2 R 85Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 17 V 23
    Find Hidden Baseimage (first print)
    Life From Lifelessness (first print)Virtual
    ST1E 1 U 161
    First Contactimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 2 R 86Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 23 V 21The Sky's the LimitVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 18Straight and SteadyVirtual
    ST1E 27 V 22The Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 11Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 0 VR 227Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 11 PF 14Genesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
    ST1E 0 P 57 (1998)
    Geological Surveyimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 0 P 12Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 8 U 47Rules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 88VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 11 U 43
    Historical Researchimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 0 P 13Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 0 P 14Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 21 V 39The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 1 S 172Second Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 24 V 32EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 13 U 38The BorgUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 162
    Hunt for DNA Programimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 163
    Iconia Investigationimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 0 P 43
    Impose Orderimage (first print)
    Official Tournament Sealed Deck (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 31 V 23The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 34 V 24Cold FrontVirtual
    ST1E 23 V 22The Sky's the LimitVirtual
    ST1E 15 C 29The Motion PicturesCommon
    ST1E 6 U 49
    Intelligence Operationimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 33 V 23Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 5 S 117Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 5 S 118Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 21 V 40The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 27 V 23The Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 89VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 164
    Investigate Alien Probeimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST2E 10 U 49Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 19 V 29Shades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 1 C 165
    Investigate Anomalyimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 0 P 116Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 26 V 620th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
    ST1E 6 U 50
    Investigate Coupimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 22 V 26EngageVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 228Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 13 U 46In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 41The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 7 U 49Strange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 166Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 167
    Investigate Disturbanceimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 36 V 4Coming of AgeVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 44Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    ST1E 28 V 37CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 3 R 41Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 0 VR 229Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 2 U 100Energize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 168
    Investigate Massacreimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 27 V 24The Gamma QuadrantVirtual
    ST1E 30 V 11Star Trek 50Virtual
    ST1E 12 R 90VoyagerRare
    ST1E 39 V 27The CageVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 169
    Investigate Raidimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 170
    Investigate Rogue Cometimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 5 R 119
    Investigate Rumorsimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 171
    Investigate "Shattered Space"image (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 172
    Investigate Sightingimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 0 P 117Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST2E 8 U 57To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 173
    Investigate Time Continuumimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST2E 10 U 50Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 91VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 174
    Khitomer Researchimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare
    ST1E 5 S 120Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 1 U 175
    Krios Suppressionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 31 V 24The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 22 V 27EngageVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 92VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 33 V 24Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 23 V 23The Sky's the LimitVirtual
    ST1E 13 U 39The BorgUncommon
    ST1E 8 C 48Rules of AcquisitionCommon
    ST1E 33 V 25Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 176
    Medical Reliefimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 0 P 58 (1998)
    Military Exercisesimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 11 U 44
    Mine Dilithiumimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 14 C 42Holodeck AdventuresCommon
    ST1E 0 P 45Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    ST1E 6 U 51The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 31 V 25The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 230Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 12 U 41These are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 3 C 42Q-ContinuumCommon
    ST1E 1 R 177
    New Contactimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 28 V 38CrossoverVirtual
    ST2E 10 U 51Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 15 C 30The Motion PicturesCommon
    ST1E 31 V 26The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 19Straight and SteadyVirtual
    ST2E 10 U 52Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 39CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 5 U 121
    Orb Negotiationsimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 24 V 33EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 4 U 61
    Patrol Neutral Zoneimage (errata / first print)
    First Contact (errata / first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 3 R 43Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 1 R 178
    Pegasus Searchimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 3 R 44Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 4 C 62First ContactCommon
    ST1E 1 U 179
    Plunder Siteimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 32 V 35Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 35 V 20MetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 59To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 37 V 6The GiftVirtual
    ST1E 36 V 5Coming of AgeVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 93VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 22 V 28EngageVirtual
    ST1E 18 V 20Straight and SteadyVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 94VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 27 V 25The Gamma Quadrant (first print)Virtual
    ST1E 6 U 52The DominionUncommon
    ST1E  0 VR 231Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 7 U 51Strange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 8 U 49Rules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 2 U 87Alternate UniverseUncommon
