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Tradelists for ST1E "Reflections"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    ST1E 10 P 1Betazoid Gift BoxVery Rare FoilArtifact56123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 2CryosatelliteVery Rare FoilArtifact47133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 3Data's HeadSuper Rare FoilArtifact28133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 4Horga'hnSuper Rare FoilArtifact26193 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 5Kurlan NaiskosSuper Rare FoilArtifact28163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 6Magic Carpet Ride OCDVery Rare FoilArtifact55133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 7Ressikan FluteVery Rare FoilArtifact46133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 8Armus - Skin of EvilVery Rare FoilDilemma64123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 9Barclay's Protomorphosis DiseaseSuper Rare FoilDilemma19163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 10Borg ShipSuper Rare FoilDilemma36183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 11Crystalline EntityVery Rare FoilDilemma44113 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 12CytheriansSuper Rare FoilDilemma20173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 13DNA CluesVery Rare FoilDilemma43143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 14QSuper Rare FoilDilemma34163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 15Scout EncounterVery Rare FoilDilemma80133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 16The SheliakVery Rare FoilDilemma45123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 17YutaVery Rare FoilDilemma85103 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 18Devidian DoorSuper Rare FoilDoorway41173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 19Bynars Weapon EnhancementSuper Rare FoilEvent16173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 20InterrogationVery Rare FoilEvent49103 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 21Ocular ImplantsVery Rare FoilEvent42143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 22RegenerateSuper Rare FoilEvent30213 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 23RetaskVery Rare FoilEvent53133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 24Revolving DoorVery Rare FoilEvent43113 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 25SupernovaVery Rare FoilEvent55173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 26System 5 DisruptorsVery Rare FoilEvent51113 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 27Wall of ShipsVery Rare FoilEvent30133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 28Central CommandSuper Rare FoilFacility33143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 29Chamber of MinistersSuper Rare FoilFacility23203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 30Office of the PresidentSuper Rare FoilFacility12163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 31Office of the ProconsulSuper Rare FoilFacility19173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 32The Great HallSuper Rare FoilFacility24123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 33The Great LinkSuper Rare FoilFacility22163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 34Alas, Poor QueenVery Rare FoilInterrupt35133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 35Klingon Death YellVery Rare FoilInterrupt52143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 36Espionage MissionSuper Rare FoilMission10203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 37Investigate "Shattered Space"Very Rare FoilMission55133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 38Investigate RumorsVery Rare FoilMission41123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 39Pegasus SearchVery Rare FoilMission75143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 40Study NebulaVery Rare FoilMission55133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 41Wormhole NegotiationsVery Rare FoilMission41143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 42Assimilate HomeworldVery Rare FoilObjective34133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 43Plans of the Tal ShiarVery Rare FoilObjective52143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 44Bareil AntosVery Rare FoilPersonnel49123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 45Kira NerysSuper Rare FoilPersonnel20183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 46OdoSuper Rare FoilPersonnel12233 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 47Borg QueenUltra Rare FoilPersonnel4333 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 48Gowron of BorgBox Topper FoilPersonnel11193 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 49Seven of NineCase Topper FoilPersonnel16203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 50DamarVery Rare FoilPersonnel51143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 51DukatSuper Rare FoilPersonnel10203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 52Elim GarakSuper Rare FoilPersonnel14203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 53GarakVery Rare FoilPersonnel48143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 54Founder LeaderSuper Rare FoilPersonnel14143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 55Kira FounderSuper Rare FoilPersonnel49143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 56O'Brien FounderVery Rare FoilPersonnel35133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 57WeyounVery Rare FoilPersonnel74153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 58Admiral RikerBox Topper FoilPersonnel15213 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 59Benjamin SiskoSuper Rare FoilPersonnel13203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 60Beverly CrusherSuper Rare FoilPersonnel14213 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 61Beverly PicardSuper Rare FoilPersonnel29133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 62DataSuper Rare FoilPersonnel22193 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 63Deanna TroiSuper Rare FoilPersonnel33123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 64Geordi La ForgeSuper Rare FoilPersonnel30163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 65Jadzia DaxSuper Rare FoilPersonnel25183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 66Jean-Luc PicardUltra Rare FoilPersonnel6263 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 67Julian BashirSuper Rare FoilPersonnel15163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 68Tasha Yar-AlternateSuper Rare FoilPersonnel26183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 69William T. RikerSuper Rare FoilPersonnel15173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 70WorfSuper Rare FoilPersonnel30123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 71B'EtorSuper Rare FoilPersonnel15163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 72Governor WorfSuper Rare FoilPersonnel24193 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 73GowronSuper Rare FoilPersonnel17163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 74KahlessVery Rare FoilPersonnel46133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 75KurnVery Rare FoilPersonnel45133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 76LursaSuper Rare FoilPersonnel20193 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 77MartokSuper Rare FoilPersonnel19163 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 7810 and 01Super Rare FoilPersonnel15153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 79DathonSuper Rare FoilPersonnel24153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 80GalenSuper Rare FoilPersonnel16153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 81Madam GuinanSuper Rare FoilPersonnel25153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 82Roga DanarSuper Rare FoilPersonnel20153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 83Dr. Telek R'MorBox Topper FoilPersonnel19183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 84Major RakalSuper Rare FoilPersonnel22153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 85SelaSuper Rare FoilPersonnel25183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 86TarisVery Rare FoilPersonnel58113 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 87TorethVery Rare FoilPersonnel89123 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 88Queen's Borg CubeSuper Rare FoilShip23233 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 89Keldon AdvancedSuper Rare FoilShip18203 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 90PrakeshVery Rare FoilShip40183 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 91U.S.S. DefiantUltra Rare FoilShip7373 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 92Future EnterpriseUltra Rare FoilShip0413 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 93U.S.S. EnterpriseSuper Rare FoilShip17263 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 94U.S.S. Enterprise-CVery Rare FoilShip44153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 95I.K.C. BortasVery Rare FoilShip51143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 96I.K.C. Fek'lhrVery Rare FoilShip55143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 97I.K.C. Hegh'taVery Rare FoilShip57153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 98I.K.C. RotarranVery Rare FoilShip45143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 99GomtuuVery Rare FoilShip50133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 100Cha'JohVery Rare FoilShip52153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 101D'deridex AdvancedSuper Rare FoilShip22173 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 102DeciusVery Rare FoilShip92143 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 103KhazaraVery Rare FoilShip52153 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 104Montana Missile ComplexVery Rare FoilTime Location36133 weeks ago
    ST1E 10 P 105100,000 Tribbles (Clone)Box Topper FoilTribble26163 weeks ago