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Ship Ship card list

    Artifact Dilemma Doorway Equipment Event Event-Interrupt Facility Incident Interrupt Mission Objective Personnel Q-Card Ship Site Tactic Time Location Tribble Trouble 

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityAffiliation
    ST1E 5 R 251Deep Space NineRareCardassian icon
    ST2E 2 R 170Energize - ST1E compatibleRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 28 V 75CrossoverVirtualCardassian icon
    ST1E 11 C 116
    Alliance Galorimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)CommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 11 C 114Mirror, MirrorCommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 11 C 124Mirror, MirrorCommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 11 C 125
    Alliance Vor'Chaimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)CommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 7 U 102Blaze of GloryUncommonDominion icon
    ST1E 8 R+ 126Rules of AcquisitionRare PlusRomulan icon
    ST1E 5 C 247
    Assault Vesselimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)CommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 23 V 53The Sky's the LimitVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 5 C 248Deep Space NineCommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 5 U 249Deep Space NineUncommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 9 U 100The Trouble with TribblesUncommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 5 U 250Deep Space NineUncommonBajoran icon
    ST1E 11 R 115Mirror, MirrorRareBajoran icon
    ST1E 24 V 76EmissaryVirtualBajoran icon
    ST2E 0 P 15Tenth Anniversary Collection - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilBajoran icon
    ST1E 21 V 98The Next GenerationVirtualKlingon icon Non-Aligned icon
    ST1E 11 C 129
    Battle Cruiserimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)CommonRomulan icon Klingon icon
    ST1E 32 V 84
    Battle Cruiser Bortasimage (first print)
    Broken Bow (first print)VirtualKlingon icon
    ST1E 14 U 127Holodeck AdventuresUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 34 V 52Cold FrontVirtualRomulan icon
    ST1E 9 U 101The Trouble with TribblesUncommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 4 U 121
    Borg Cubeimage (errata / first print)
    First Contact (errata / first print)UncommonBorg icon
    ST1E 13 C 121The BorgCommonBorg icon
    ST1E 13 R 122The BorgRareBorg icon
    ST1E 4 C 122First ContactCommonBorg icon
    ST1E 4 C 123First ContactCommonBorg icon
    ST1E 13 R 123The BorgRareBorg icon
    ST1E 12 U 198VoyagerUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 0 VR 212Homefront IIIVirtualCardassian icon
    ST2E 1 R 383Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 9 R 103The Trouble with TribblesRareDominion icon
    ST1E 8 C 118Rules of AcquisitionCommonFerengi icon
    ST1E 9 R 109The Trouble with TribblesRareFerengi icon
    ST2E 5 P 38Fractured Time - ST1E compatiblePromotionBajoran icon
    ST1E 0 P 164All Good ThingsPromotionNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 5 C 252Deep Space NineCommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 34 V 50Cold FrontVirtualFerengi icon Non-Aligned icon
    ST1E 34 V 50*Cold FrontVirtualNon-Aligned icon Ferengi icon
    ST1E 5 R 264
    Cha'Johimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)RareRomulan icon Klingon icon
    ST1E 23 V 52The Sky's the LimitVirtualKlingon icon
    ST1E 18 V 51Straight and SteadyVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 9 C 106The Trouble with TribblesCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 352
    Combat Vesselimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 25 V 49The MaquisVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 14 U 128Holodeck AdventuresUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 12 U 120These are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 0 P 51Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotionNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 1 C 357
    D'derideximage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonRomulan icon
    ST1E 6 R 130
    D'deridex Advancedimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST1E 2 R 122
    Deciusimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST1E 11 R+ 118
    Defiantimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)Rare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 12 R 190VoyagerRareFederation icon
    ST1E 22 V 53
    Deranasimage (first print)
    Engage (first print)VirtualRomulan icon
    ST2E 1 U 410Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommonRomulan icon
    ST1E 34 V 51Cold FrontVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 1 R 358
    Devorasimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST1E 8 C 119Rules of AcquisitionCommonFerengi icon
    ST1E 8 C 120
    D'Kora Transportimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)CommonFerengi icon
    ST1E 0 VR 412Pre-Warp PackVirtualVulcan icon
    ST1E 9 R 104The Trouble with TribblesRareDominion icon
