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Look at Him

    Look at Him

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    Look at Him
    Look at Him

    This Card-Review article was written by Trek Barnes and was published first on "Lord of the Rings Online (lotrtcg.decipher.com)".

    "'That's what it is. It's that Gollum! Snakes and adders! And to think I thought that we'd puzzle him with our bit of a climb!'"

    Corruption is one of the major themes of the Gollum culture, and as such he seems to mesh well with an Easterling corruption deck, which has one of the easiest times when adding burdens.

    On thing those decks can run into, however, is a lack of twilight. Look at Him is the perfect antidote - not only does Gollum, Stinker, get stronger with each burden, more minions appear as well!

    The Easterling Captain in particular makes an excellent combination with Look at Him, his skirmish ability keying off burdens and twilght to make him an almost irresistable force.

    Late game, this card just gets nastier and nastier, often adding 6-8 twilight with a single play. That lets you easily use Evil-Smelling Fens to get back big minions, especially ones who take advantage of burdens, wuch as Easterling Captain, Ulaire Enquea, or Desert Legion.

    The fact that you can spot Smeagol to play the card is an added bonus, as there are those rare turns when Gollum won't be in your hand, or in the case of Open Format, when you are extremely choked by the FP Player.