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Tradelists for LotR "Bloodlines"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    LotR 13 R 1Arod, Rohirrim SteedRarePossession314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 2Awkward MomentCommonEvent1307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 3Deep HatredUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 4Dwarf-lordsUncommonEvent507 years ago
    LotR 13 R 5Gimli, Lord of the Glittering CavesRareCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 6Honoring His KinfolkCommonEvent1107 years ago
    LotR 13 C 7Sorrow SharedCommonEvent1007 years ago
    LotR 13 R 8Subterranean HomesteadRareCondition314 years ago
    LotR 13 S 9Arwen, Reflection of LuthienStarterCompanion214 years ago
    LotR 13 R 10Asfaloth, Swift BlossomRarePossession214 years ago
    LotR 13 R 11Celeborn, The WiseRareCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 12City of the TreesCommonCondition1407 years ago
    LotR 13 C 13Crashing CavalryCommonCondition507 years ago
    LotR 13 C 14Final ShotCommonEvent707 years ago
    LotR 13 R 15Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden LandRareCompanion414 years ago
    LotR 13 C 16Inside a SongCommonEvent1207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 17Kindreds EstrangedUncommonEvent507 years ago
    LotR 13 R 18Legolas, of the Grey CompanyRareCompanion224 years ago
    LotR 13 U 19Let FlyUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 S 20Lórien ProtectorStarterCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 21Many MilesCommonEvent1107 years ago
    LotR 13 R 22Secluded HomesteadRareCondition414 years ago
    LotR 13 C 23Shrouded ElfCommonCompanion1007 years ago
    LotR 13 C 24Sprang Forth NimblyCommonEvent607 years ago
    LotR 13 C 25Standing TallCommonCondition907 years ago
    LotR 13 R 26Take Up the BowRareCondition417 years ago
    LotR 13 U 27Wells of Deep MemoryUncommonCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 U 28Alatar, Final EnvoyUncommonFollower207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 29Dasron, Merchant from DorwinionCommonCompanion807 years ago
    LotR 13 C 30Fear and Great WonderCommonCondition1507 years ago
    LotR 13 U 31The Flame of AnorUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 32For a While Less DarkCommonEvent1107 years ago
    LotR 13 R 33Gandalf, Bearer of ObligationRareCompanion217 years ago
    LotR 13 U 34Look to My ComingUncommonEvent707 years ago
    LotR 13 C 35No Colour NowCommonEvent807 years ago
    LotR 13 R 36The Palantír of Orthanc, Recovered Seeing StoneRareArtifact314 years ago
    LotR 13 R 37Pallando, Far-travelling OneRareFollower307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 38Radagast, Tender of BeastsRareFollower214 years ago
    LotR 13 C 39Return to UsCommonEvent1107 years ago
    LotR 13 R 40Shadowfax, Roaring WindRarePossession214 years ago
    LotR 13 C 41Strange MeetingCommonCondition807 years ago
    LotR 13 R 42Traveler's HomesteadRareCondition307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 43Vapour and SteamUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 44Chasm's EdgeRareCondition414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 45Cunningly HiddenUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 46Deagol, Fateful FinderRareFollower314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 47DualityCommonEvent707 years ago
    LotR 13 R 48Fishing BoatRarePossession307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 49Gladden HomesteadRareCondition314 years ago
    LotR 13 U 50Gollum, Her SneakUncommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 51It's My BirthdayCommonEvent1307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 52Little SnufflerUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 53Naked WasteUncommonEvent807 years ago
    LotR 13 C 54Out of All KnowledgeCommonEvent1007 years ago
    LotR 13 U 55Sméagol, Simple StoorUncommonCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 56Softly Up BehindUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 57Trap Is SprungRareEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 58Wild Light of MadnessRareEvent414 years ago
    LotR 13 R 59Aragorn, Isildur's HeirRareCompanion407 years ago
    LotR 13 U 60Away on the WindUncommonCondition307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 61Banners BlowingUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 S 62Boromir, Doomed HeirStarterCompanion507 years ago
    LotR 13 R 63Brego, Loyal SteedRarePossession224 years ago
    LotR 13 R 64Denethor, Last Ruling StewardRareCompanion314 years ago
    LotR 13 R 65Elendil, High-King of GondorRareCompanion314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 66Faramir, Prince of IthilienCommonCompanion807 years ago
    LotR 13 U 67Guard of the White TreeUncommonCompanion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 68Guarded CityCommonEvent1407 years ago
    LotR 13 C 69Heirs of GondorCommonCondition1217 years ago
    LotR 13 U 70Hope RenewedUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 71Isildur, Heir of ElendilUncommonCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 72Kings' LegacyUncommonCondition307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 73KingsfoilCommonPossession1607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 74Rally the CompanyStarterEvent507 years ago
    LotR 13 U 75Stewards' LegacyUncommonCondition707 years ago
    LotR 13 R 76Storied HomesteadRareCondition414 years ago
    LotR 13 C 77Tradesman From LebenninCommonCompanion907 years ago