    ST2E 0 VP 47Virtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual PromoDominion icon
    ST1E 0 VP 33Virtual PromosVirtual PromoDominion icon
    ST2E 6 P 60Reflections II - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilDominion icon
    ST1E 27 V 49The Gamma Quadrant (errata)VirtualDominion icon
    ST1E 2 R 119Alternate UniverseRareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 11 U 117Mirror, MirrorUncommonDominion icon
    ST1E 0 P 183
    Enterpriseimage (errata / first print)
    The Enterprise Collection (errata / first print)Promotion FoilStarfleet icon
    ST1E 34 V 49Cold FrontVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 27 V 52The Gamma QuadrantVirtualFerengi icon
    ST1E 21 V 96The Next GenerationVirtualFerengi icon
    ST1E 8 C 121Rules of AcquisitionCommonFerengi icon
    ST1E 11 R 128Mirror, MirrorRareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 5 C 260Deep Space NineCommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 0 P 22Tenth Anniversary Collection - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 2 U R115
    Future Enterpriseimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)Ultra RareFederation icon
    ST1E 9 R 113The Trouble with TribblesRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 5 C 253
    Galorimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)CommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 2 R 120
    Gomtuuimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)RareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 7 R 107
    Goraxusimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST1E 5 R 254Deep Space NineRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 25 V 50The MaquisVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 2 U 171Energize - ST1E compatibleUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 359
    Haakonaimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST2E 1 R 411Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 110
    H.M.S. Bountyimage (first print)
    The Motion Pictures (first print)Rare PlusFederation icon Klingon icon
    ST1E 13 C 125The BorgCommonHirogen icon
    ST1E 1 U 353
    Husnock Shipimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)UncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 15 R 116The Motion PicturesRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 R 344
    I.K.C. Bortasimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 R 345
    I.K.C. Burukimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 0 UR 18The Fajo CollectionUltra RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 15 U 117The Motion PicturesUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 2 R 117
    I.K.C. Fek'lhrimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 9 R+ 110The Trouble with TribblesRare PlusKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 R 346
    I.K.C. Hegh'taimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 15 U 118The Motion PicturesUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 11 U 126Mirror, MirrorUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 120The Motion PicturesRare PlusKlingon icon
    ST1E 7 R 104Blaze of GloryRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 2 C 118
    I.K.C. K'Ratakimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)CommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 15 C 119The Motion PicturesCommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 C 347
    I.K.C. K'Vortimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 7 R 105
    I.K.C. Lukaraimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 3 R 117Q-ContinuumRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 7 R 106
    I.K.C. Negh'Varimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 9 R 111The Trouble with TribblesRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 R 348
    I.K.C. Paghimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 16 V 14Chain of CommandVirtualKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 R 349
    I.K.C. Qu'Vatimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 6 R 129
    I.K.C. Rotarranimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 5 R 259Deep Space NineRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 3 U 118Q-ContinuumUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 13 R+ 128The BorgRare PlusKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 C 350
    I.K.C. Vor'Chaimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 U 351
    I.K.C. Vornimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)UncommonKlingon icon
    ST2E 1 U 400Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommonKlingon icon
    ST2E 1 R 401Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareKlingon icon
    ST1E 18 V 49Straight and SteadyVirtualKlingon icon Non-Aligned icon
    ST1E 21 V 99The Next GenerationVirtualKlingon icon
    ST2E 3 R 206Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleRareKlingon icon
    ST2E 2 R 174Energize - ST1E compatibleRareKlingon icon
    ST2E 14 R 117What You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleRareKlingon icon
    ST2E 14 R 112What You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleRareFederation icon
