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ST1E Tournament - "Worlds 2018 - Day 1"

    This Tournament was announced by openCards user Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Mar 31st, 2018. It was operated as Main-TD by "Kenneth Tufts".

    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event Worlds 2018.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    RankPlayerPointsAffiliationAdditional informationDecklist
    1US Michael Van Breemen
    15Bajoran iconRomulan iconimage
    2AU Greg Dillon
    A Deck I Copied and Made Shit
    13Federation iconimage
    3 Adam7779unknown iconSoS 37
    4AU Steve Hartmann
    The Doctor and his companions V2
    9Federation iconSoS 33image
    5US Amber Van Breemen
    Amber MACO SF Worlds day 1
    9Starfleet iconSoS 29image
    6AU Garry Dillon7unknown icon
    7AU Peter Hill
    Hirogen deck Worlds 2018
    2Non-Aligned iconHirogen iconimage


    Date: Oct 12th, 2018
    Category: World Championship (day 1)
    Format: Open - OTF
    Level: Level 4 (World Championships)
    Good Games Burwood - Burwood (Australia)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 7
    Played Rounds: 4

    Tournament director

    TD: Kenneth Tufts