    ST1E 2 R 88Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 6 U 53The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 42The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 28The CageVirtual
    ST1E 33 V 26Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 22 V 29
    Recover Prisonerimage (first print)
    Engage (first print)Virtual
    ST1E 39 V 29The CageVirtual
    ST1E 5 S 122Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 5 S 123
    Reignite Dead Starimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 12 U 95VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 180
    Relief Missionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 0 P 118Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 5 S 124Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 0 VR 232Homefront IVVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 15Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 24 V 34EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 14 U 43Holodeck AdventuresUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 181
    Repair Missionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 13 U 40The BorgUncommon
    ST1E 33 V 27Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 28 V 40CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 15
    Reported Activityimage (errata / first print)
    Two-Player Game (errata / first print)Promotion
    ST1E 6 U 54The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 5 S 125Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 32 V 36Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 29 V 26Through the Looking GlassVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 96VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 39 V 30The CageVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 97VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 182
    Restore Errant Moonimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 12 R 98VoyagerRare
    ST1E 22 V 30EngageVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 233Homefront IVVirtual
    ST1E 32 V 37Broken BowVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 60To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 12 U 99VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 2 R 89
    Reunionimage (errata)
    Alternate Universe (errata)Rare
    ST1E 21 V 43The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 31The CageVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 100VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 2 R 90
    Risa Shore Leaveimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)Rare
    ST1E 8 U 50Rules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 27The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 21 V 44The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 3 S 103Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 12 U 101VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 24 V 35EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 3 R 45Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 1 R 183
    Sarthong Plunderimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 19 V 30Shades of GrayVirtual
    ST1E 14 U 44Holodeck AdventuresUncommon
    ST1E 5 S 126
    Search and Rescueimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 11 U 45
    Search for Rebelsimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 5 S 127
    Search for Survivorsimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 0 P 59 (1998)
    Search for Weaponsimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 1 U 184
    Secret Salvageimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 0 P 119Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 13 C 41The BorgCommon
    ST1E 35 V 21MetamorphosisVirtual
    ST2E 12 U 42These are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 28 V 41CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 6 U 55
    Security Briefingimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 29 V 27Through the Looking GlassVirtual
    ST1E 28 V 42CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 1 R 185
    Seek Life-Formimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 39 V 32The CageVirtual
    ST1E 21 V 45The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 0 P 5Warp PackPromotion
    ST1E 0 VR 235Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 105Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 3 C 46Q-ContinuumCommon
    ST1E 21 V 46The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 102VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 U 186
    Strategic Diversionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 5 U 128
    Study Badlandsimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 0 P 60 (1998)
    Study Cometary Cloudimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 1 R 187
    Study "Hole in Space"image (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 12 C 103VoyagerCommon
    ST1E 12 U 104VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 1 R 188
    Study Lonka Pulsarimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 1 R 189
    Study Nebulaimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 32 V 38Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 39 V 33The CageVirtual
    ST1E 5 S 129Deep Space NineStarter
    ST1E 1 C 190
    Study Plasma Streamerimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 14 U 45Holodeck AdventuresUncommon
    ST1E 0 P 61 (1998)
    Study Pulsarimage (first print)
    Premiere Starter Deck II (first print)Promotion
    ST1E  0 VR 237Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 107Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 1 C 191
    Study Stellar Collisionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 33 V 28Live Long and ProsperVirtual
    ST1E 30 V 12Star Trek 50Virtual
    ST2E 1 S 202Second Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 25 V 23The MaquisVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 238Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 1 S 203Second Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
    ST1E 0 P 17Two-Player GamePromotion
    ST1E 1 R 192
    Survey Missionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Rare
    ST1E 32 V 39Broken BowVirtual
    ST2E 8 U 62To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 5 U 130
    Survey Star Systemimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Uncommon
    ST1E 32 V 40Broken BowVirtual
    ST1E 5 R 131Deep Space NineRare
    ST1E 35 V 22MetamorphosisVirtual
    ST1E 12 C 105VoyagerCommon
    ST1E 3 R 47Q-ContinuumRare
    ST1E 1 C 193
    Test Missionimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)Common
    ST1E 0 P 120Enhanced PremierePromotion
    ST1E 0 P 46
    Test Propulsion Systemsimage (first print)
    Official Tournament Sealed Deck (first print)Promotion
    ST1E 28 V 43CrossoverVirtual
    ST1E 15 C 31The Motion Pictures (errata)Common
    ST1E 21 V 47The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 0 VR 240Homefront IVVirtual
    ST2E 3 U 109Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 39 V 34The CageVirtual
    ST1E 14 C 46Holodeck AdventuresCommon
    ST2E 8 U 61To Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 21 V 48The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST2E 2 U 102Energize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
    ST1E 8 U 51Rules of AcquisitionUncommon
    ST1E 6 U 56The DominionUncommon
    ST1E 31 V 28The Terran EmpireVirtual
    ST1E 12 U 106VoyagerUncommon
    ST1E 30 V 13Star Trek 50Virtual
    ST1E 5 S 132
    Verify Evidenceimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)Starter
    ST1E 24 V 36EmissaryVirtual
    ST1E 29 V 28Through the Looking GlassVirtual
    ST1E 21 V 49The Next GenerationVirtual
    ST1E 2 R 91Alternate UniverseRare
    ST1E 1 R 194
    Wormhole Negotiationsimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)Rare