    ST1E 32 V 85Broken BowVirtualKlingon icon
    ST2E 10 U 116Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommonKlingon icon
    ST1E 31 V 59The Terran EmpireVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 15 U 122The Motion PicturesUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 32 V 86Broken BowVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 57The Terran EmpireVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST2E 13 U 121In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommonStarfleet icon
    ST1E 11 C 119
    I.S.S. Constitutionimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 11 R+ 120
    I.S.S. Enterpriseimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)Rare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 31 V 58The Terran EmpireVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST2E 13 R 122In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleRareStarfleet icon
    ST1E 6 C 124The DominionCommonDominion icon
    ST1E 27 V 50The Gamma QuadrantVirtualDominion icon
    ST1E 6 U 125The DominionUncommonDominion icon
    ST1E 8 R 125
    Jovisimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)RareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 8 C 116
    Karemman Vesselimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)CommonDominion icon
    ST1E 13 U 127The BorgUncommonKazon icon
    ST1E 12 C 195VoyagerCommonKazon icon
    ST1E 12 C 196VoyagerCommonKazon icon
    ST1E 12 R 197
    Kazon Warshipimage (errata)
    Voyager (errata)RareKazon icon
    ST1E 7 C 100Blaze of GloryCommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 6 R 122
    Keldon Advancedimage (first print)
    The Dominion (first print)RareCardassian icon
    ST1E 1 R 360
    Khazaraimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST2E 2 R 178Energize - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 35 V 61MetamorphosisVirtualBajoran icon
    ST2E 2 R 169Energize - ST1E compatibleRareBajoran icon
    ST1E 7 R 101
    Kraxonimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)RareCardassian icon
    ST1E 8 R 122Rules of AcquisitionRareFerengi icon
    ST1E 8 R 123
    Kreechtaimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)RareFerengi icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 121The Motion PicturesRare PlusKlingon icon
    ST1E 21 V 97The Next GenerationVirtualFerengi icon
    ST1E 13 R+ 129
    Libertyimage (errata)
    The Borg (errata)Rare PlusNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 15 U 123The Motion PicturesUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 7 R 99
    Locutus' Borg Cubeimage (errata / first print)
    Blaze of Glory (errata / first print)RareBorg icon
    ST1E 0 P 165All Good ThingsPromotionNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 25 V 51The MaquisVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 2 C 172Energize - ST1E compatibleCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 354
    Mercenary Shipimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 5 U 255Deep Space NineUncommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 5 U 261
    Miradorn Raiderimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)UncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 11 U 123Mirror, MirrorUncommonFerengi icon
    ST2E 3 C 201Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleCommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 9 U 112The Trouble with TribblesUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 10 R 119Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleRareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 28 V 76CrossoverVirtualFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
    ST1E 8 R+ 114
    Napremimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)Rare PlusCardassian icon
    ST1E 33 V 56Live Long and ProsperVirtualVulcan icon
    ST1E 14 R+ 129
    Olarraimage (first print)
    Holodeck Adventures (first print)Rare PlusNon-Aligned icon Hirogen icon
    ST1E 8 C 115
    Patrol Shipimage (first print)
    Rules of Acquisition (first print)CommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 4 R 128
    Phoeniximage (first print)
    First Contact (first print)RareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 1 R 361
    Piimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareRomulan icon
    ST1E 5 R 256
    Prakeshimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)RareCardassian icon
    ST2E 1 U 387Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommonCardassian icon
    ST1E 14 U 130Holodeck AdventuresUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 8 R+ 124Rules of AcquisitionRare PlusFerengi icon
    ST1E 4 R 124
    Queen's Borg Cubeimage (errata / first print)
    First Contact (errata / first print)RareBorg icon
    ST1E 4 R 125First ContactRareBorg icon
    ST1E 20 V 17Resistance is Futile!VirtualBorg icon
    ST2E 0 VP 18Virtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual PromoBorg icon
    ST2E 11 PF 26Genesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilBorg icon
    ST1E 19 V 53Shades of GrayVirtualFerengi icon
