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[Through the Looking Glass] Through the Looking Glass (TtlG)

Reguläre Erweiterung mit 54 virtuell Karten von The Continuing Committee (2016-03-25).

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ST1E 29 V 1A New GameDilemma
ST1E 29 V 2Alien Abduction: Test SubjectsDilemma
ST1E 29 V 3Attractive AntiquitiesDilemma
ST1E 29 V 4Between Duty and RespectDilemma
ST1E 29 V 5Caretaker's WaveDilemma
ST1E 29 V 6Dangerous DerelictDilemma
ST1E 29 V 7ExcludedDilemma
ST1E 29 V 8Exe-Q-tionerDilemma
ST1E 29 V 9Looking for Par'machDilemma
ST1E 29 V 10MisdirectionDilemma
ST1E 29 V 11Nausicaans: PiratesDilemma
ST1E 29 V 12Q-uality TimeDilemma
ST1E 29 V 13Routine PhysicalDilemma
ST1E 29 V 14UnexpectedDilemma
ST1E 29 V 15Habit of DisappearingEvent
ST1E 29 V 16Covert AgentIncident
ST1E 29 V 17Full Complement of ShuttlesIncident
ST1E 29 V 18Getting to Know YouIncident
ST1E 29 V 19Greater Glory of CardassiaIncident
ST1E 29 V 20Protect the TimelineIncident
ST1E 29 V 21Station BriefingIncident
ST1E 29 V 22Supplant OppositeIncident
ST1E 29 V 23Valuable PrisonerIncident
ST1E 29 V 24Renewed SpiritInterrupt
ST1E 29 V 25Smoke and Mirrors (Erstdruck)Interrupt
ST1E 29 V 26Research Historic AccidentMission
ST1E 29 V 27Seek Illicit RelicMission
ST1E 29 V 28Visit Parallel UniverseMission
ST1E 29 V 29Assemble Rescue TeamObjective
ST1E 29 V 30Assume IdentityObjective
ST1E 29 V 31Fear Will Keep Them in LineObjective
ST1E 29 V 32Get BackObjective
ST1E 29 V 33Imperial IntimidationObjective
ST1E 29 V 34Insert Undercover AgentObjective
ST1E 29 V 35Kira NerysPersonnelBajoran icon
ST1E 29 V 36Benjamin SiskoPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 37Captain KirkPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 38❖ Crewman BredahlPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 39❖ Crewman PeartPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 40Dr. McCoyPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 41❖ Ensign CaggianoPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 42❖ Ensign ChagwizaPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 43❖ Ensign KjolholmPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 44FarrellPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 45HaadokPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 46Julian BashirPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 47Lt. UhuraPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 48Mr. ScottPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 49❖ Yeoman VaughnPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 29 V 50Grand Nagus ZekPersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 29 V 51QuarkPersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 29 V 52RomPersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 29 V 53❖ BazePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 29 V 54Minister TharnPersonnelNon-Aligned icon

“Almost a century ago... James Kirk accidentally exchanged places with his counterpart from your side ... Our Terrans were barbarians then, but their Empire was strong.”

In our previous installment of First Edition, we visited the 24th century Mirror Universe, where conflict raged between the powerful Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and the rag-tag group of Terran rebels and former slaves opposing them. But 100 years earlier, the ancestors of those present-day insurgents were themselves the cruel rulers of a fearful galaxy. With the release of Through the Looking Glass, a 54-card virtual expansion, the Terran Empire has its day in the sun.

by Thomas Vineberg, Lead Designer