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Tradelists for ST2E "Reflections 2.0"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    ST2E 6 P 1AftermathPromotion FoilDilemma5121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 2Dignitaries and WitnessesPromotion FoilDilemma3121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 3Eye to EyePromotion FoilDilemma691 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 4Final AdventurePromotion FoilDilemma6101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 5Full Security AlertPromotion FoilDilemma1101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 6Hard TimePromotion FoilDilemma7151 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 7HelplessPromotion FoilDilemma991 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 8Mr. TricorderPromotion FoilDilemma891 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 9Shipboard FirePromotion FoilDilemma7101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 10The Three VipersPromotion FoilDilemma491 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 11Unknown MicroorganismPromotion FoilDilemma7111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 12UrgencyPromotion FoilDilemma4111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 13Worn-Out WelcomePromotion FoilDilemma7121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 14Adapted to Service UsPromotion FoilEvent7111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 15Biogenic WeaponPromotion FoilEvent791 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 16Bustling with ActivityPromotion FoilEvent6101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 17Changed HistoryPromotion FoilEvent9121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 18Disadvantage Into AdvantagePromotion FoilEvent6121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 19Distant ExplorationPromotion FoilEvent5151 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 20FrictionPromotion FoilEvent5101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 21ForesightPromotion FoilEvent5101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 22Guidance of the CouncilPromotion FoilEvent391 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 23High Command "Motivation"Promotion FoilEvent691 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 24Interstellar TreatyPromotion FoilEvent10101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 25Invocation of Kosst AmojanPromotion FoilEvent691 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 26Maquis RaidPromotion FoilEvent7121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 27Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!Promotion FoilEvent6131 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 28QuintessencePromotion FoilEvent4111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 29Stalling for TimePromotion FoilEvent4121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 30Stealth MissionPromotion FoilEvent8101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 31The New ResistancePromotion FoilEvent5101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 32Tribunal SentencingPromotion FoilEvent4111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 33Change of HeartPromotion FoilInterrupt7101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 34Dark SecretsPromotion FoilInterrupt10111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 35I Need A Little CounselingPromotion FoilInterrupt3111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 36No Harm DonePromotion FoilInterrupt5111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 37Shri-talPromotion FoilInterrupt891 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 38Strength for Our StrugglePromotion FoilInterrupt9121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 39Transwarp ConduitPromotion FoilInterrupt3121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 40Odo, Curzon OdoPromotion FoilPersonnel491 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 41Yarka, Harbinger of the ProphetsPromotion FoilPersonnel8111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 42Annexation DronePromotion FoilPersonnel3101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 43Requisitions DronePromotion FoilPersonnel5131 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 44Enabran Tain, "Retired" SpymasterPromotion FoilPersonnel8101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 45GoranPromotion FoilPersonnel6101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 46Gelnon, Aloof TacticianPromotion FoilPersonnel7101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 47Ixtana'Rax, Honored ElderPromotion FoilPersonnel3111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 48Lamat'Ukan, Resourceful ThirdPromotion FoilPersonnel291 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 49Jean-Luc Picard, VintnerPromotion FoilPersonnel4171 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 50Kira Nerys, Starfleet EmissaryPromotion FoilPersonnel3111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 51Santos, Squad LeaderPromotion FoilPersonnel8121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 52Shankar, Maquis SoldierPromotion FoilPersonnel7101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 53William T. Riker, Wistful AdmiralPromotion FoilPersonnel591 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 54Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtarPromotion FoilPersonnel5111 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 55Worf, Son of MoghPromotion FoilPersonnel4101 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 56Jean-Luc Picard, GalenPromotion FoilPersonnel591 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 57Vina, Orion Slave GirlPromotion FoilPersonnel491 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 58Deanna Troi, Major RakalPromotion FoilPersonnel1091 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 59Mendak, Duplicitous AdmiralPromotion FoilPersonnel1181 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 60Dominion BattleshipPromotion FoilShip2121 month ago
