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Some of you have already recordnise some new icons (iCal, iCal insert to Google Calendar, RSS Atom Feed, microformat hcalendar) on some sites. These icons indicate, that you can get the data presented on this page in additional formats, to use them somewhere else.


You can find hCalendar on an tournament page of an upcomming event and at the list of upcomming tournaments at a location (on the location page). Some browser can automatically extract those event information to paste them into other applications.

You can find iCal, add iCal to Goolgle Calendar and RSS at:

- tournament page of an upcomming event (for that event)

- tournament page of an upcomming event (for all upcomming events of that tournaments TD)

- location page (for allupcomming events at that location)

- My Account page under edit / cross website setting (for all upcomming tournaments you have registered - because this may be private, there is a special security enabling of the links there).

- soon on the tournament start page for a game (for all upcomming events of that game)

iCal is a standard format which is supported by different calendar software (e.g. outlook, or google calendar for which we also provide an easy insertlink. By the way, if use the ical link in the software (like by the remind me with google calendar button) then the software can update its information only, without the need to download the data manually (which is also possible).

RSS can be used to present those data allways up to date by an RSS reader e.g. direclty on your personalized google start page.

In addition to the tournament data, we also enable you, to read your private open-cards message in that way. Just visit My Account page under edit / cross website setting. There is a special security enabling of the link.

And now a view into the future, while you have visited the cross website setting page under My Account / edit, you may have recordnize the The Continuing Commitee Crosslink at the top. This feature works right now, to establish a cross-link between your open-cards and your The Continuing Commitee webpage account. Right now we are working on features to use this crosslink, so that users of both sites can use it to seemless work between both site. Stay tuned for a more and more open future...