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[Second Anthology] Second Anthology (2AT)

Special set of 6 physical cards published by Decipher (2000-03-01).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST1E 0 P 74Vedek DaxPromotionPersonnelBajoran icon
ST1E 0 P 75Legate DamarPromotionPersonnelCardassian icon
ST1E 0 P 76Bashir FounderPromotionPersonnelDominion icon
ST1E 0 P 77Luther SloanPromotionPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 0 P 78JodmosPromotionPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 0 P 79Koval (first print)PromotionPersonnelRomulan icon Federation icon

Second Anthology

Like the First Anthology, this was a collection of decks (here, a pair of the aforementioned Starter Deck IIs) and packs with 6 cards added, however the 6 new cards here were premium and would not become available anywhere else.