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Worlds 2019 - Vienna (Austria)


    The Organized Play team is proud to announce that in 2019 our signature event, the World Championships for all three games: Star Trek: First Edition, Star Trek: Second Edition, and Tribbles, will be headed back to mainland Europe for the first time in nearly five years. Currently scheduled for Thursday August 8th through Sunday August 11th in beautiful Vienna, Austria, all of the events will be held at the charming JAZZLAND night club that is located right in the heart of the city center. This venue has played host to a number of successful high-level tournaments in the past, and will be closed to the general public for the duration of World Championships weekend. Best of all, the venue is a boon to traveling players as it is located just minutes from Vienna International Airport, the Museum of Natural History, Aqua Tera Zoo, and a host of other attractions from the Habsburg Empire. It is our hope that in announcing the event nearly a year in advance our international guests will have sufficient time to plan their itinerary, and to bring their families along for the ride as part of a greater summer vacation. Whether you wish to partake in Vienna's legendary nightlife, travel through Austria's picturesque countryside, or simply play STCCG for four days straight, we ask that you be our guest in August of 2019 as the World Championships return to mainland Europe.

    Now that the dates have been formally announced, stay tuned for additional details regarding hotel accomodations, the tournament schedule, etc. as this information will be posted as it becomes available. Start planning your trips, and watch the World Championship forum for more information. We hope to see you in Austria next August!

    by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized Play