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ST2E - Big-Event North American Continentals

Hall of Fame - North American Continentals

You will find here a overview of all NACC Champions and Runner-Ups with thier decks who are listed on openCards.

North American Continentals 2018 (Chicago, Illinois - USA)

NACC Champion: Kenneth Tufts
Starfleet iconStarFleet Hazardous Material handling evolved.

Runner-Up: Steve Nelson
Bajoran iconBajoran Resistance visiting DS9

North American Continentals 2017 (Roseville, Minnesota - USA)

NACC Champion: Hoss-Drone
Borg iconWe put in practice and Discipline, no giving up no giving in. We are Matchfit and here to win.

Runner-Up: Kenneth Tufts
TOS iconTOS fun with 2e battle?!?

North American Continentals 2016 (Orlando, Florida - USA)

NACC Champion: Lucas Thompson
Klingon iconList of Sexually Active Popes

Runner-Up: Gumbo
Klingon iconOrlando weekend Klingon avoiding Day 2

North American Continentals 2015 (Indianapolis, Indiana - USA)

NACC Champion: nickyank
Romulan iconGamma and Green - Nick SMASH!

Runner-Up: Jeremy Benedict
Dominion iconWhere There's Cake, There's Hope (2.2.1)

North American Continentals 2014 (Roseville, Minnesota - USA)

NACC Champion: ntimmons
Romulan iconRomulan Discard 2.0 North American Continentals

Runner-Up: Nathan Wineiger
DS9 iconWedding Crasher

North American Continentals 2013 (Indianapolis, Indiana - USA)

NACC Champion: Chris Donati
Starfleet iconDay 2 Starfleet - The Perfect Dish

Runner-Up: ntimmons
Romulan iconFeed me! I eat Klingon, Borg and Maquis!

North American Continentals 2012 (Indianapolis, Indiana - USA)

NACC Champion: ntimmons
Maquis iconFree Thomas Riker!

Runner-Up: Phil Schrader
Ferengi iconYou didn't build that, somebody else made that happen

North American Continentals 2011 (Carlsbad, California - USA)

NACC Champion: Nathan Wineiger
Romulan iconA Pilgrim in an Unholy Land

Runner-Up: jjh
Klingon iconBig Fat Klingon Deck IV - JUL 2011

North American Continentals 2010 (Indianapolis, Indiana - USA)

NACC Champion: Ben Hosp
Klingon iconKlingons are good.

Borg iconJared Hoffman's NACC 2010 Day 2 Deck

North American Continentals 2009 (Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA)

NACC Champion: Mike Harrington
Klingon iconDid you know we're TelQathic?

Runner-Up: Raymond Linton

North American Continentals 2008 (Columbus, Ohio - USA)

NACC Champion: John Corbett
Bajoran iconI Hate Ben Hosp

Runner-Up: Neil Timmons
Klingon iconFilthy Klingon


Only those tournaments and champions are listed above, where we also have listed the results on openCards. Unfortunately we (mostly) don't have the results form the tournaments under Deciphers management.