    LotR 13 R 78Alatar DeceivedRareCondition414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 79Pallando DeceivedUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 80Radagast DeceivedRareCondition507 years ago
    LotR 13 R 81Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's StaveRareArtifact314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 82Bring Down the WallCommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 83Caravan From the SouthCommonCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 R 84Corsair ChampionRareMinion307 years ago
    LotR 13 S 85Cruel DunlendingStarterMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 86Desert WindRareMinion614 years ago
    LotR 13 C 87Driven From the PlainsCommonCondition707 years ago
    LotR 13 U 88Dunlending PatriarchUncommonMinion307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 89Dunlending TrapperUncommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 90Easterling RunnerCommonMinion1107 years ago
    LotR 13 U 91Fires Brightly BurningUncommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 92Gríma, Footman of SarumanUncommonMinion307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 93HarmlessRareCondition514 years ago
    LotR 13 U 94HowdahUncommonCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 U 95Lying in WaitUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 96Merciless DunlendingCommonMinion607 years ago
    LotR 13 C 97Pirate CutthroatCommonMinion1007 years ago
    LotR 13 U 98Southron MurdererUncommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 S 99StragglersStarterCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 S 100Vicious DunlendingStarterMinion607 years ago
    LotR 13 R 101Voice of the Desert, Southron TroopRareMinion114 years ago
    LotR 13 C 102Worn BattleaxeCommonPossession907 years ago
    LotR 13 U 103Always ThreateningUncommonCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 R 104Chamber PatrolRareMinion414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 105DefiledUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 106Enemy Upon EnemyUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 107Expendable ServantsCommonEvent907 years ago
    LotR 13 R 108Forced MarchRareCondition214 years ago
    LotR 13 S 109Howling OrcStarterMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 110Isengard InformantUncommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 111Massing StrengthCommonEvent1107 years ago
    LotR 13 R 112Orc CrusherRareMinion314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 113Orc Line-breakerCommonMinion2607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 114Orc Plains RunnerStarterMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 115Orc Raid CommanderRareMinion414 years ago
    LotR 13 C 116Orc ReaperCommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 117Ordnance GruntRareMinion507 years ago
    LotR 13 S 118Picket DenizenStarterMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 119Underdeeps DenizenCommonMinion607 years ago
    LotR 13 C 120Unforgiving DepthsCommonCondition707 years ago
    LotR 13 C 121Whatever MeansCommonEvent607 years ago
    LotR 13 U 122Bitter TidingsUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 123Eomer, Heir to MeduseldRareCompanion224 years ago
    LotR 13 U 124Eowyn, Restless WarriorUncommonCompanion307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 125Ferthu Théoden HalCommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 126Firefoot, Mearas of the MarkRarePossession314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 127Freely Across Our LandCommonCondition407 years ago
    LotR 13 U 128Háma, Captain of the King's GuardUncommonCompanion207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 129HamstrungCommonEvent207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 130Hurried BarrowsUncommonEvent1007 years ago
    LotR 13 U 131King's BoardUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 132Merchant of WestfoldCommonCompanion907 years ago
    LotR 13 C 133Riddermark TacticianCommonCompanion1707 years ago
    LotR 13 C 134Ride With MeCommonEvent1307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 135Rider's BowUncommonPossession207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 136Snowmane, Noble MearasRarePossession414 years ago
    LotR 13 R 137Théoden, The RenownedRareCompanion214 years ago
    LotR 13 R 138Theodred, Second Marshal of the MarkRareCompanion314 years ago
    LotR 13 R 139Wind-swept HomesteadRareCondition314 years ago
    LotR 13 R 140Sauron, Dark Lord of MordorRareMinion224 years ago
    LotR 13 R 141Sceptre of the Dark LordRareArtifact224 years ago
    LotR 13 R 142Bilbo, Aged Ring-bearerRareCompanion314 years ago
    LotR 13 R 143Bill the Pony, Dearly-lovedRarePossession414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 144Daddy Twofoot, Next-door NeighborUncommonFollower207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 145Don't Let GoCommonCondition807 years ago
    LotR 13 U 146Everything but My BonesUncommonEvent607 years ago
    LotR 13 C 147Faith in FriendshipCommonCondition307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 148Fates EntwinedUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 149Frodo, Frenzied FighterRareCompanion414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 150Frodo Gamgee, Son of SamwiseUncommonFollower207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 151The Gaffer, Master GardenerUncommonFollower207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 152Humble HomesteadRareCondition214 years ago
