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Tradelists for ST1E "Mirror, Mirror"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    ST1E 11 R 1Tantalus FieldRareArtifact8571 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 2A Fast Ship Would Be NiceRareDilemma58111 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 3Artillery AttackRareDilemma7781 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 4Chula: The GameUncommonDilemma5231 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 5Denevan Neural ParasitesRareDilemma42101 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 6DistractionUncommonDilemma5221 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 7Emergency ConversionCommonDilemma6721 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 8Gorn EncounterUncommonDilemma4331 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 9HortaRareDilemma52161 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 10Kelvan Show of ForceRareDilemma50211 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 11Quantum FissureUncommonDilemma5631 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 12Royale Casino: SlotsCommonDilemma6321 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 13Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror UniverseUncommonDoorway5751 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 14The Guardian of ForeverRareDoorway75281 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 15AgonizerUncommonEquipment5551 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 16Classic DisruptorCommonEquipment7721 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 17Ferengi WhipUncommonEquipment5141 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 18Mirror DaggerCommonEquipment6641 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 19Multidimensional Transport DeviceCommonEquipment7321 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 20Romulan Cloaking DeviceUncommonEquipment5431 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 21Self-Sealing Stem BoltsCommonEquipment6411 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 22Stolen Cloaking DeviceUncommonEquipment4921 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 2335th Rule of AcquisitionUncommonEvent4631 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 24Blood ScreeningUncommonEvent5261 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 25Treaty: Federation/DominionCommonEvent6331 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 26Alliance NorCommonFacility8931 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 27Mirror Terok NorRare PlusFacility24141 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 28Terran OutpostCommonFacility8821 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 29Terran Rebellion HQRareFacility8281 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 30Klingon Empire OutpostCommonFacility9021 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 31Agony BoothUncommonIncident6241 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 32CrossoverCommonIncident10331 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 33Emblem of the AllianceCommonIncident8531 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 34Emblem of the EmpireCommonIncident8521 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 35Hostage TradeCommonIncident8421 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 36No Way OutUncommonIncident5031 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 37The Art of DiplomacyRareIncident6791 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 38Transporter MixupUncommonIncident5731 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 39I'm a Doctor, Not a BricklayerUncommonInterrupt4241 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 40Vulcan "Death Grip"UncommonInterrupt5961 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 41Disrupt AllianceUncommonMission5931 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 42Feldomite RushUncommonMission7021 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 43Historical ResearchUncommonMission6131 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 44Mine DilithiumUncommonMission5631 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 45Search for RebelsUncommonMission5921 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 46Construct StarshipRareObjective7791 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 47For Cardassia!UncommonObjective5831 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 48The Emperor's New CloakUncommonObjective5821 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 49BareilRare PlusPersonnel28111 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 50Commander LeetaRarePersonnel8481 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 51GanttCommonPersonnel6721 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 52Javek LenCommonPersonnel8521 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 53Overseer OdoRare PlusPersonnel31131 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 54Romara CalCommonPersonnel9131 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 55Taymar BernCommonPersonnel9021 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 56The IntendantRare PlusPersonnel24121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 57Weyoun of BorgRare PlusPersonnel24131 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 58AramaxCommonPersonnel8431 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 59DorzaCommonPersonnel8931 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 60Overseer MardelUncommonPersonnel6131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 61Security Chief GarakRare PlusPersonnel34101 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 62ThraxUncommonPersonnel6121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 63LuaranRarePersonnel60101 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 64Captain BashirRare PlusPersonnel3491 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 65Captain DaxRare PlusPersonnel37151 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 66Chief Engineer ScottRare PlusPersonnel39121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 67Chief Navigator ChekovRare PlusPersonnel32121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 68Chief Surgeon McCoyRare PlusPersonnel30101 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 69Comm Officer UhuraRare PlusPersonnel29121 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 70Crewman WilsonCommonPersonnel8221 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 71Dr. FarallonRarePersonnel8061 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 72Ensign DavisCommonPersonnel8121 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 73Ensign GaffneyCommonPersonnel7131 week ago
    ST1E 11 U R 74First Officer SpockUltra RarePersonnel5281 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 75Jake SiskoRare PlusPersonnel42131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 76James Tiberius KirkRare PlusPersonnel27141 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 77Lt. KyleUncommonPersonnel6831 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 78Lt. MoreauUncommonPersonnel5841 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 79MarauderCommonPersonnel9121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 80Marlena MoreauRare PlusPersonnel34111 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 81Mr. AndrewsCommonPersonnel8141 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 82Mr. TuvokRarePersonnel66101 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 83Nurse ChapelRare PlusPersonnel30121 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 84ProtUncommonPersonnel5351 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 85Security Chief SuluRare PlusPersonnel35111 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 86SmileyRare PlusPersonnel4291 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 87Transporter Chief KyleUncommonPersonnel6041 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 88Mr. BruntRare PlusPersonnel31131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 89Mr. NogRare PlusPersonnel36101 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 90Mr. QuarkRare PlusPersonnel32131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 91Mr. RomRare PlusPersonnel30131 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 92KorvekCommonPersonnel9331 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 93LorevaCommonPersonnel9321 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 94Regent WorfRare PlusPersonnel26101 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 95RinoxUncommonPersonnel6071 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 96RukorUncommonPersonnel5731 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 97T'VorCommonPersonnel8631 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 98TelokUncommonPersonnel5651 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 99VartoqCommonPersonnel9921 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 100BalokUncommonPersonnel5841 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 101Dr. Roger KorbyUncommonPersonnel6031 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 102EzriRare PlusPersonnel28131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 103FontaineRare PlusPersonnel29121 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 104Mr. SiskoRare PlusPersonnel40141 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 105Professor SiskoRare PlusPersonnel36131 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 106RukRarePersonnel6961 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 107Thomas ParisRarePersonnel8471 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 108Wyatt EarpUncommonPersonnel5821 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 109Commander CharvanekRare PlusPersonnel31111 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 110D'vanoCommonPersonnel8531 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 111GorrusCommonPersonnel8041 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 112Subcommander TalUncommonPersonnel5621 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 113TagusCommonPersonnel8811 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 114Alliance InterceptorCommonShip8831 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 115Bajoran WarshipRareShip8591 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 116Alliance GalorCommonShip8341 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 117Enhanced Attack ShipUncommonShip3141 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 118DefiantRare PlusShip29111 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 119I.S.S. ConstitutionCommonShip8031 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 120I.S.S. EnterpriseRare PlusShip33151 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 121Rebel InterceptorCommonShip9251 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 122Type 18 ShuttlepodUncommonShip5551 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 123Mirror Ferengi ShuttleUncommonShip5641 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 124Alliance K'VortCommonShip8641 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 125Alliance Vor'ChaCommonShip9041 week ago
    ST1E 11 U 126I.K.C. Ki'tangUncommonShip5231 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 127Regency 1RareShip78111 week ago
    ST1E 11 R 128FesariusRareShip8681 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 129Battle CruiserCommonShip8021 week ago
    ST1E 11 C 130Ops: Mirror UniverseCommonSite7731 week ago
    ST1E 11 R+ 131Halkan CouncilRare PlusTime Location9091 week ago