    ST1E 18 V 50Straight and SteadyVirtualRomulan icon
    ST1E 34 V 53Cold FrontVirtualRomulan icon
    ST1E 11 C 121
    Rebel Interceptorimage (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 11 R 127
    Regency 1image (first print)
    Mirror, Mirror (first print)RareKlingon icon
    ST1E 0 P 160All Good ThingsPromotionCardassian icon
    ST2E 1 R 388Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 17 V 52Life From LifelessnessVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 5 C 262Deep Space NineCommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 7 C 108Blaze of GloryCommonRomulan icon
    ST2E 0 P 23Tenth Anniversary Collection - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilRomulan icon
    ST1E 1 C 331
    Runaboutimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 17 V 53Life From LifelessnessVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 1 C 362
    Science Vesselimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonRomulan icon
    ST1E 16 V 15Chain of CommandVirtualRomulan icon
    ST2E 1 R 413Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 1 C 363
    Scout Vesselimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonRomulan icon
    ST1E 27 V 53The Gamma QuadrantVirtualRomulan icon
    ST2E 1 R 414Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 33 V 57Live Long and ProsperVirtualVulcan icon
    ST1E 32 V 87Broken BowVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 32 V 88Broken BowVirtualStarfleet icon
    ST1E 15 R 124The Motion PicturesRareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 15 C 125The Motion PicturesCommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 3 R 208Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 25 V 52The MaquisVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 39 V 61The CageVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 9 C 107The Trouble with TribblesCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 15 C 111The Motion PicturesCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 31 V 56The Terran EmpireVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 9 R+ 108The Trouble with TribblesRare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 112The Motion PicturesRare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 16 V 9Chain of CommandVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 113The Motion PicturesRare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 9 R 102
    Stolen Attack Shipimage (first print)
    The Trouble with Tribbles (first print)RareCardassian icon Federation icon
    ST1E 25 V 48
    Stolen Defiantimage (first print)
    The Maquis (first print)VirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 23 V 54The Sky's the LimitVirtualRomulan icon Federation icon
    ST1E 23 V 51The Sky's the LimitVirtualCardassian icon
    ST1E 2 U 121Alternate UniverseUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 2 U 177Energize - ST1E compatibleUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 3 R 204Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleRareDominion icon
    ST1E 3 R 120Q-ContinuumRareRomulan icon
    ST2E 2 R 179Energize - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 13 R 130The BorgRareNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 33 V 58Live Long and ProsperVirtualVulcan icon
    ST1E 24 V 79EmissaryVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 3 U 121Q-ContinuumUncommonRomulan icon
    ST1E 6 R 123The DominionRareCardassian icon
    ST2E 10 R 106Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 0 VR 214Homefront IIIVirtualRomulan icon
    ST2E 2 R 180Energize - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 14 U 126Holodeck AdventuresUncommonFerengi icon
    ST1E 0 P 166
    Tsunkatse Shipimage (first print)
    All Good Things (first print)PromotionNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 11 U 122Mirror, MirrorUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 12 C 191VoyagerCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 332
    Type VI Shuttlecraftimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 20 V 18Resistance is Futile!VirtualFederation icon
    ST2E 17 V 85Raise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 4 U 126First ContactUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 333
    U.S.S. Brittainimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 5 C 257
    U.S.S. Danubeimage (errata / first print)
    Deep Space Nine (errata / first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 13 R+ 131
    U.S.S. Dauntlessimage (first print)
    The Borg (first print)Rare PlusNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
    ST1E 5 P 277
    U.S.S. Defiantimage (first print)
    Deep Space Nine (first print)PromotionFederation icon
    ST1E 16 V 10Chain of CommandVirtualFederation icon
    ST2E 10 R 109Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleRareFederation icon
    ST2E 1 R 391Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareFederation icon
    ST1E 0 P 161
    U.S.S. Drakeimage (first print)
    All Good Things (first print)PromotionFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 334