    LotR 13 R 153Mithril-coat, Dwarf-mailRareArtifact414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 154New ChapterUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 155Phial of Galadriel, The Light of EarendilRareArtifact514 years ago
    LotR 13 R 156Sam, Bearer of Great NeedRareCompanion314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 157Westfarthing BusinessmanCommonCompanion1107 years ago
    LotR 13 R 158Assault CommanderRareMinion314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 159Assault DenizenCommonMinion1207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 160Cavern DenizenCommonMinion1207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 161Endless AssaultCommonCondition1007 years ago
    LotR 13 C 162Enemy Without NumberCommonCondition307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 163Entranced UrukCommonMinion607 years ago
    LotR 13 C 164Fearless ApproachCommonCondition907 years ago
    LotR 13 U 165Isengard InfiltratorUncommonMinion307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 166New EnemyUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 167Signs of WarUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 C 168Uruk AggressorCommonMinion807 years ago
    LotR 13 R 169Uruk BlitzRareMinion414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 170Uruk DistractorUncommonMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 171Uruk InvaderRareMinion614 years ago
    LotR 13 C 172Uruk OutriderCommonMinion1007 years ago
    LotR 13 C 173Uruk ReserveCommonMinion1407 years ago
    LotR 13 R 174Uruk RogueRareMinion314 years ago
    LotR 13 C 175Uruk TacticianCommonMinion307 years ago
    LotR 13 C 176War MachineCommonEvent1507 years ago
    LotR 13 U 177Weapons of ControlUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 R 178Dark Fell About HimRareEvent414 years ago
    LotR 13 U 179From Hideous EyrieUncommonEvent307 years ago
    LotR 13 R 180Shadow in the EastRareEvent314 years ago
    LotR 13 U 181They Came From MordorUncommonCondition207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 182Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine RidersUncommonMinion107 years ago
    LotR 13 U 183Úlairë Lemenya, Servant of the ShadowUncommonMinion507 years ago
    LotR 13 C 184Úlairë Nertëa, Servant of the ShadowCommonMinion607 years ago
    LotR 13 U 185Abandoned Mine ShaftUncommonSite607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 186Caves of AglarondStarterSite207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 187City of KingsUncommonSite307 years ago
    LotR 13 U 188Courtyard ParapetUncommonSite607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 189Crossroads of the Fallen KingsStarterSite207 years ago
    LotR 13 U 190Doors of DurinUncommonSite607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 191Fords of IsenStarterSite607 years ago
    LotR 13 S 192The Great GatesStarterSite807 years ago
    LotR 13 U 193IsenwashUncommonSite507 years ago
    LotR 13 U 194Redhorn PassUncommonSite407 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 1Celeborn, The WiseSubset Rare FoilCompanion00No "Haves" and "Wants" edited so far
    LotR 13 RF 2Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden LandSubset Rare FoilCompanion107 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 3Legolas, of the Grey CompanySubset Rare FoilCompanion207 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 4Gandalf, Bearer of ObligationSubset Rare FoilCompanion407 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 5Pallando, Far-travelling OneSubset Rare FoilFollower117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 6Deagol, Fateful FinderSubset Rare FoilFollower017 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 7Aragorn, Isildur's HeirSubset Rare FoilCompanion107 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 8Denethor, Last Ruling StewardSubset Rare FoilCompanion107 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 9Voice of the Desert, Southron TroopSubset Rare FoilMinion117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 10Chamber PatrolSubset Rare FoilMinion117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 11Orc CrusherSubset Rare FoilMinion107 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 12Eomer, Heir to MeduseldSubset Rare FoilCompanion117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 13Théoden, The RenownedSubset Rare FoilCompanion017 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 14Sauron, Dark Lord of MordorSubset Rare FoilMinion117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 15Frodo, Frenzied FighterSubset Rare FoilCompanion117 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 16Sam, Bearer of Great NeedSubset Rare FoilCompanion017 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 17Uruk BlitzSubset Rare FoilMinion207 years ago
    LotR 13 RF 18Uruk RogueSubset Rare FoilMinion00No "Haves" and "Wants" edited so far
    LotR 13 O 1Celeborn, The WiseLegends FoilCompanion024 years ago
    LotR 13 O 2Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden LandLegends FoilCompanion024 years ago
    LotR 13 O 3Legolas, of the Grey CompanyLegends FoilCompanion034 years ago
    LotR 13 O 4Gandalf, Bearer of ObligationLegends FoilCompanion024 years ago
    LotR 13 O 5Pallando, Far-travelling OneLegends FoilFollower024 years ago
    LotR 13 O 6Aragorn, Isildur's HeirLegends FoilCompanion034 years ago
    LotR 13 O 7Denethor, Last Ruling StewardLegends FoilCompanion124 years ago
    LotR 13 O 8Eomer, Heir to MeduseldLegends FoilCompanion034 years ago
    LotR 13 O 9Théoden, The RenownedLegends FoilCompanion024 years ago