    ST2E 6 P 61U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed WarshipPromotion FoilShip791 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 62Kelvan Show of ForceReprint FoilDilemma9101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 63MaglockReprint FoilDilemma891 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 64Personal DutyReprint FoilDilemma4101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 65EscapeReprint FoilInterrupt691 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 66Secret ConspiracyReprint FoilInterrupt13101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 67Bareil Antos, Esteemed VedekReprint FoilPersonnel1091 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 68Benjamin Sisko, The Emissary of the ProphetsReprint FoilPersonnel1491 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 69Kamala, The Perfect MateReprint FoilPersonnel991 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 70Vash, Treasure HunterReprint FoilPersonnel11101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 71Face to FaceReprint FoilDilemma881 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 72Head to HeadReprint FoilDilemma9101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 73ComplicationsReprint FoilEvent791 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 74Confessions in the Pale MoonlightReprint FoilEvent1181 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 75MachinationsReprint FoilEvent781 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 76Borum, Selfless HeroReprint FoilPersonnel8101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 77Jake Sisko, Temporal AnchorReprint FoilPersonnel9111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 78Roga Danar, Decorated SubhadarReprint FoilPersonnel9101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 79Gomtuu Shock WaveReprint FoilDilemma791 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 80OverwhelmedReprint FoilDilemma1281 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 81I Don't Like to LoseReprint FoilEvent1391 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 82The Manheim EffectReprint FoilEvent4101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 83Borg Queen, Guardian of the HiveReprint FoilPersonnel981 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 84Locutus, Voice of the BorgReprint FoilPersonnel791 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 85Damar, Useful AdjutantReprint FoilPersonnel1391 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 86Dukat, Liberator and ProtectorReprint FoilPersonnel1491 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 87Bashir Founder, Nefarious SaboteurReprint FoilPersonnel18101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 88Remata'Klan, Unit LeaderReprint FoilPersonnel11101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 89Weyoun, Loyal Subject of the DominionReprint FoilPersonnel7111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 90Michael Eddington, Traitor to StarfleetReprint FoilPersonnel8101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 91Quark, Resistance InformantReprint FoilPersonnel19101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 92Biochemical HyperaccelerationReprint FoilDilemma491 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 93Broken CaptiveReprint FoilDilemma11121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 94Counterinsurgency ProgramReprint FoilDilemma6101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 95In TrainingReprint FoilDilemma5101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 96Talosian TrialReprint FoilDilemma881 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 97The Dreamer and the DreamReprint FoilDilemma3111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 98Tsiolkovsky InfectionReprint FoilDilemma2121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 99Whisper in the DarkReprint FoilDilemma5111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 100The Sword of KahlessReprint FoilEquipment13101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 101At What Cost?Reprint FoilEvent291 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 102EndangeredReprint FoilEvent2111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 103Far-Seeing EyesReprint FoilEvent4121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 104Field StudiesReprint FoilEvent10111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 105Running a Tight ShipReprint FoilEvent691 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 106Storage CompartmentReprint FoilEvent891 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 107The Perfect ToolReprint FoilEvent11121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 108BrainwashingReprint FoilInterrupt8101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 109Knowledge and ExperienceReprint FoilInterrupt5101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 110Outlining the StakesReprint FoilInterrupt8111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 111The Rite of EmergenceReprint FoilInterrupt2111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 112Krim, Thoughtful TacticianReprint FoilPersonnel881 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 113Founder ArchitectReprint FoilPersonnel6101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 114Guinan, ListenerReprint FoilPersonnel4121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 115William T. Riker, Exchange OfficerReprint FoilPersonnel9101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 116Crosis, Fanatical LieutenantReprint FoilPersonnel7121 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 117Data, Loyal BrotherReprint FoilPersonnel5111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 118Lore, The OneReprint FoilPersonnel7111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 119B'Etor, Romulan ConspiratorReprint FoilPersonnel8111 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 120Koval, Chairman of the Tal ShiarReprint FoilPersonnel7101 month ago
    ST2E 6 RF 121Lursa, Romulan ConspiratorReprint FoilPersonnel1291 month ago