    U.S.S. Enterpriseimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 16 V 11
    U.S.S. Enterpriseimage (first print)
    Chain of Command (first print)VirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 26 V 1820th Anniversary CollectionVirtualFerengi icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 114
    U.S.S. Enterprise-Aimage (first print)
    The Motion Pictures (first print)Rare PlusFederation icon
    ST1E 15 U 115
    U.S.S. Enterprise-Bimage (first print)
    The Motion Pictures (first print)UncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 2 R 116
    U.S.S. Enterprise-Cimage (first print)
    Alternate Universe (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST2E 10 R 110Captain's Log - ST1E compatibleRareFederation icon
    ST2E 13 C 117In A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 4 R 127First ContactRareFederation icon
    ST1E 16 V 12Chain of CommandVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 26 V 1720th Anniversary CollectionVirtualBorg icon
    ST2E 0 VP 17Virtual Backward 2E PromosVirtual PromoFederation icon
    ST2E 11 PF 27Genesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion FoilFederation icon
    ST2E 1 R 392Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareFederation icon
    ST1E 12 R 192
    U.S.S. Equinoximage (first print)
    Voyager (first print)RareFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
    ST1E 22 V 51EngageVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 335
    U.S.S. Excelsiorimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 336
    U.S.S. Galaxyimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 24 V 77EmissaryVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 0 P 162All Good ThingsPromotionFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 337
    U.S.S. Hoodimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 12 C 193VoyagerCommonFederation icon
    ST1E 0 P 81Promotion CardsPromotionFederation icon
    ST1E 27 V 51The Gamma QuadrantVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 338
    U.S.S. Mirandaimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 339
    U.S.S. Nebulaimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 1 C 340
    U.S.S. Oberthimage (errata / first print)
    Premiere BB (errata / first print)CommonFederation icon
    ST1E 6 U 127The DominionUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 24 V 78EmissaryVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 0 UR 17The Fajo CollectionUltra RareFederation icon
    ST1E 0 P 163All Good ThingsPromotionFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 341
    U.S.S. Phoeniximage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 13 R+ 124
    U.S.S. Prometheusimage (first print)
    The Borg (first print)Rare PlusFederation icon Romulan icon
    ST1E 15 R+ 126
    U.S.S. Reliantimage (first print)
    The Motion Pictures (first print)Rare PlusNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
    ST2E 14 C 120What You Leave Behind - ST1E compatibleCommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 6 R 128The DominionRareFederation icon
    ST1E 8 R+ 117Rules of AcquisitionRare PlusFederation icon
    ST2E 1 U 396Second Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 3 R 116Q-ContinuumRareFederation icon
    ST1E 1 U 342
    U.S.S. Sutherlandimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)UncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 7 R 103
    U.S.S. Thunderchildimage (first print)
    Blaze of Glory (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 35 V 62MetamorphosisVirtualFederation icon
    ST2E 4 U 179Nessesary Evil - ST1E compatibleUncommonFederation icon
    ST1E 12 R 194
    U.S.S. Voyagerimage (first print)
    Voyager (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 16 V 13Chain of CommandVirtualFederation icon
    ST1E 1 R 343
    U.S.S. Yamatoimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)RareFederation icon
    ST1E 5 R 258Deep Space NineRareFederation icon
    ST2E 1 R 415Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareRomulan icon
    ST1E 25 V 53The MaquisVirtualNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 13 R 126The BorgRareHirogen icon
    ST1E 17 V 51
    Vetarimage (errata)
    Life From Lifelessness (errata)VirtualCardassian icon
    ST2E 1 R 389Second Edition - ST1E compatibleRareCardassian icon
    ST1E 12 R 199VoyagerRareVidiian icon
    ST1E 12 C 200VoyagerCommonVidiian icon
    ST1E 12 C 201VoyagerCommonVidiian icon
    ST1E 22 V 52EngageVirtualKazon icon
    ST1E 33 V 59Live Long and ProsperVirtualVulcan icon
    ST1E 4 U 129First ContactUncommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 9 R 105The Trouble with TribblesRareDominion icon
    ST1E 5 C 263Deep Space NineCommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 28 V 77CrossoverVirtualKlingon icon
    ST1E 1 C 355
    Yridian Shuttleimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 3 C 119
    Zalkonian Vesselimage (first print)
    Q-Continuum (first print)CommonNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 1 C 356
    Zibalian Transportimage (first print)
    Premiere BB (first print)CommonNon-Aligned icon